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I use lots of different tools, bots and plugins in order to earn money and build great blogs/shops. I’m going to show you the most important tools and services that I use on a day-to-day basis. I’m not going to include all the plugins I use, so if you’re curious just leave a comment and I’ll tell you.

Hosting: Host Gator. 

Now this blog is actually hosted on Traffic Planet Hosting, but most of my other blogs, niche sites and shops are hosted with Host Gator or Blue Host. I’ve been with Host Gator for years and haven’t had a problem. They also have great priced shared hosting at $0.01 for your first month when you use code: Oliisawesome at checkout.


Domains: GoDaddy. 

Over the years I’ve tried a few domain suppliers and just run into nothing but trouble. I’d say around 90% of all my domain names are brought through GoDaddy, the others are just free domains from hosting deals. You just can’t go wrong with their incredible deals and reliability.


Themes: Theme Forest.

If I’m starting a new website I always use Theme Forest to get a theme. The reason why I enjoy using Theme Forest comes down to two factors. One, there’s so many great themes to choose from. Two, you can preview, see honest reviews and even seethe sales units for each theme. This makes it easier to pick a theme. If you’re serious about getting a theme and don’t have $100 +, you can’t go wrong with Theme Forest.

For Newbies I Always Recommend This Theme: Sahifa



OIOPublisher: If you’re looking for a way to have self-serve ads that maintain themselves OIOPublisher is what you need. It takes minutes to setup and after it’s installed it allows people to buy ads on your site without any interaction with you, it just transfers their money to your Paypal and uploads the ad for the time they paid for. If you’ve got a blog network, it adds a new income stream instantly, that’s quite profitable and a lot easier to manage.

Ninja Popups: As you may know I use Aweber to send and maintain my mail list. Ninja Popups allows me to create high converting popups that get people signing up to my mail list. Easy to setup and has increased conversion rate by 300% since I started using it.

Social Locker: Something I’ll integrate into this blog at some point is Social Locker, it’s a plugin that allows you to hide information from people until they’ve shared on a social network or liked one of your social network pages. It creates high conversion and is easy to integrate. You can either create extra content that people have to share/like to unlock or you can create a PDF version of the article that they can save forever in exchange for a share/like. Or my personal favorite. Giving 5 extra tips if they share/like. If your content is good quality Social Locker is a must have.


Small Jobs: Fiverr.

If I ever need anything done on the cheap I go to Fiverr. You can get logo’s, ads, voice actors, articles, Programming help, WordPress help and loads more, all for $5 + $0.50 service fee. It’s one of my favorite freelance sites of all time. I must have brought well over 250 + gigs over the last few years. For people who build PBN (Private Blog Networks) and Niche shops, Fiverr is a god send, you can get your whole site, up and running including, ads, logos, theme installation and trouble shooting for under $25 (Winning).


Logo’s: Logo Nerds.

Logo’s can be extremely frustrating and quite literally money down the drain. I think most people who’ve been creating websites for affiliate reasons over the paste ten years have been seriously ripped off by a logo designer. So after buying more logo’s than I know what to do with, I’ve found two places that always deliver great quality logo’s everytime.

Logo Nerds: If you’re creating a blog on a budget, but still want greatness. Go over to Logo Nerds and get their $27 package, which consistence of Web Ready Formats, 3 Different Concept Choices, Free Revisions, Delivery in 3-5 Business Days, Satisfaction Guarantee. Part from the time they take to deliver everything will run smoothly and you’ll end up with an awesome logo at a great price.

48hourslogo: When I’m creating a high profile site with a big budget I always use 48hourslogo. The starting price is $130, but I recommend you bid around $160 for the best results. I usually get around 60 to 80 concept designs from each logo contest I run and the quality is out of this world. You can only use one logo design, but it’s going to be better than anything you could get else where. Back in year 2000 you’d have spend well over $2000 + for logo concepts and designs at this grade. So spending $129 with 48hourslogo is really a small price to pay.


The Bots I work With.

I use a few high grade bots, but as I’ve still got to keep some secrets I’ll only be sharing the two bots that I use on Tumblr and Twitter. I don’t use any other tools for them sites part from the ones listed below.

Tumbling Jazz: In the update article on How To Become Tumblr Famous, I showed the power of Tumbling Jazz. A bot that can quite literally build and maintain a Tumblr network by itself. This bot has money maker written all over it and for that reason it’s my go to bot for Tumblr. If you’re looking for a bot that will:

  • Reblog/Queue
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Like Posts
  • Message People
  • Create Accounts
  • Scrap Content Like Videos, Pictures And Articles.

This bot will do all that as many times as you want, on as many accounts as you have without crashing, using to many hardware resources and with only a few clicks of a button.

TSupremacy: If you’re looking for a Twitter bot that’ll handle all of the same things as the Tumblr bot and more then TSupremacy is the bot for you. It’s the quickest way to take over Twitter and it works every time. If you want to boost your main account then just use Twitter supremacy and setup 100 accounts, follow 300 people per day and unfollow the ones who don’t follow you back within 3 days. Just tweet about your main account and within weeks you’ll have tons of traffic and followers coming to your main Twitter profile. Works every time and it’s how I’ve managed to takeover Twitter on a lot of my shops/authority sites.


Private Proxies: SquidProxies.

If you’re going to be messing around with mass social media accounts you’re going to want some solid private proxies that don’t get banned. I use Squid Proxies for all my social media private proxies, so far I’ve had no bad experiences and would completely recommend them. But if you’re getting private proxies for link building/bots that need to use Google, I’d recommend going with someone else. I’ve heard people talk about Squid Proxies getting banned from Google, this isn’t a problem for people who’re using bots like the ones above, but if you’re using software that has to browse a search engine then you may have some trouble.


Mail Provider: Aweber.

I have and will always use Aweber. They provide the best service for sending a mail list that I know and you’ll never meet a better support team. My dad uses Aweber and one of the support members rung him up and talked for well over an hour teaching him how to set it up. I have major Respect for Aweber and you can start your email marketing today for just $1. 


Article Writers: 

99CentArticlesIf you’re looking for cheap content that’ll help fill your site, 99centarticles is the place to go. They have great priced content and as long as you know what you want you’ll have no problem using 99centarticles. I’ve used them a few times and I have had around 3 + articles that have not been up to standard, when this happens you message 99centarticles and they’ll sort it out for you. Once you do that you’ll be given proper, worth reading articles.

Fiverr: If you’re looking for some articles at a great price you can get around 500 to 1000 words done for $5 on fiverr. The words are usually good quality (sometimes have to use good old trail and error to find the right people) and perfect for people in a rush who need content. At that rate you’ll be able to get 52 articles for a site (which is a years content at one article per week) for $260, the cheapest that’s still readable that I’m aware.

Freelancer: The best place to get high quality articles at amazing prices. Again you do have to hire a few people before you find the perfect writer for the job. But once you do it’s easier than ever to get 1000 – 2000 word articles done for $10 – $20 a pop.


Affiliate Networks.

The networks below I use to source most my affiliate links. I occasionally join a program that’s run by the site itself, but if you’re a beginner I recommend using affiliate networks. It’s easy to keep track of money and there’s less risk involved.

 Remember to join my mail list for all the best money making advice and I will be updating this list every time a product makes it into my most used. Have a lovely day and thanks for reading.

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