20 Ways To Bring People Back To Your Website

20 Ways To Bring People Back To Your Website – I´ve got a special article for you today, I’m going to teach you how to get returning visitors to your site. The reason why this is important is because if you can get your returning visitors up to a high level then you can start advertising to new people and build up your profile, this will change the way your site works and get you a lot more dedicated traffic without costs. – These are just the things that I do to ensure visitors keep coming back. – If you find this helpful then please share, comments are below if you´ve got any questions.

20 Ways To Bring People Back To Your Website

1) Building up the hype of a product “Coming Soon!”

Coming soon! This is one of the techniques that I use regularly, if you´ve got a product or post that´s really interesting and is nearly finished then it’s a good idea to have a countdown page, just a page that explains what´s coming soon and why they need to subscribe to your mail list.
An example:


Coming soon!

The guide to becoming an overnight millionaire.

I will teach you my secrets on investing property and how I turned 500 dollars into 2.5 million within 5 years.

Subscribe now!

Just go to logo nerds and get an ad made. Place it on the side of your blog and then you´ll be good to go.

I also get a notification bar that says “Coming Soon! (Title name) and has a link to take you to the page.

This really does get people coming back to your site and makes them save it to their bookmarks or sign up to your mail list.

2) Targeting traffic – Advertise to people you know will enjoy your content

This is where nearly every webmaster goes wrong. Getting traffic can be seriously hard but I´m going to let you in on one of the biggest secrets.
1 million untargeted views is worth around 500 dollars.

1 million targeted views is worth around 10,000 to 30,000 dollars.
You need to target your traffic, it´s pointless getting a million views to your website just to have them click off right away.

You need to spend more time targeting views and less time advertising. Use Facebook ads, Google ads, Buysellads, all of them sites and just target people who will love your content.

If you do this then within a few months you´ll start building up a user base, once that starts happening you´ll see a big increase in returning traffic, this will last forever and usually out last any other type of paid advertising.


3) Free things

Everyone likes something for free. Make something like an eBook or a program and give it to people for free.

But, if they want their little something for free then they have too like your Facebook page or sign up to your mail list, that gives you the power to reconnect with them. Another way to make them come back is put information in that eBook that links back to your site, all very straight forward stuff.

The possibilities are endless and once you start doing this method you´ll start finding it hard to stop, so give it a try to see what you think.


4) Useful tools page – This works a charm

Have a page with loads of useful programs or guides, just link to loads of the best tutorials, guides, programs, products, anything that will be useful to the people looking at your site.

This will make them bookmark your page, that then makes them come back and if your content is good then each time they come back to that useful page they’ll also take a look at the rest of your site.

I’m still building a useful page for 101 Geek, once I finish building it I´ll link it here for you to see, or just scroll up and see is it´s on the menu bar.

20 Ways To Bring People Back To Your Website

5) Explain one bit of information better than anyone else out there. 

Okay, you need to explain one topic better than anyone else. Just do one post, it doesn’t matter if it´s really specialist, just explain it better than anyone else.

Pick a topic that you´re really amazing with and just write out a guide, then go on forums and post it everywhere! Share the links to people looking for that kind of advice and submit it to article directories, you just want people to start linking back to it.

If you´ve got one bit of great content on your site people will bookmark it and keep coming back.


6) Get their email

You need their email, find a way to take it from them. I use Aweber to send my emails and they’ve got loads of really helpful sign up forms that you can use and it only costs 1 dollar to sign up.

Once you´ve got someone’s email you can contact them 2 to 3 times a week telling them to come and take a look at your content.

Everyone who has a big business online will be sending emails out so I really do recommend you try to make as much content as you can that needs an email sign up to view, you also want to make your email newsletter worth reading.

20 Ways To Bring People Back To Your Website

7) Social media accounts

Social media is another way to contact to people day-to-day. You need them to like your fan page, I set my fan page up a about a month ago and I´m just going to keep pushing likes to it for as long as I can.

Once you get a few hundred likes you´ll start to see an increase and you should start finding a reason to post more content.

The idea is that when someone likes your Facebook page they´ll then go to their Facebook and see you’ve got new articles, if you get their email, Facebook and Twitter you´ll literally be able to contact them whenever.


8) Have ads on Facebook/Google that target people who looked at your site
Start buying Facebook ads and Google ads

Target people who’ve visited your site. You always want to advertise to people who want to view your content and people who´ve already viewed your content.
Start with Facebook ads and once you get the hang of that then move to Google ads and maybe some buysellads.


9) Talk about topics like no other would dare to

Cause some controversy, make people go “No he/she didn´t just say that” Stir things up, be funny and don´t think too much. Make people talk and think and you´ll soon see people coming back to your site.

20 Ways To Bring People Back To Your Website

10) Content

Content is key and there´s never been a time where that´s more true. The more Google updates their algorithm the more content is interesting and juicy.

“But” you might say, “I´ve tried optimising my content for Google and other search engines and it never seems to help me gain any rank” This is because you need to start optimising your content for people not Google.

Google is always going to change and until they find a way to tell the spam from the real content and links it’s never going to be a future proof form of traffic.

My biggest recommendation to everyone who´s strong on optimising their articles for SEO would be to stop, start spending the same time optimising them articles for people who read them.

Adding annoying keywords and bloating your word count might get you one more view on Google but in the long run it will just end up giving you a site with a load of unreadable content.

So make sure you take your time, optimise for people and keep Google in mind but let them be a second thought.


11) YouTube

Open up a YouTube account and start making videos. I started making YouTube videos for this account about a month ago and already I´ve seen a massive increase in traffic.

I´ve started getting a few hundred views on each video and the more I film the better my subscribers/views get.
I find that the views I get through YouTube are always more high quality than social media, the YouTube views seem to stay on top, my viewers average at 6 page views before leaving, social media manages about 3.


12) Site layout

You want your site to be easy to use. Have your content labelled correctly and make it really simple to find new content and your most popular content. Invest in a few plugins and see what you can do with your sites layout and speed.

If You want a great theme that’s quick, gets people converting and works well you can try some of StudioPresses themes.


13) Usefulness – Create something useful

Create something that´s useful and people will keep coming back. If you create a program or a micro program that tells people how much bit coins are worth or a special calculator then people will come to your site to use it.
Someone made a dog year’s calculator and that got them loads of targeted traffic, so always try to create something useful that people will reach and look for.

20 Ways To Bring People Back To Your Website

14) Working inside a niche

If you have a niche that you work inside then you´re more likely to attract people back to your blog.
Say you´re a video game cheats website, you´ll attract people back just to find more cheats and tips.
Keep to a niche and just provide loads of content for that niche.


15) Be the best at what you do

Be the best you that you can be, it sounds like a cliché but it´s true, if you provide content that´s amazing and do the same throughout your whole site then you´ll start getting more returning visitors.


16) Find out where your audience is

When I make a new money-making site I try to work out where my audience is, I do this all the time, I put $500 into advertising, depending on the size of the market I´m working in and I just test all my advertising geographic to see where the users I need are hiding.

Once I find out where they are, then I just target all advertising in that one place and usually I´ll not get as many views but my views will interact with the site and people sign up to my mail list etc.

17) Use analytics and crazy egg to see how people use your site

Keep a close eye on your analytics, you can use tools like Google analytics and crazy egg to find out what people are clicking on, when they leave the page, what content they see the most, where they lose interest, just about anything.


18) Interact with people – Comments – Streams – Videos – Posts – Forums

Be public, talk to people and try to help them, open a forum or go to someone else´s forum and just build a name and profile, as soon as you get some profile the rest will fall into shape.


19) Plugins are your friend

You´ll learn that plugins really help you keep people on your site and make them interested in your content. Plugins that help you display your related posts and new content are always great.


20) Release content less but make it more high quality.

If you release 2 articles a day then people won´t read them, if you do 4 a month but make them articles the highest quality then people will read and keep on checking up on your site.

20 Ways To Bring People Back To Your Website

20 Ways To Bring People Back To Your Website

20 Ways To Bring People Back To Your Website – It´s all about content, as long as the content is amazing and you keep updating it, people will keep coming back. I used to spend loads of money on advertising, just trying to get to the next level, It wasn´t until I realised that the best type of advertising is free, this is when my site started growing and I started to put more time into free continues traffic. – If this helped you then please remember to comment below and hit the share buttons. – 101 Geek.

20 Ways To Bring People Back To Your Website

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