#1 Killer Way To Get Twitter Followers

#1 Killer Way To Get Twitter Followers – Are you looking for the ultimate way to get Twitter followers? Do you want thousands of real, niche related Twitter users all following you within the next few hours? I’ve got a method that’s highly effective and works with both company Twitter accounts and personal Twitter accounts. It’s simple and is easily one of the best ways of getting loads of real followers on any Twitter account in a short amount of time.

#1 Killer Way To Get Twitter Followers

Promote, Promoting, Promotion…

It turns out the number one way to get followers on Twitter looks a lot like promotion, in fact it is promotion. After a lot of testing Twitter for different methods I started to realise that the only real ways to get followers on twitter is from following people every day, getting a kick ass follow bot that handles all the tasks for you, getting fake followers or the best method: getting paid promotion, either using Twitter or a paid tweet network. 

#1 Killer Way To Get Twitter Followers

How Do You Promote Your Account?

Two options, ones great and the other sucks.

After having a play with Twitter ads for a couple of weeks I realised how pointless and expensive they were. Literally you’d be spending around $0.50 to $3.00 per engagement. That includes followers, favourites and retweets. Unless you’ve got a massive budget it’s just not even worth trying.

So, now you’re left with paying for Tweets… Is it worth it? Hell yes!!! I’ve been doing this for a while and on some of my Twitter accounts I’ve gained 100 + follower from one shoutout that cost me around $5 to $15. The difference is these clicks actually care about your content. I find when I upload regular content it’s constantly being retweeted, favorited and replied too, unlike the followers I used to get from Twitter ads or follow back networks.

#1 Killer Way To Get Twitter Followers

How Do You Do It? 

I use this company to buy my tweets, they have an amazing conversion, but the real awesomeness is if you look around, you’ll see that you can get the Tweets for near to no cost. There’s Tweets to 100,000 people for $8, all you need is a few gems like that and you’re going to be laughing.

I’d say you need a budget of around $60 and a Twitter account that has good content. If you tick both of them boxes then this method is going to be easy. I then usually buy 3 Tweets per day, I look for the people with 20,000 + followers and I try to get the Tweets at around $3 to $8. I buy 3 every day until my $60 budget is gone and by the end I sometimes have 500 to 1000 + followers by the end and if I played it correctly then I’ll usually be getting big amounts of impressions and loads of click-through to my various sites.


Part 2 

Now you’ve spent $60 you want to wait for a few weeks, let the conversions happen and then repeat the process. The reason why you do this is simple. The more followers you get, the more followers you naturally build. If you’re getting your content out to 3000 people and 10 of them retweet every tweet you post, that then means your Tweet could potentially be seen by all the followers of everyone retweeting, which usually equals another one to two thousand people, so by having more followers, you’ll get more retweets and become more popular.

So if you spend $200 over the next 3 months and build 10,000 + followers you’ll start seeing a massive incline in random people following you. It’s really the ultimate way to get followers and in my opinion it’s the only way to promote a Twitter account.


Extra Resources For People Who Want More Followers

These are just some of the resources that I’ve personally used to get more followers on Twitter. I’m positive they’ll work for you just as well.

Twitter Articles

Twitter Services

There the only 5 things you need to care about when getting followers on Twitter. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve with them 5 things. Hundreds of thousands of followers.

#1 Killer Way To Get Twitter Followers

#1 Killer Way To Get Twitter Followers

#1 Killer Way To Get Twitter Followers – So you can now go and try it for yourself. Give it a try, buy a Tweet and see what value it is to your Twitter. You can start by trying 1 $5 tweet and if it goes well you can start upgrading and buying more. Just go and give it a shot and see what you think about this method for yourself. – Be sure you share this article if you enjoy it. I enjoyed making it and there will be an even bigger Twitter guide coming soon. – Comments are below.

#1 Killer Way To Get Twitter Followers

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