How To Make A YouTube Channel Which Has Max Conversion

How To Make A YouTube Channel Which Has Max Conversion  – A lot of YouTubers have custom channels that really make people want to subscribe, they word things really well and the art just makes you feel attracted to the channel. I’m going to show you how to make a YouTube channel that will have high conversions and lead to tons more subscribers. This tutorial can be used on any YouTube channel just change it to work with your audience. If you have a gaming channel then make sure you check out “How to make a six-figure salary by playing video games on YouTube” It will change the way you work/game forever. So lets crack on and see how I build a great YouTube channel that will get loads of hits and boost subscribing rates. – If you know how to create a YouTube channel and just want to know the secrets to getting tons of views then just skip the first bit of the article and just go to “Video” You’ll see it because there’s a little red stop.

How To Make A YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

So first I’m going to teach you how to set up a YouTube channel and make it convert really well with your subscribers and then after I’ve taught you that I’m also going to teach you how to customize your video to get loads more views and rank better for keywords.


How To Make A YouTube Channel

So first you want to head over to YouTube and just create an account, it’s really simple and to make it even easier I will show you step by step with pictures.

So first you need to go to YouTube and hit sign in.

How To Make A YouTube Channel

Then you just have to click ‘Create an account’ 

How To Make A YouTube Channel

Then fill out this information, after you do that you’ll then have your YouTube channel, Yay!

How To Make A YouTube Channel

That’s just the account creation and now we need to set up the channel and make it look cool and add a more likable feel to it. So just follow the next easy steps.


Channel Art

Channel art is very important and it’s something that you need to spend a little time on. I will teach you where to get it done in a second, but first I’m going to show you how to install it. It’s really simple and this part of the tutorial is just for people who don’t know how to make a YouTube channel that can get subscribers and conversion.

If you’re a YouTube pro then skip the channel creation and go down to the “video” tweaking part.

So go to the front page after you’ve made your account and just click ‘My channel’

How To Make A YouTube Channel

Then after you’ve done that you just need to go to the corner of the cover photo and click the little edit square. This is my new YouTube that has been set up just for this site, so don’t worry about lack of views as it’s only got 2 videos and they’re niche related.

How To Make A YouTube Channel

Now when you click it, it will show you “Web links” or “Channel art” Click channel art. Web links is so you can link to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and website to your YouTube.

So after you’ve clicked that it will just ask you to drag and drop a picture into it, so find the picture you want there and just get it dragged across.

How To Make A YouTube Channel Which Has Max Conversion

Once you’ve got a picture that’s the right size it will upload nicely and you’ll be able to have your cover picture.

If you want a some custom cover art done then there’s two options:

Fiverr – this is the cheaper option and all you need to do is go over there and type YouTube banner into the search bar and pick one with the most sales and best reviews.

Logonerds, They will do an amazing job and leave you with an incredible looking YouTube channel, if you want to earn money and take YouTube seriously then Logonerds is who you need.


Website links

If you have any web links then you’ll need to add them, just go and make sure you add your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, whichever sites you have you need to link them there.

It’s really simple you just have to click the same things as when you was changing the channel art.

How To Make A YouTube Channel

Then after you’ve done that you just click add links instead of edit channel art. 

How To Make A YouTube Channel Which Has Max Conversion

Just add your links to the pages/sites in here. It’s really simple and after you’ve done that they will appear on your YouTube channels cover art.


About Page

Well the ‘About’ page is useful and it isn’t something that really does a great deal but, it can help your channel go for some more keywords so it’s definitely something you need to try.

If you want to head over to my channel to have a little look at my videos and how the channel works I’d recommend it.


About page

This is probably one of the last things you’ll do when doing following how to make a YouTube channel but, it’s something that I’d recommend spending 10 or 20 minutes doing.

I recommend about 100 to 200 words about your channel and maybe even fit an upload plan in there if you’ve got one, this will just show people when you upload.



Your Icon needs to be fetching, so you want to make it either your face or a really cool picture. Now you can add a logo or Favicon if you’ve got one made for your site. If not you can get one made on Logo Nerds, they will give you something like never before.

Icons are important so make sure you use a nice one and have it uploaded from the beginning of your YouTube channel. That was the end of how to make a YouTube channel and now I’m going to teach you the important guide to increasing views.



 Stop! If you skipped the how to create a YouTube channel part of this tutorial then here’s where you need to be.

So what am I going to show you? Well I’m going to teach you how to optimize a YouTube video to get maximum exposure on YouTube. This means that your videos will rank in YouTube and Google and it will start getting views without even having to market it.



One of the most important optimization secrets when you don’t have many subscribers is to make a big description. If you add 200 to 400 words of text with the title of your video mentioned 5 to 8 times in a fashion that still makes it easy to read.

This will help you rank for a keyword and will allow you to go for more than just one keyword on YouTube. So make sure you create a full detailed description explaining the video the best you can and adding some more useful tips and tricks.

Trust me when I say that this will really pay off in the long run.



You don’t want to go over the top with tags and this is really just because YouTube will get confused on what your video really is about. Just add 5 to 8 tags and make sure you include your Channel name on every video, this will help you show up next to the related videos on your YouTube channel.

I usually just add tags in my field and what my video’s about so make sure you do the same, it will help you rank better in the YouTube searches.


Titles of the video

You need to have a great tittle to the video, people need to want to click and they’re also going to want to get what they paid for. So make sure you get a name that’s truthful but also clickable.

You a really need to spend some time with the Title of the video because that will usually be the name you’re trying to rank page one on YouTube for.

Use the keyword advice below to find the highest value keyword for your video, this really will help you receive constant views every single month.


Video transcripts

You need to add subtitles to your video, this really well help YouTube rank your video and if you use YouTube transcript creator it’s really easy to create subtitles for your video and it only took me 15 minutes on a 8 minute video.

The reason you need to add this is because it’s another one of the factors YouTube uses to rank your site and if they see your keyword mentioned a few times then they will be able to start categorizing it and it will make the description even stronger.

I add this to all my videos and I highly recommend you do the same, it will make you rank and it will really help you stay above the rest.


You need to pick keywords to rank for, before you pick a title you need to head over to Google Keyword Planner and find out what your keyword gets in views per month.

 So you just need to click the first box after you’ve singed up and then just type in some keyword ideas. 

How To Make A YouTube Channel Which Has Max Conversion

I then just entered in my ideas. I want to make a Minecraft creation video so that’s why I entered in loads of Minecraft keywords. Just click “Get Ideas” once you’re done picking. 

How To Make A YouTube Channel Which Has Max Conversion

Then you can either look through group ideas or you can see how many views your Ideas get by clicking the keyword ideas tab. 

How To Make A YouTube Channel Which Has Max Conversion

So 1,900 views a month just from Google, that’s perfect for my keyword so my title will now be: “Best Minecraft Creations 2014 – Best Of Minecraft” You’ll want to keep you keyword/s at the front of the title as it will help you rank better.

This is an absolute must do and if you don’t do this with every video you’ll miss out on loads of views every single month.


Mention keywords

In your video make sure you mention your keyword a few times I usually try to mention it 3 times per minute, that seems to do the job and it will help you be able to put more keywords in while creating the subtitles. This really is one of the sure fire ways to get a lot of views and that’s why I recommend it.

Learning how to make a YouTube channel really is key when it comes to trying to get them views and lets face it the harder you work now the more you’ll get in the future, so hopefully you’re still taking all this information in. 



Creating a playlist for the videos which are in a series has massive ranking power and it also means you can go for multiple keywords, I usually try to go for about 3 keywords each playlist and if you make a nice chunky description mentioning them keywords frequently it’s not to difficult to get the extra rank.

I don’t think this gets me loads of traffic but, it will definitely add to the traffic I’m already getting and if you’re making loads of videos it’s a really good idea to do because it will also mean views who want to watch one video might click the playlist and go through them all.

If that happens it really wouldn’t be the worse problem would it so make sure you add this in your YouTube marketing plan.


The end of how to make a YouTube channel which has max conversions 

I hope you found this information useful and if you follow it all you’ll have a nice YouTube channel up and running in no time, make sure you add this to your bookmarks just so you don’t forget it and if you want more tutorials then check out the rest of my site.

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How To Make A YouTube Channel Which Has Max Conversion – What do you think? Are you ready to go and build a YouTube channel? Well just remember what I told you and make sure you make everything as colorful and as friendly as possible, make it easy for them to find stuff and look at whats going on. – 101 Geek.

How To Make A YouTube Channel Which Has Max Conversion

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