The Guide To YouTube SEO 2023

The Guide To YouTube SEO 2015 – I’ve recently become quite intertwined in YouTube SEO all for a new blog of mine that’s starting up. I’ve taken a lot of time to work out exactly what you need to do in order to maximise your view count and get both subscribers and views on your YouTube channel. This advice worked for me perfectly and it’s something that I’ve tried on three videos on my 101 geek Channel and each of them videos went over 5 thousand views, I’ve also done it on another channel and had similar results.


The first thing you’ll need to do is head over to Google Keyword Planner and start testing some keywords. You’ll be looking for phrases that get 1000 – 5000 views per month and have low competition.

Find 5 – 10 keywords for your video, then head over to YouTube and search each one of them keywords. Then look out for the keywords that have loads of high view count videos.

Once you find one use it.

Tip: A keyword is more like a key phrase these days. An example would be: How To Make Money Online.


After you’ve found a keyword/phrase that you’re happy with, it’s time to rename your video file to it. Then after you do that all you need to do is upload the video to YouTube.


A title’s one of the most important aspects of YouTube SEO and is a common mistake for most newbies.

Most new YouTubers start doing videos, look at the big guns IE: Shane Dawson, Trisha, Rooster Teeth, Yogscast, GiGi, etc. And they try to copy their titles. The problem with this is that they have 1 million + subscribers, so even if they release a video called —– it’ll still get views.

So, don’t go for a title like: My Dog

Instead god for:

  • Awesome How To Make Money Online Tips
  • Easiest Way To Make Money Online – 10 Money Making Tips
  • Money Making Online – Earn $100 + Per Day

These titles are more clickable, will rank for terms like money making, money making online and how to make money online and also show people what they’re getting before they watch the video, which will make your view count rise.


Another common mistake YouTubers make are descriptions.

People say: Well “Insert YouTubers Name” doesn’t have a big description and they get millions of views…

The reason why is because they’ve usually done a lot of work in media, or with other YouTubers, even some have TV acting under their belts, they just never got famous enough for you to know.

So, even though they don’t do it, you still need to in order to make the most out of your keyword/phrase.

What’s A Long Description? 

I’d say the perfect description is around 500 words, with about 5 variations of your keyword and around 2 – 8 mentions of your actual keyword.

I usually just write a quick breakdown of the video, talking about the different advice and how you can use it. But, you can work this out yourself.


I see newbie YouTubers adding 50 + tags to their videos and the truth is that every tag you add lows the power of the last. So, say you have 100% power and then you have two tags, both of them tags now have 50% power, then you add four tags, they all have 25% power and so on.

If you add 40 – 50 tags, the tags will become useless and do nothing, so instead just add 3 – 5 relevant tags like the list below:

  • Channel’s Name: 101geek
  • Keyword/Phrase: How To Make Money Online
  • More Specific Keyword/Phrase: Make Money Online
  • Similar YouTubers Name:  John Chow

Relevant Video Tip: The reason why you add your own channel name and another person channel name is because you’ll show up on their related videos that display on the side of their videos.


I don’t do this on the 101geek channel, in fact I don’t do much of this advice as that channel is just a hobby and this advice takes a while to incorporate so I save it for my money sites.

But, if you want to speed up the YouTube ranking process you need to buy yourself some fake views. You can head over to View.be and just buy 10,000 views, then every 2 weeks repeat, it will cost, but it’ll make your YouTube look more successful than it really is making people trust your content more.

It also makes YouTube rank it on page one which gets you a lot of views, also because people don’t want to watch a YouTube video with less than 2000 views.


If you go and check out my YouTube channel you’ll see that I go nuts with thumbnails, I like each of my videos to look unique in some way.

You’ve got to do the same. Go and start creating thumbnails for each of your videos, make them look catchy and different and you can use Canva and Panziod in order to create thumbnails like I do.

Having a good thumbnail will heighten the chances of someone clicking your video by around 1000%.


Social media shares have certain power when it comes to YouTube SEO and it’s really a quantity game. The more you have the better your videos will do. I’ve practiced this many times using my Tumblr networks and I’ve opened loads of channels and tested the power of social media in promotion.

For example I created a quick YouTube channel with 10 vlog videos, I then blasted it just on social media (did nothing else on this list). Within 3 weeks I had almost 200 subscribers and 15,000 + views. All I did was use Tumblr to promote.

Here’s the guide that’ll teach you how to build social networks just like me.


YouTube favors YouTubers who upload frequently. The more you upload, the better you videos will rank on the YouTube search engines.

If you’re really serious aim for 6 videos a week and if this is just a hobby then you can work with around 3 videos per week. That’s just enough to improve your YouTube SEO.

Tip: Just because it’s better for YouTube SEO doesn’t mean you should upload rubbish videos everyday. I mentioned this advice to a few young YouTubers and basically they just uploaded 1 minute, low energy, boring videos. This won’t improve your rank, subscribers or views.

It’s the good quality videos, with all this advice incorporated that if you upload each day will achieve amazing results.


Answering comments is another key factor to YouTube SEO. If you answer comments to the best of your ability, you’ll get more comments, these comments then get people coming back to the video in order to answer.

This bumps up the view count and the time spent viewing the content, both key for a good YouTube SEO campaign.


In order to get another keyword you can create a playlist. Playlists rank on YouTube search engine, so if you’ve got a 2 + videos in the same industry, pop them into a YouTube playlist, add a keyword that’s relevant and you’ll then start dominating even more pages on YouTube.

The Guide To YouTube SEO 2015 – It’s really that simple, you’ve got to put that much effort into each video you create and then you’ll be able to just sit back and enjoy the fun that’s there to be had. If you follow this advice and create good content you’ll get yourself a famous YouTube within the next year, you’ve just got to be consistent and create content you actually want to see.