How To Create A Gaming Blog

How To Create A Gaming Blog – So you want to create a gaming blog? Maybe you’ve got a clan? Or you want to sell parts of your server? Maybe you even want to create a forum? It’s time to do it, in this 20 minute article I’m going to teach you how to full create your own gaming site that has the ability to earn you tons of cash. – This will take you no longer than 20 minutes to read and the bit about website creation will most likely take you around 5 minutes, so let’s do this! Lets get your first gaming blog/website created. – Comment below if you need any help, if you enjoy then remember to share.


I want to give something awesome to one of you, it’s the chance to have me talk to you about your website and help you make it amazing. If you win this competition, I will help you with on-site SEO, build an off-site SEO strategy for you, this will help you dominate Google, I will optimise your site and I will also send you 5 private tips that will help your site grow and stay on tip. WAIT one more thing! You’ll be the first to read my new eBook that will tell you 101 ways to get people to your website.

All you’ve got to do is follow this tutorial, set up a website with a theme and then comment it below, this is really easy to win as I don’t get too many comments so it’s highly possible for you to win it, I will randomly pick after a few weeks. The site has to have been created with the knowledge used in this article.

How To Create A Gaming Blog

There’s 4 steps listed below, after you complete them 4 steps you’ll have your very own gaming blog up and running. This part of the tutorial will take you around 10 minutes to do, you’ll have to do it back to back though. I’ve got a code for HostGator so you get your first month for $0.01 cent, just type in oliisawesome


So you need to go and find a .com domain, Go to GoDaddy and use their search bar to find a domain that you like.


Want a cheap host that has a high uptime and is easy to set up well HostGator works great for me. Go and buy the baby package, it’s about $5 per month. Use coupon code: oliisawesome to get you first month for $0.01 cent.


You now need to install WordPress to HostGator, it’s really simple and you can do it in two clicks. I’ve made a video so just watch it.


This is the fun bit, it’s where you pick what your website is going to look like. I wanted to give you 3 out of this world options, so I’ve the 3 themes that I’m sure will work amazing, there’s really something for everyone.

  • Game Addict
  • Games Zone
  • ReviewIt

Premium themes are usually better than free themes, you can customise them a lot more without using code and they usually have better optimisation.


After you do this you’ll have your own .com website set up. If you need any help along the way just use the comments below or you can use HostGators support.

How To Get Views To Your Gaming Blog

After you’ve built your first WordPress website and have an awesome gaming theme designed for it, you’re now going to need to get traffic to your blog, this is the tutorial how.

Social Media

All great sites start with social media, you need all your social media accounts setup. I make sure all my sites have a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube (sometimes), StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr, these are the social networks that I’d highly recommend signing up to. You need to focus on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

These 3 social media accounts can give you hundreds of thousands of views, so never stop growing them.


You’ve probably seen this everywhere? I did when I first started creating websites, I never really understand what it meant, but now I’ve got it down to a ‘T’. First you need to set up 2 forums accounts on different forums. Just make sure they’re niche relevant.

Next you need to make sure they allow a signature, after you’ve added a signature just go around and help people out, it’s that simple. It will bring traffic to your site. If this isn’t really something you’re interested in doing you can get someone else to do it for you.


Start meeting some friends, everyone’s a friend, the sooner you understand that the better. Me, I could be your first internet friend, you need people like me and people just starting out, you can make a little circle of friends and just help each other out. Buildlinks, comment on each others blogs, get content ideas, share traffic.


Content is king! You may of also heard this being shouted a lot. So what is good content? Is it humor, advice, tutorials, guides, big word count? It’s none of that. It’s all about finding something that your niche needs and doing it better than anyone else. You do this with a few articles and you’ll start seeing some serious growth.

6 Month Strategy

Don’t stop for the next 6 months, it can take 6 months to a year of solid work before you see any results, but the longer you do it, the better you get, make sure you set up a 6 month challenge and don’t stop till it’s over, that’s one of the best ways to get where you want to be.

How To Create A Gaming Blog

How To Create A Gaming Blog – I’ve made a few articles that teach you people how to make websites, I really feel like if you take action and start working today you will get where you need to be a lot quicker, give it a try to see what you think. If you need any advice use the comments below and if you want my help feel free. – Sharing is caring. – 101 Geek.