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The Ultimate List of Free AI Writing Assistants for Bloggers and Writers

The introduction of advanced AI content generation is changing the way businesses generate content. It makes it easy for even new users to create high-quality, error-free content quickly and without much trouble. With an AI writer, you can generate marketing copy, landing pages, blog topics, slogans and full blog posts within minutes.

This technology has been taking the business world by storm, as more and more leading companies are now investing in AI for their marketing strategies. The main benefit of using AI is that it takes away hours of tedious work when it comes to content writing – it takes only 30 seconds to come up with well-written blog posts compared to around 4 hours for an average person!

Besides producing quality content faster than humanly possible, AI writers can also help avoid writer’s block and boost returns on investment. With the right writer, you can get creative assistance at any time you need it.

We’ve highlighted some of the best free AI writers available in 2023 in this article so you can easily incorporate them into your digital marketing strategy. Each platform offers different features and has been rated based on specific criteria. We hope these opinions will help guide you in making the right choice for you!

AI Content Generators for Efficient Writing in 2023

ContentBot: Advanced AI Writer

ContentBot is an advanced AI writer that stands out from the rest. Using the GPT-3 language model and deep learning, ContentBot creates incredibly life-like text for blog content, marketing copy, SEO reports, automation tools and more.

With a free demo account, you get over 5000 words of automated content in 100 different languages and full access to their various tools. You can even create content in different tones to suit your writing style!

ContentBot also has a paraphrasing tool so you can use almost anything else, a plagiarism checker to make sure your work meets high quality standards, and a Chrome extension to make things easier. Prices range from $1 per 1000 words (without plagiarism checker and automation features) to all-inclusive packages that include up to two human-enhanced AI blog posts each month.

Did you know that there are AI powered search engines that are gunning for Google’s throne? Some even allow you to create AI art from the search engine interface.

Copy AI: Free AI Content Generator

Copy AI is an amazing free AI content generator. It uses GPT-3 technology to generate content quickly and efficiently. It offers a range of templates for everything from website copy and case study templates, to emails and blog posts.

The layouts are super user-friendly and the quality of the content generated was great in most cases. The result can easily be tweaked with some editing, but often they require little to no changes at all – perfect for when you need something fast!

Even better, CopyAI allows you to provide as much detail as possible to get more tailored results – although some input options are limited. Plus, you’re guaranteed a unique read each time due to its extensive library of vocabulary.

Text Blaze

Text Blaze is a top-notch Artificial Intelligence program that makes written content writing easy and quick. It uses snippets and templates to speed up your typing and reduce mistakes. Through these features, users are able to save predetermined text materials as something akin to a template and create shortcuts for them. When selected, the snippet appears so as to not have to type out entire phrases or sentences every time.

Text Blaze is designed for compatibility with several major platforms such as Google Docs, Gmail, Salesforce, and LinkedIn. Its versatility allows users to fill in certain blanks with preset options that can be used in forms rather than design those forms from scratch themselves. Furthermore, its snipping capabilities help process data more quickly, allowing users the ability to make the content unique on their own terms while still maintaining its quality when fact-checked.

This AI software is also useful for conquering writer’s block. With its snipping feature and free formats on many websites that work with it, it speeds up the time it takes to do work or school reports. Additionally, copywriting tips may become available when using this AI article generator tool which optimizes site rankings faster than inexperienced marketing techniques would normally allow. Long-form content can also be produced using this tool – adding further value to Text Blaze’s overall capability as a powerful AI writing tool without requiring additional costs from subscription plans or any kind of fee payment whatsoever!

NeuroFlash: AI Text Generator for German & English

NeuroFlash is an AI Text Generator catering to German and English users. Just click a button to get unique content! From 2018 to 2021, NeuroFlash has been taking huge strides towards providing their customers with a scalable approach and proprietary content-writing application.

The AI Text Generator offers over 90 types and comes with features like SEO Analysis, Rewrite Texts, Image Generator, and API access. All this combined makes it a great tool for content writers or marketers who need to generate lots of texts quickly.

But perhaps best of all is that you can write up to 2000 words for free each month! And not just in English but also in seven other languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Polish.

Simplified: Innovative Content Generation Tool

Simplified is an innovative content generation tool driven by AI. This amazing program provides you with a powerful platform capable of producing high-quality long-form material for essays, blog posts, articles and even books. What’s more, this advanced AI software enables you to generate text for over 50 types of use cases, including a content rewriter which can quickly produce fresh copy from old sentences. You also get the freedom to choose from 10 different writing tones and make your point in your own way.

The best part? Simplified is not just limited to content writing – it also supports graphic design, video editing, animation and social media publishing absolutely free! On top of that, its template library also comes with beautiful customizable designs that require no prior experience to work on them. There are also plenty of editable visuals, videos and images as well as other graphic filter options like hue, saturation and brightness which can be adjusted instantly. With Simplified’s highly efficient content generation system, it is now easier than ever before to create impactful content without the hassle!

Smart Copy by Unbounce: AI-Assisted Copywriting

Unbounce’s Smart Copy is revolutionizing copywriting with the help of AI. Their one-stop-shop provides all you need to create high quality and engaging content quickly and easily. Say goodbye to writer’s block and produce outstanding articles, emails, social media posts and more with their AI writing tool.

Smart Copy provides a web app, a Chrome extension and soon-to-be desktop tools for seamless copywriting capabilities. With the web app you can even iterate faster, brainstorm better ideas and produce highly captivating content that will keep your readers hooked for hours. The AI page can write any type of content in any length you desire, giving you the complete freedom to be creative. With Unbounce’s AI writer on your side, producing top notch content is effortless!

AI Content Generators with Free Trial Period

JASPER AI is the perfect content assistant for anyone looking for help with content-related work. This AI content generator comes with over 50 copywriting templates, plus the Jasper Art feature that allows users to generate artificial image. Plus, it also offers a long-form content generator; all you have to do is provide some input, and let Jasper take care of everything else!

And best of all? You can try out this amazing AI content tool free of charge thanks to the 5-day free trial JASPER AI is currently offering on all plans! With its Conversion AI tool,analyzing your text so it can determine what kind of article it is and then writing based on what was read. Also, it has a “Boss Mode” which gives you direct control over its behavior in editor mode. All you have to do is tell Jasper what to do like “run content improver” or “write a conclusion paragraph for” and let him handle the rest. So if you want access to the best AI content generators in today’s market but don’t want to pay for it at first, be sure to take advantage of JASPER’s 5 Day Free Trial!

Writesonic: AI Writing Assistant

If you’re looking for a premier AI writing assistant that can help you generate content quickly and easily, Writesonic is the answer. With 10 credits on offer during their free trial period, you can save time and use those valuable credits to test out the features they provide.

Whether it’s headlines for landing pages, ideas for startups or YouTube titles, the Basic features of Writesonic cover a wide range of elements. Instant article writing with 1500+ words in seconds is also part of their impressive repertoire. For professional users there is a Learning Resource section called Writesonic Academy with more advanced features like AI article writer, Blog ideas and outlines as well as priority support across 18 languages.

For even more comprehensive coverage, upgrade to the Professional Plan at $45 per month when billed annually and get unlimited access to all the incredible writing tools that Writesonic has to offer. You won’t regret it!

To make use of these tools, you should know how to avoid being flagged by the AI content detectors. Learn the tips and tricks how to beat these detectors by clicking here. And also, check the top AI detector Originality.ai’s review here.


LongShot.ai is one of the best free AI writers on the market. It’s designed to help you write long-form content quickly and accurately. With its AI writing assistant, you can research your niche and generate attractive headline ideas along with creating content briefs and SEO-friendly content.

You’ll also have access to various standalone tools like a text extender, rephraser and more. All of these features are available in just 20 minutes or less!

Best of all, you get 3 days of free access with 100 credits plus 10 free credits every day afterwards. If you’re looking for a reliable AI writing tool at an affordable price plan, then LongShot.ai is the perfect choice for you – paid plans start from only $19.90/month!

AI Writer: Automated Content Generation

AI Writer is an automated content generation tool that revolutionizes how businesses create content for their website, PBNs, and Web 2.0 sites. With AI Writer’s text generator, simply enter a topic or headline to quickly generate accurate and unique content in minutes.

AI Writer uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan the web for relevant information on the topic you’ve provided. This data is then used to create SEO-friendly articles with high-quality content. To keep track of where the information came from, every source used is also listed for your reference.

If you prefer to write your own content, AI Writer also provides an easy-to-use interface where you can craft the content of your choice without any extra frills. Alternatively, if you need to update an older article, you can use the rewording function to give it a fresh look and remain engaging with readers.

Copysmith: AI-Powered Writing Tool

Copysmith is an AI-powered writing tool that gives you the power to quickly and easily create high quality content. With a generous 7-day unlimited free trial, you get full access to over 30 templates (including landing pages) so you can put together content in no time.

The AI Article Writing Assistant template is perfect for creating long-form content. You start by selecting a title and outline, then Copysmith does the rest – it will automatically generate unique articles for you based on your preferences. If there are any sections you want expanded or rewritten, just highlight them and Copysmith will take care of it.

So if you’re looking for an AI-driven tool to help with content creation, then Copysmith has your back! With its intuitive interface, customizable templates, and free trial, it’s the perfect solution for producing quality content quickly. Get your free trial today!

Anyword: AI Text Completion

If you’re looking for the best free AI writer, look no further than Anyword. They are the first copywriting AI to offer a predictive performance score that can help ramp up sales for your ads and emails. With their technology, you will be able to create high-converting ad copy, landing pages, blog posts and emails all with the touch of a button.

Anyword also offers a unique continuous optimization feature that allows you to train the AI according to your brand’s voice using custom mode. The best part is they now offer a free forever plan with 1000 word generation per month – all without needing the blog post builder!

For those wanting more word generation per month at an unbeatable cost, you can try Anyword’s data-driven basic plan for just $79/month when billed annually or unlimited words per month and access to the data-driven unlimited plan for only $239/month (billed annually). Plus use code Anyword20 for 20% off!

PepperType.ai: AI Copywriting with Free Trial Plan

Looking for AI content writer that can help you generate copies in seconds? Then PepperType.ai is the right choice for you! It’s a virtual content assistant that is one of the best offerings you’ll find on the market, and it provides users with 20+ content types.

It’s an excellent alternative to Jasper, as it allows individuals to create more than 100 copies for free. Its Growth Plan offers 5 user seats for professionals and marketing teams with a starting rate of $165/month (billed yearly). And if that’s not affordable enough, they also offer an individual plan at $25/month (billed yearly).

Basically, PeppperType.ai provides every user with something that fits their needs- be it their budget or preferences- so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and check out their AI copywriting service today!

Conclusion for Free Article Generator Tools

The conclusion for free article generator tools is clear: the best all-around free AI content generator is Rytr. With over 40+ templates to choose from, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. You’re just limited to 10,000 characters per month, but it’s worth a try.

But Jasper is the way to go if you want something more powerful and feature-rich. It offers a rare opportunity of a free trial period so you can get an idea of what an AI content generator can do for you. And with features like Boss Mode in its long-form editor, it excels at creating sales copy.

Take full advantage of these free AI content generators — they offer amazing quality at no cost!

What are AI writing tools?

AI writing tools are computer-based software that can produce human-like text on the topics you input. These tools have the capability to create various types of content such as emails, blogs, social media posts, marketing copies, web content, press releases and reports.

The AI writing tools can research your keywords or prompts and offer suggestions on what topics to write about while providing a plethora of ideas and generating expanded text with an appropriate tone. The most advanced tools like Grammarly go beyond sentence structure and grammar checking by identifying monotonous sentences or outdated expressions which are then replaced for improved quality of the content.

Business professionals who need help producing effective output for their work can make use of these incredible AI writing tools for either personal or professional reasons. For example, AI email writers can compose excellent email copy for welcoming new customers in minutes!

Sales personnel utilizing email outreach campaigns and marketers engaging in email marketing can hugely benefit from using AI email writer with automated processes to save time and effort during their workflow process.

How do AI writing assistants work?

An AI writing assistant works by combining three powerful techniques – natural language processing, natural language understanding and natural language generation.

Natural Language Processing translates human input into a machine-readable format. Natural Language Understanding enables machines to understand the meaning of the data from given inputs, while Natural Language Generation creates text in human language based on the inputs.

Generative Pre-training Model 3 (GPT-3) is at the core of most AI writing tools. This incredibly powerful language model – the brain behind modern AI tools – is capable of generating insightful, coherent and accurate articles with minimal prompts from users. With GPT-3 and other sophisticated tools, AI assistants are able to take a human’s draft and finish it off in a matter of seconds, helping writers save time and boost their productivity.

Which is the free unlimited ai writer?

If you’re looking for an ai writer that’s free and unlimited, you may be out of luck. Most of the available ai writing generator tools are limited, so if you want to use them for unlimited text generation, you’ll need to pay for more advanced options.

Of course, some ai writing generators out there offer some degree of free access, but these might not offer the full range of features that more integrated paid programs will provide. In the end, it really depends on what kind of text you’re trying to generate, how much time and effort you want to put into it, and how much money you’re willing to invest in an ai writing tool. Hopefully this helps guide your decision as you look for the best free ai writer!

Why use an AI Content Writer?

For anyone looking to save time and effort on their content creation, a AI Content Writer from Smodin is the ideal solution. It only takes a click of a button to generate unique and original content from our Artificial Intelligence system. Plus you can be sure that there won’t be any cases of plagiarism!

By using an AI Content Writer, you also open yourself up to more traffic due to the variety of text generated. The AI Writer can conveniently generate essays and articles quickly in any language and craft marketing content for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon product descriptions, LinkedIn posts etc.

What kind of essays and articles can I write with the AI?

The AI Writer from smodin.io is a powerful tool that can help you write long text on any subject. Whether you’re looking for essays and articles for an educational setting, content in any niche, or marketing material for ads and promotional posts, the AI Writer has got you covered.

You can create essays varying from topic to topic and cover any educational level. It’s also able to generate articles targeting any specific niche. Plus, it can write marketing content for posts on Facebook, Google ads, Amazon product descriptions, LinkedIn posts and so much more!

So if you need help creating long-form text containing complex arguments or detailed information on an unfamiliar subject – let the AI Writer help you out!

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