how to make $200 fast

How to make 200 dollars fast [25+ legit ways]

Let’s be honest – making an extra 200 bucks, and fast is an offer no one would refuse. There is always some financial fire that needs to be doused and this guide will be all about how to earn $200 quickly and legitimately. We will focus mostly on online methods, but I sprinkled couple of offline methods as well.

So here’s a list of methods you can make $200 easily and without too much effort! Some of them may be so appealing to you that you’ll try them almost every month!

Who wouldn’t want to have some extra money anyway?

Btw. if you are more modest and need only $20 for an urgent need, check this guide on how to earn 20 dollars real quick.

Ah, stop delaying – I need 200 dollars now, show me how to make 200 fast.

Ok, ok – let’s jump right into the nuts and bolts of how to make 200 dollars in one day – top methods.

Earn money online by participating in surveys

Did you know that you can earn money with online surveys? That is true!

You can help brands improve their products and services AND get paid for sharing your opinion. Survey junkie pays you instantly via Paypal to fill out surveys. You can earn up to $45 per survey.

6 million members and an A+ rating with the BBB can’t be wrong – join the crowd and start making money!

Sign up here for Survey Junkie

Offer gigs on Fiverr, Legiit or Konker

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you can offer virtually any type of service for at least $5.

There are many categories on Fiverr, but you can browse them and choose the one you think you’re good at.

Fiverr alternatives that are more focused on SEO and social media are Konker.io and Legiit.com. They are smaller than Fiverr and hence have less competition. You can post your gig on all three platforms, free of charge.

What if you have no skills?

Well, you can read here how to use other people’s gigs on Fiverr and resell them.

On Skillshare you can learn any skill you want, there is a free trial for the first month, and I’m sure you would be able to learn enough. Apart from that, YouTube is a great place to learn any kind of skills, such as editing with Photoshop, logo design, video editing, social media management, web development, and so on.

Earn 200 fast with freelance writing

Do you like to write in your spare time or do you think you could enjoy it? If so, freelance writing would probably be the right thing for you. An easy way to get started is to look for writing jobs for blogs and websites.

Since there are a large number of websites that have a constant need for content, there are many ways to find writing jobs, and they are quite well paid.

Some websites where you can find paperwork are

You could also hang out in Facebook groups for bloggers, looking for anyone who wants to hire a writer.

There are also sites that pay for articles you submit – if they like it! A good place to start is with list verses that pay for articles in list format. You pay $100 per article!

Sell something on online marketplaces

Time it takes to deposit the money: Less than 24 hours.

Summary: If you need $200 as soon as possible, look around your house or apartment for a large item to live without. This is easier and faster than trying to unload many small items. Maybe you have an old telephone, golf clubs that you no longer use, or an extra TV that never turns on.

Whatever it is, list it on Craigslist and/or Facebook Marketplace to convert it into cash. If you find it hard to part with the item, remember that you can always buy a similar one later – often at a lower price than you sold yours.

Some of the popular websites where you can sell your used and unwanted items online are

  • eBay – eBay is a great place to sell just about anything, such as clothing, CDs, DVDs, collectibles, video game consoles, etc. You can adjust your items on eBay to reach millions of potential buyers.
  • Amazon – you can sell just about anything, e.g. clothes, CDs, DVDs, collectibles, video game consoles, etc. Like eBay, you can make adjustments to your items on Amazon and reach millions of potential buyers.
  • Facebook Marketplace – Use the Facebook Marketplace to sell large items such as TVs, bicycles, etc. You can also sell clothes. Simply adjust a photo of your item and meet with your buyer to raise money.
  • Gazelle – On Gazelle you can sell your used cell phones and electronic equipment easily and quickly.
  • Decluttr – Sell CDs, DVDs, collectibles, video game consoles, etc.
  • ThredUp – If you have carefully used clothes that you don’t need, you can sell them online through ThredUp.
  • Poshmark – Sell your light used clothing.
  • LePrix – Sell your light used clothing.
  • Letgo – With this app you can sell clothing. Simply adjust a photo of your item and meet with your buyer to raise money.
  • Decop – If you have old and quirky items you want to sell, try the Decop app.

Start an Etsy store

If you are creative and skilled in craftsmanship, why not use your skills and sell items on Etsy?

Starting an Etsy business may not be a quick way to earn $200, but it is one of the most profitable options on the list.

Like starting a blog, an Etsy business takes time to get started and make money, but if you do it right, you can make a lot of money!

The key word here is: If you do it right!

So if you are interested in starting an etsy store to make money, I highly recommend that you take this course on setting up a successful etsy store!

Delivery Apps

If you have a car and some free time, it’s a great way to make money on the side by delivering items or food for people!

Well, I’ll be honest with you…

You probably won’t make $200 in one day just by delivering things for people, but in combination with some of the other methods on this list, you definitely can.

Some of the best companies you can work for in your spare time to deliver things are

  • DoorDash
  • MineHub
  • Amazon Flex
  • Over eats

This side job works best in busier cities where you can take on more jobs in less time. Plus, with most of these companies you can keep 100% of your tips!

You can sign up for all these apps and take jobs whenever you want to earn some extra money!

Online tutoring jobs

Do you know a topic well or do you enjoy working with children? Online tutoring could be a perfect place for you to earn $200 in one day.

There are a variety of companies that will pay you $15-$25/hour for English lessons for Chinese kids like VIP Kid, QKid and DaDa. The catch, however, is that you must have your Bachelor’s degree. However, online English classes have its challenges as there is a big time difference. But you could teach English online before your normal day job to earn an extra $200.

However, there is a solution to this problem. Build your own tutoring program. This can be a bit more difficult than working with an established company, but the profit is enormous.

Use Skype or Zoom to hold hour-long sessions with individual families and charge fairly. In some cases, this can be up to $100 per hour for tutoring in a high cost of living area.

Rent a room

If you travel long distances throughout the year, especially if you are primarily on business, it would be wise from a tax perspective to rent out your room, even if it is only for a short time. Why pay in something you do not even use?

In the age of Airbnb this can be super easy. Tourists and travelers like to pay money to rent out your room when you live in a big city. If you live in a quiet city or in a more remote place outside the city, you can advertise your room as a relaxing retreat away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. Regardless of how you want to rent out your room, you can use the money to finance your own rent or cover additional living expenses.

If you are lucky enough to have bought a house, you can rent an empty room for longer periods of time. Not only will you provide someone with an apartment, but you will also receive some money for a room that you may not use.

You can set aside the money you earn, or you can use it as extra income to pay for everyday expenses that arise. You could use it to pay your mortgage.

Rent your car on Turo

Do you not use your car most of the time? Is your car free all day?

Do you have an additional vehicle at home that you rarely drive?

Well, if that is the case, you can earn a decent amount every month by renting your car on Turo.

Turo is a platform where you can offer your car for rent to people who are looking for a car and earn a decent amount of money every month.

To give you an idea of how much potential Turo has, Turo has over 5 million customers, according to Bloomberg.

Earn $200 quickly with sign-up bonuses

Redeem the following signup bonuses available through us and you’re on your way to earning another $200:

  • Swagbucks: $10 welcome bonus! Swagbucks is a legitimate rewards site with many different ways to earn money. You can participate in surveys, play games, watch fun videos and search the Internet.
  • Ibotta: $20 welcome bonus! Ibotta pays you real money for your daily purchases. Download the free app to get offers and earn real money in stores and online.
  • Rakuten (formerly Ebates): $10 welcome bonus! At Rakuten you can get cash back for purchases in over 2,500 stores.
  • MyPoints: $10 welcome bonus! MyPoints offers a daily rewards program and is another cashback website that works similar to Rakuten.
  • InboxDollars: $5 welcome bonus! Earn dollars for small tasks like surveys, watching videos and addictive games.
  • Signup bonuses offer a great way to start your earnings with fast cash rewards.

Try this cash savings application to earn $200 quickly

With Ibotta you will be paid for your purchase by receiving lucrative cash back offers with this discount app.

And this is how it works:

  • Download the app and open a free account to browse offers in your region.
  • Get cash back at any bar or liquor store, retail store, grocery store, and more.
  • Save time and earn cash and even get a $10 bonus for new users.
  • Cash out and withdraw cash via PayPal.
  • Yes, Ibotta pays you real money for your daily purchases. Download the free app to get offers and earn real money in stores and online. You simply select certain items you will buy in the grocery store, you buy them and then scan your receipt into the app. You will get back cash that will appear on your Ibotta account.

Sign up for Ibotta here

Earn $200 on games fast

We have all heard the old saying “time is money”, right?

Instead of playing games on the phone like everyone else and feeling bad about wasting your time – now you can get paid for it.

Getting paid to play games sounds like a dream. But when you download a free new app and then download and play games from it, you’re making money.

The higher you climb, the more money you can earn for cash prizes or gift cards.

earn $200 with fast games

This is a great opportunity for those who want to get paid for something they enjoy, such as winning free gift cards and cash for playing games. I use it and it is legitimate and has over 35,404 positive reviews in the Google Play Store.

I downloaded the app (available on Google Play) and have been using it for three weeks now and have already redeemed two $10 gift cards!

You will probably earn $10 this month using this gaming app. If you are interested, I recommend you download the app for free from the Google Play store by clicking here.

Cut your monthly bills

  • Another way to make extra money is to save, and reducing your monthly bills is one of the best ways to save money.
  • Unfortunately, if you reduce your monthly bills, you will not get your money in one day. However, with just a few hours of work, you can set yourself up to save a lot of money across the board.
  • And if you use a financial instrument like Trim, the work that would normally take hours can be reduced to minutes!
  • Trim is a financial tool that does the hard work for you to help you:
  • Negotiate lower monthly bills (cable, Internet, telephone and medical care)
  • Find and cancel unwanted subscriptions
  • Negotiation of bank and credit card fees
  • Cutting the budget
  • To date, Trim has saved its users more than $20 million by automatically taking care of their daily finances.

Take a look at Trim to see how much you can save.

Various offline methods

Find something in your area that people want. You can choose digital or physical. Get it at a lower price and sell it at a higher price. Think of something that you can offer for $5-$10 that costs $1-2. That means you only need 25-50 customers.

  • Clean cars ( 2 days ) when you find customers back to back
  • Mow lawns ( 2 days ) when you find customers back to back
  • Buying large quantities of sweets and selling them individually (a bit more difficult)
  • Ask your parents whether you can do housework in the house for a fee or run errands for a fee.
  • Ask a friend of your parents if you can help them with their work (handing out leaflets, cleaning up) etc.
  • walk dogs
  • baby sit
  • sell lemonade

Final words

Earning 200 dollars fast and in a legit way is not that hard if you have at least some basic prerequisites like being an English language native, have a house or car (or have parents who do), have a smartphone and some common sense.

As in many other guides on this website, I firmly believe that starting your own website is THE best way of earning a stable and sizable income, it does take a bit of time so I omitted it from this list.

Felix Küster