10 Games Like Call Of Duty

10 Games Like Call Of Duty – So it’s no secret that a lot of people love Call Of Duty and it’s true that even the people who hate it still show some kind of love for that addictive gameplay. So while you’re waiting for the next Call Of Duty to release here’s a list of 10 games that will keep you satisfied and ready for the new Call Of Duty. Remember that this is just my point of view and it’s what games I think share similar gameplay mechanics  to Call Of Duty and if you share a different view then please leave it in the comments below. – Remember to share. Comment if you’ve got any others to add to this list.


10 Games Like Call Of Duty

Okay so first on the list is Titanfall, I choose this game just down to the fact it’s first person shooter that has badass robots in it that you can fight with or control, which makes it a really good time. Now my one recommendation with this game is to go into it with normal expectations, if you expect it to be the best game ever then it will never live up to that, but if you just want a really good game that you’ll be able to play for months to come with your friends then it’s worth a try. I enjoyed it and I found the graphics  perfect and the robots are awesome, the only thing that annoyed me was the network connection while finding over people to play, sometimes took ages.

Where To Buy: Titanfall 

Battlefield 4

10 Games Like Call Of Duty

Battlefield is probably the next go to game when it comes to call of duty and that’s just because it’s really the only other massive army game that’s on all the consoles and PC.

So far I think battlefield bad company 2 and battlefield 4 are the best that you can really get and it’s easy to have a blast with either of them, I recommend only getting this game if you’ve got at least one mate to play it with, just because you’ll not be able to really enjoy it full without playing multiplayer with two friends.

Where To Buy: Battlefield 4


10 Games Like Call Of Duty

Now this game might seem a little old now but you’ll be surprised how many people still play this on a day to day bases. This version is quite new and you really can get addicted to it, it’s the same kind of feel as Call Of Duty and in my opinion at has a better weapon system and better game modes.

I enjoyed playing it with modes and just having a laugh, if you get this and gary’s mod you’ll be able to play trouble in terrorist town and loads of other games that all are a lot of fun.

Where To Buy: Counter-Strike

Halo 4 

10 Games Like Call Of Duty

All the Halo series are perfect for keeping your gaming needs at bay while waiting for the next call of duty and that’s just because they have a massive multiplayer presents and the game modes and map creation is just so much fun.

Where To Buy: Halo 4 


10 Games Like Call Of Duty

One of my favourite games of the year so far. This game is just what the consoles needed and it’s different to any game that I’ve played before on consoles and it was made by Bungie which were the creators of Halo. This game did impress me and just all the features and fun you can have with it, there’s loads of customization and it’s just a lot of good fun.

Where To Buy: Destiny

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

10 Games Like Call Of Duty

This is a little old now but, it is still a great game, I remember playing this back in the beginning and it was completely different back then, now it’s got a much more modern feel but it’s still just as fun and it’s even more like call of duty so you’ll really enjoy it if that’s what you’re after.

Where To Buy: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Medal of Honor Warfighter 

10 Games Like Call Of Duty

Another brilliant game that I really thought looked over looked, I played this game for around 20 hours and I had a lot of fun, I really didn’t see why more people didn’t get into it, it’s similar to call of duty but has better graphics and has more feel in the guns. I think it’s one of them games that I will always have a little go on the campaign on my PC just for the fun.

Where To Buy: Medal of Honor Warfighter 

Far Cry 4

10 Games Like Call Of Duty

Far cry isn’t really a call of duty type of game but it does have the power to be, in number 4 that’s coming out you really do have the power to make it into a call of duty like game, just with more awesome things, like cars, quads, boats and more. This really is a game to keep an eye on and if you’re looking for some fun then go and play some Far cry 3/4.

Where To Buy: Far Cry 4


10 Games Like Call Of Duty

If you want a FreeToPlay game then you could always go and check out A.V.A, it’s basically a call of duty game that’s for pro’s and it can be a laugh if you enjoy FPS games, it’s a little hard to play but I found it awesome at times.

Team Fortress

10 Games Like Call Of Duty

 Team Fortress 2, if you’ve not played it then you really need too, this game is out of this world it’s so old but because there keeps being new amazing thing added it feels just like a new game and keeps it’s freshness, there’s still a massive community who plays it and it’s free.

10 Games Like Call Of Duty – What is your favorite game out of the list? You got any? Well if you like your FPS games then I’m sure there was something there to feed your FPS brain while you wait for the latest Call of duty. If you’ve got any good games that are similar to Call Of Duty then please leave them in the comments below. – Remember to hit the share buttons and share with other cal of duty fans. – 101 Geek.

10 Games Like Call Of Duty

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