Best Private Proxies Money Can Buy

Best Private Proxies Money Can Buy – Recently I started using private proxies to handle many of my bots (SEO and marketing reasons). After testing around 5 of the best companies I can finally say that I’ve found the best private proxies supply around. So far I’ve been with them just over 2 months and they’re still live and working like a dream. Also they’re almost the cheapest private proxies around. So in this article I’m going to explain where to get your own proxies and I’m also going to give the proxies a review. – Any questions leave them in the comments below.

Best Private Proxies Money Can Buy

The Value Of Good Private Proxies

If you read 101geek then you’ll know I’m into creating bulk social media accounts. This task alone results in needing hundreds of dedicated proxies. As you can imagine this gets extremely expensive and due to the social media accounts being linked to one proxy, in one country, I need serious quality that won’t drop off.

So, after a busy few months I decided to take a look at changing the Proxy company that I’ve been working with since the get-go. I took 5 of the best proxy companies and after 2 months of the most annoying testing of my life, I’ve finally got a winner.

Best Private Proxies Money Can Buy

Squid Proxies

Squid Proxies was the only company that I worked with that didn’t create mass problems. Things like banned proxies, drop offs and s**t speeds didn’t happen.

I tested there 10 proxy package which costs $24 per month and after two months I’m still extremely impressed. 


Why I Love Squid Proxies So Far:

I’m just going to go over some of the pros to working with someone like Squid Proxies.


Quick Speed

I’ve never had a problem with the speed, they always connect and so far none of them have been banned from any social media sites.

So, if you’re looking for quick dedicated Proxies that aren’t banned from everywhere and do the job, these are the ones for you.


Amazing Price

These Proxies are nearly half the price of what I was paying before. It’s a massive save and for Private Proxies you just can’t go wrong. I’ve used 6 different companies in total and 5 during this test and squid was the only company that made me want to come back.


Private To Only Your IP

If you’ve brought Private Proxies before then you’ll have most likely had the experience of buying none exclusive proxies that are just calming to be private.

You’d be surprised how much this happens and it’s one of the main reasons why I choose Squid Proxies, I can’t have an IP drop off or be banned while I’m using it, because it could result in me losing a Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook account with hundreds of thousands of followers/likes.

As I’ve only been with Squid for just over two months I’ll keep updating this article with my experience.


Great Quality

The quality has been extremely good, I’ve only had to replace one IP that didn’t want to connect, but that was from the get-go, so no accounts connected.

In terms of other sites that I had lost 3-4 out of 20 Proxies in the space of a few months this is deemed pretty amazing.


You Can Buy Bulk

No many sites will allow you to buy 2000 Private Proxies with instant set up for the small price of $1500. That might sound like a lot of money to people who’re not to familiar with Private Proxies, but trust me it’s not. 

That works out at only $0.75 per proxy, per month. How much could I earn from that? Well if I had 3 Twitter Accounts, 3 Tumblr Accounts, 2 x Pinterest Accounts, on each IP, I could then earn around $12,000 + per month using my system that currently earns me $0.10 to $0.50 per day.

That money is from accounts that run themselves, with more dedication I can get each Private Proxy earning around $3 per day.

So, hopefully you can now see that the small price of $1500 is literally nothing.


Great For Social Media And Link Building

If you need IP’s for social media (Like me) or Link Building these are idea.

Best Private Proxies Money Can BuyBest Private Proxies Money Can Buy


Gee, It Seems I’m Kissing Squid Proxies Ass D:

In all honesty I’ve not even spoke to the people who work at Squid Proxies, I just personally love their service and I’m yet to find a site quite like it. After testing I also found myprivateproxy to have really good Proxies, I just felt that they were the same, but just a little more expensive, especially when you’re looking to get bulk Private Proxies.


Verdict On The Best Proxies 

If you want the best, then you may as well just buy Squid Proxies, All you need to do is a type in Squid Proxies Review on Google to see how great they are. I’ll be keeping this update over the next few months to document if they get worse or better.

Hopefully they’ll stay the same. 🙂 If you want any advice or need help setting them up then just send me a message.

Best Private Proxies Money Can Buy

Best Private Proxies Money Can Buy

Best Private Proxies Money Can Buy – This will take the pressure out of having to change proxies and pay a fortune every month to keep them live. This is the only company that I find just as good as creating my own proxies, so save yourself some money and go give them a try. – Sharing is caring, so please remember to share. – Comment below if you’ve got any questions. – 101Geek.

Best Private Proxies Money Can Buy

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