How To Make Money With Instagram

How To Make Money With Instagram – I’ve been asked to do a guide on making money with Instagram more times than I can remember, so I felt it was time to sit down and spend a few weeks earning money with this social media network and it’s safe to say I’m surprised with how untouched, easy and fun money making is on Instagram. Now, this is just a guide on making money, but I’ve found a few ways to get a few thousand followers on Instagram, so if you’d like to see that article next tell me in the comments.


As you probably already know affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. You’re simply the middleman connecting the products to the buyers. You usually earn 10% all the way up to 80% commission on each item your sell depending on what affiliate programs you work with.

Start With This Affiliate Program: Okay so most beginners start with Amazon’s affiliate program. They start by paying you 6% then after you sell a few items that goes up to 10%.

Amazon is great because people trust them, so when you refer someone from your Instagram to Amazon they’re much more likely to buy through your link.

Another reason why Amazon is a great choice for beginners is because they’ve got an amazing arsenal of products you can sell. There’s not many websites that have that many items up for sale. Most of which you can earn good money promoting.

Or This One: If you’ve got an audience who’s looking to get something, whether it be six pack abs, money making abilities, the ability to pick up women/men, etc. Then ClickBank will be a better bet for you.

ClickBank is better for people using social media because there’s not any accepting process for the affiliates, so much like Amazon once you’re a member you can take your pick of info products and start selling them as you please.

You can also earn a lot of money with some products giving $300 + in sales and even more when you add abilities to gain commission through upsales.

Pictures Of Products: If you’re finding it hard to think of ways to incorporate links into your pictures then just have a think of what products you’ve already got I.E:  mac laptop, iPhone, smart TV, makeup, jewelry, sport supplements, etc.

Then just start taking a picture of you using them and then promote by adding the link in the pictures.

Example: Just started using my new teeth whitening kit… See the difference? Get yours here:

Use Items Your Friends Own: You aren’t just restricted to your own goods, you can easily borrow a product off your friend or a family member and use it, and with a nice following this works like a charm.


As you may know for a period last year I was Fiverr money making mad and even though I’ve stopped going on about money making with Fiverr doesn’t mean it’s over… ? Fiverr money making is still really strong and if you’ve got a big following on Instagram you can sell promotions to people for $5 +, which isn’t a huge amount of cash, but if you’re selling 5 per day (very do able), you’ll be earning $25 from literally no work, that’s $9125 per year. Not including the other methods and you can also earn even more money by creating more Instagram accounts.


I was shocked when I found out that people earn nice amounts of cash through selling pictures through Instagram.

Yes there’s sites that allow you to make a profit on every single picture you post on your Instagram. I personally am yet to try this, but after researching it and asking around I can see that it’s defonitly worth trying.

  • Twenty20
  • InstaPrints

These are the two favorite sites that sell your Instagram pictures for you.


Popular pays is another site that’ll pay you money for advertising. They pay depending on the size of your following and you also get free stuff, be it a coffee, latest video game, even a sky diving trip.

All you’ve got to do is promote the content that you get given and you’ll even earn a bit of cash. Getting products and cash = double win.

Try out popular pays now!


Yes, people will just openly pay you money to promote stuff. I personally promote content on Instagram and usually pay people $10 to $100 for a few pictures about my product, blog or service.

There’s plenty of people just like me, so get yourself on some webmaster forums like:

  • Digital point forum
  • Black Hat World
  • Warrior Forum

And just start selling your advertising there. It’s simple, just come up with a good value advertising package and offer it to 10 people per month. You’ll have people snapping your hand off in no time.

Feel free to leave a comment below with a link to your Instagram and tell me how much advertising with you would be. ? You never know I might buy some from you.


Do you have a blog? If not creat one using this 30 minute, no code guide to creating a blog. If you have a blog you can incoprate affiliate links and adsense and start earning cash by sending your followers to it.

It’s a great way to build profile and is something that you’ve really got to consider. It’ll take you 30 minutes to set one up from scratch, then another 30 minutes per day updating it with articles, that’s all, once you do that everyday you’ll start growing a fan base and open up another money making IP.


Do you have any valuable skills you may be able to sell? People on Instagram love art, tattoos, graphic design and many other creative talents.

So, if you can provide something that they’re interested in you’ll be able to earn yourself money and start shamelessly self promoting yourself.

Release A Product: If you’re a little more computer savvy you could always release your own Instagram course or a service that people on Instagram are interested in IE photography. This is a simple yet easy way to earn $50 + per product sale.


I’m going to end this guide with a simple tip. Being flashy pays off on Instagram. As much as it pains me to say that, it is true. Showing people what you’ve got and what you do with your life is important and it works even better when you go to nice places for dinner, drive a nice car and go to good parties, if you do all three you were born to be Instagram famous D:. If not don’t worry, you can achieve the same with clever Photoshop skills and products friends own ;).

How To Make Money With Instagram – That’s just some of the ways I made money using Instagram, it’s really not as hard as I thought it would be. I can really see how people make so much money using this social media network. If you enjoyed this article then leave a comment and remember to sign up to my newsletter for the latest in money making news.