Best Instagram Bots 2023 – Get More Followers On Auto-Mode


Instagram bots have become increasingly popular in recent years and have been considered the most effective way to quickly grow Instagram accounts. The idea behind it is relatively simple. Through the increased activity (like, follow, unfollow, etc…) which is executed by the bot, you get a lot of engagement in return. Many social media agencies and influencers use bots.

In this article we explain what Instagram bots are all about, which ones you should use and what things you have to consider when using them. Because only if you choose the right settings and follow a strategy you can get the most out of them. In addition, we share our experiences we have made over the years and give a forecast for the year 2019 and beyond.

For the nerds among the readers there is of course also the possibility to program the bot themselves and create an Instagram bot for free. But there is a lot of know-how and risks involved. More about this below.

What is an Instagram bot?

An Instagram bot is nothing else than a robot (abbreviated bot) which takes over the account and acts on behalf you. The bot takes over various activities and simulates natural user behavior and activity. This eliminates the need to manually interact with other users and allows the bot to do the work.

This of course also increases the engagement of other users with your account and you grow without even being active yourself. The really good Instagram bots (see test winner below) even do the posting and you can plan the feed in advance. This also saves time and at the same time increases engagement, as you can schedule your activities at exactly the times when most users are online.

Finally, an Instagram bot is a very practical tool to grow faster on Instagram. Especially in combination with high quality content you can significantly accelerate account growth.

Top 5 Instagram bots

There are currently hundreds of Instagram bots on the market. You can find dozens of providers on Google within seconds. But most of them don’t keep their promises. They are limited in functionality, do not work non-stop and are usually very obvious. Therefore one should pay attention which one to choose.

After all these years we have created our current TOP 5 of the best Instagram bots for 2019. This list will be checked regularly and updated if necessary.

Ingramer – #1 Instagram Bot

Ingramer is one of the newest and, in our opinion, one of the best Instagram bots currently available on the market. The high functionality and easy handling is ideal, especially if you want to use multiple accounts. There are many practical features that go beyond the classic Like, Follow/Unfollow bot. Among other things Ingramer can:

  • Like/Follow/Comment Automation
  • DM Automation
  • scheduled posting
  • Hashtag Generator
  • Masslooking (+100kK Story Views / day)

Analytics Tool

This way you have the most important functions all covered with one tool and nothing stands in the way of Instagram growth anymore. The ease of use makes it easy to find your way around and it’ s fun (compared to Jarvee – which is much more complicated).

A further advantage is the exceptionally good customer support which answers and responds to any questions within the shortest possible time.

Instazood – cheap alternative

Instazood is the cheap alternative and with only $9.90 / month an absolute bargain. Compared to Ingramer you get almost all features but price is significantly lower. This makes Instazood #1 in the price/performance ranking. It fulfills the most important functions, is easy to use and reduced to the most essential. You can also automate Likes, Comments, Follow/Unfollow and DMs and also define basic things regarding targeting. There is also the possibility to randomize the activity and simulate human behavior.

Given the really low price, Instazood is worthwhile both for beginners and for professional agencies with limited budgets. The financial risk is really limited and compared to Jarvee the Dashboard is much easier and clearer which can be advantageous for newcomers.

Jarvee – #1 Social Media Tool

By far the most comprehensive social media tool at the moment is definitely Jarvee. It’s much more than automated software for liking, commenting and following. With Jarvee you can automate the activities of multiple social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and plan postings. This gives you an all-in-one solution.

Jarvee is only so practical because you can control multiple accounts, but because the functionality seems limitless. Just as far as Instagram is concerned, you can activate so many filters and control so many parameters that you can be extremely specific who do you want to target with your activities. Here is an overview of the dashboard to see how many basic settings you have.

You can also set randomized sleep times and break times so that the activity of the bot appears more human and organic. This makes it difficult for Instagram to detect that it is a bot. This is a security measure and to a certain extent protects against a possible ban.

Also when it comes to targeting, there are many options so you can set exactly where Jarvee can become active. You can also choose to have Jarvee interact regularly with your existing followers to keep them active.

In addition, Jarvee also offers the possibility to view stories and like them. This also seems incredibly real.

Specifically offered is the automation of:

  • Likes
  • comments
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • DMs
  • View Story
  • scheduled posting

So all functions a good Instagram bot needs are included. For us it is currently without doubt the best social media tool available on the market. There’s none that comes close to the Jarvee in terms of functionality as well as price/performance.


Combin is a very interesting and above all cheap tool. The automation possibilities are not quite as extensive, but you get a lot of data for analysis. Post Scheduling / Planning is also included and for only $14 / month. So this is another recommendation for bargain hunters.

Click here to read our full review of Combin bot.


Fourth place is Gramista. Basically there is nothing wrong with the bot. The functionality is there, the use is incredibly simple, the results are constant but the price is quite steep. You have to pay $10 for only 7 days of bot use, a hefty $40 / month.

Only if you take the package for 90 days you pay $90 and get 1$ / day. But this is still expensive and you are bound for 3 months and have to pay in advance.

Therefore you should think about it very carefully if it is really worth it. This bot is therefore only conditionally to be recommended to the beginners. There is however the possibility to test for 3 days for $5. So you can have a look at it for a small fee.

Click here to read our full review of Gramista bot.

gramista dashboard

Unfortunately Down: Instagress

Instagress was the first and so far one of the best Instagram bots on the market. We were able to achieve the greatest success with Instagress 2-3 years ago and that is why we will always remember this bot. It’s incredibly easy to use and is limited to the most important functions. The UI was very user friendly and intuitive.

The reason why we can recommend it only conditionally is that Instagress does not accept new customers anymore and many old accounts have been paid out and closed afterwards. That’s why Instagress is no longer accessible to all users and can only be used by a small number of people.

Also our account was deactivated and finally paid out. Too bad, because it was a very cheap and effective tool and we had really incredible success with it.

What makes a good Instagram bot?

If you are still not sure what to do despite our ranking, which is based on several years of experience and testing, you should keep looking and decide for yourself. You have to consider certain points that an Instagram Bot must meet in 2019. These are the absolute essentials. In addition, it is worthwhile to choose a company that has been on the market for a long time and is continuously investing in development of the bot. After all, Instagram is constantly changing and therefore the bot or automation tool should also change and adapt.


The most important and simplest function is the automation of likes. The bot thus distributes the relevant likes to the selected target group. It is especially important that you can set the number of likes / actions. It is recommended to set at least 3 likes / account, because this gives the impression as if you really looked at the account of the other person and scrolled through the feed.

Follow / Unfollow

This activity should only be used very cautiously, because many users have taken it too far and Instagram doesn’t like it anymore. However, a good Instagram bot should provide the ability to automate the following and unfollowing of its target audience.

Direct Message

It is going down in the DMs. In this sense, direct messages have gained tremendous importance in recent years. Accordingly, they should also be used (automatically). However, you have to be careful that the messages are not too generic and standardized. This is often perceived as spam.

Story View

Another essential but newer feature are Story Views. This makes sense, because they are especially noticed with smaller accounts and simulate real engagement. Story Views should ideally be combined with Likes to simulate real behavior.

Post Schedule

A good Instagram bot should not only automate the engagement but also other processes such as planning and posting posts. This makes sense because you bring more structure and planning into your Instagram. Not only does this save time, it also makes the feed more appealing.


Let data tell the story. Every online marketer should live by this principle to a certain extent, because the data does not lie and is vital. So you should also keep an eye on the growth of your Instagram account and possibly also analyze it. This will allow you to develop better strategies and increase growth.

Setting / Targeting / Randomization

Ultimately the bot can have all functions, but these must also be adjustable accordingly. After all, the settings are ultimately decisive for the success of the automation. In order not to make this article too comprehensive and long, here is a brief overview of the most important setting options in terms of speed, targeting and randomization:

  • Speed (Likes, Follows, DMs etc / day)
  • Geo targeting (target groups by location)
  • Follower Targeting (Follower of another account targeting – very effective!)
  • Following Targeting (Followings of another account target)
  • Day / Night Shift (Simulates natural activity)
  • Randomization of the interval (activity is distributed randomly throughout the day – also simulates real behavior again)

Instagram Bot Experiences

To be honest, Instagram bots aren’t what they used to be. In the past, Instagram bots were really the ultimate growth hack for quickly building reach and traffic. We were also able to build a few accounts on over 20K followers with a 5% engagement rate through Instagram Bots. It used to be a piece of cake.

But times have changed and Instagram has become smarter. Because the social network now has over 1 billion users and takes appropriate action against dubious behavior. Bots or automation tools violate Instagram’s user guidelines and are not allowed. Instagram’s developers have become better at training Instagram’s AI to recognize bots and flag accounts accordingly.

As a result, you can no longer use bots as aggressively as you used to. The activity should not be so high and you should make some adjustments to trick Instagram. Among them is the randomization of the activity, but more about that below.

Instagram Bots in 2019

You can still be successful with Instagram bots in 2019, but there are a few things to keep in mind. To avoid Instagram AI and stay under the radar there are a few tricks to use.

Choosing the right settings – If you decide to use bots, you should definitely choose the right settings. Specifically, you should not set the activity too high. The maximum is moderate or even lower. In addition, you should randomize the activity. This means that the bot becomes more active in the course of the day and then becomes inactive again. This is supposed to imitate the natural behaviour of a real user. Thus, it appears much more organic, spontaneous and finally more human. The AI hardly recognizes the difference between bot and human.

In addition, you should not leave any automated comments such as “great post” or “super picture”. This is particularly noticeable and no one will fall for it anymore. Rather one will receive a lot of criticism for such behaviour, because spam is not welcome. You should rather ask questions and also give the bot plenty of choices to avoid always posting the same ones. Questions make sense because they are even more organic and encourage people to get engaged.

Create a second account – This may sound a bit paradoxical, but in reality it is incredibly effective. The procedure is as follows. You create a second Instagram account, name it very similar to the primary account, upload nine images (to make the grid full) and link the primary account in the BIO and ALL 9 photos. Then you activate the bot.

Now more and more users become aware of the account due to the bot activity. As soon as they go to the account, they see immediately (in the bio) that it is only a secondary account. The description on the photos also immediately links to the primary account. Thus most users get to the primary account out of curiosity. Ingenious, isn’t it?

The best thing about it is that you are exposed to 0 risk at the same time. Because the primary account remains without bot activity. Only the secondary account is exposed to the risk of a ban from Instagram. But this is not a problem because theoretically you can set up another secondary account within 5 minutes. Theoretically you could do this with multiple accounts to grow even faster. Growth Hacking Approved.

What lies ahead?

Just like Google SEO, Instagram for Growth Hackers and Black Hat Marketers is becoming increasingly difficult to grow faster with tricks like bots and automation software. We assume that Instagram will continue to take stronger action against bots and make it more and more difficult for us marketers.

That’s why we recommend using such tactics while they still work. What the future really brings, however, remains to be seen, for perhaps there will be better software by then.

Free Instagram bot – Free Programming – Github & Python

Of course it is also possible to program an Instagram bot by yourself. For this you need knowledge in programming and ideally you should know the language Python. There are many instructions on how to program an Instagram bot on Github. It is best to have a look at some tutorials before you start.

However, you should be aware that it violates Instagram’s terms and conditions and you are exposed to a certain risk. So there is the risk of a ban again. But the risk has to be assessed by everyone on their own as the risk also exists with bought bots that you have to pay monthly.


Instagram bots can be incredibly effective when it comes to increasing your reach, but they also carry some risk. Basically, they violate Instagram’s user conditions. In the worst case, this can result in a banned account.

To avoid this and stay under the radar of Instagram, you should do it right. On the one hand, the activity of the bots can and should be randomized. This means that the bot does not always become active at the same intervals, but imitates natural behavior and the activity is subject to daily fluctuations as with a real user. In addition, the speed of actions should be set to moderate levels.

Ideally, a second account should be used. This account has the primary account linked in the bio and only 9 images uploaded which link back to the primary account. Thus the activity can be set very high, one gets much traffic and the primary account remains safe.

The current best Instagram bot is definitely Ingramer. Jarvee is one of the best social media marketing tools ever. For a few dollars a month you get a complete automation tool for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Co… For those who are looking for the best price/performance ratio, Instazood will be the best.