20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog

20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog – I’ve promised myself that I’d create 1 high quality list article every week that really teaches my followers something that will help grow their business. This is all part of my 30 day zero to rich challenge. Very exciting stuff. This week I decided to go with Traffic generation as it’s something a lot of people suffer with these days. It’s extremely hard to pay for a good SEO services and for some people learning SEO is just out of the question. It’s also all well and good telling you to use social media but realistically most of you won’t have 50,000 likes on Facebook. I’m here to change that round and teach you 20 methods that really will generate traffic to any blog or website. These are some of my best secrets and I guarantee you’ll learn something from this guide. Before you start I warn you this article will be long and filled with must have information. So be sure to grab a cup of coffee, a pad and pen and a comfy seating position so you can really make the most of this information.

20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog

#1. Facebook Ad Campaign 

One of the first things we’ll want to tackle is your Facebook page. If you’re a blogger you need to have a nice Facebook page that has content being uploading every day and a great cover and profile picture. After you’ve got a nice, active Facebook page it’s time to start your first Facebook ad campaign.

You need to get some likes just so people start taking you and your blog seriously. It’s also much more appealing to like a Facebook page with over 4 thousand likes. So what you’re going to want to do is create a Facebook ad campaign for likes.

I would be more than happy to show you how to create an amazing Facebook ad campaign, but this article would be too long and the best Facebook ad campaign tutorial is from this guy called Matthew Woodward and I’d probably not do it justice.

You can usually run a good Facebook likes campaign for around $1 – $3 per day. The first week you’ll usually see no results and have costs of around ¢0.50 per like. Don’t panic, this will go down after the first week. I’ve had Facebook like campaigns that I’ve run for a month and got down to as little as $0.02 per like which is extremely cheap. So be sure to not give up for at least 1 month.


#2. Tumblr Blog Network

Do you want constant free traffic every single day to your blog? Well the Tumblr blog network offers that. People who follow this blog know that I earn money from Tumblr and use it to promote loads of my articles and websites. Some of my sites get 500 + unique visitors every single day from Tumblr. These visitors convert extremely well and keep coming back for more.

What do you need to do to build a Tumblr blog network?

First you need to follow the video below. I’ll teach you how to get thousands of Tumblr followers on any blog.

After you’ve watched that video it’s time to start creating Tumblr accounts. I get my accounts from Fiverr.com. I believe it costs $5 for around 30 Tumblr accounts, all created, verafied and with emails. You’re only going to need 15 of these accounts at the beginning. After you’ve got the Tumblr accounts you can follow the instructions below:

  • Go into every Tumblr account one time. Then don’t touch any of the Tumblr accounts for 24 – 48 hours. (this stops you getting banned from Tumblr.)
  • Pick a niche that relates to your blog. For example, if it’s a food blog you want to generate traffic for then create Tumblr cake blogs, Tumblr food blogs, Tumblr healthy eating blogs. Etc.
  • Get a free theme (website design) for each one of your Tumblr blogs. Don’t use the same theme twice.
  • Add a profile picture and make your queue publish 20 – 40 pictures/posts everyday.
  • Use the Tumblr reblog bot to reblog 300 related images on each account. (Do this every 6 – 8 days)
  • Use the Tumblr bot to add your blog post with link to every description of the 300 images.
  •  Follow 120 people everyday. Just google Tumblr Tagged follow me – Tumblr Tagged follow back – Tumblr Tagged follow. Then just follow 120 people on the list.
  • Repeat to all 15 blogs.
  • Private Proxies are never a bad idea. I usually have 4 Tumblr blogs to 1 private proxy, just to keep things safe.

After one month of doing this you’ll have build your own Tumblr blog network that can send traffic wherever you need it.

You can also earn money with your Tumblr network by following the video below.

#3. Twitter Account Network

The next 2 methods are similar to the one above. And when done together you can expect around 1 to 3 thousand unique visitors per day, especially when you’re in the right niche. These two methods aren’t easy, but they will grow any good quality blog.


Account creation

You need to either create 15 Twitter accounts or buy 15 twitters account on Fiverr, that’s the two easiest ways that I know. Once you’ve brought 15 accounts you’ve got to set them up.

  • Sign into all of your Twitter accounts and then leave them for 48 hours.
  • Make sure all of the account have different Profile and Cover pictures
  • Pick relevant and high-profile niches
  • Change the bio for each account
  • Add at least 4 Tweets to each account manually.

That’s all the work you need to do on each account. Every 3 – 5 accounts I create I usually change the colour scheme just to make it appear more unique.


Queueing Tweets & Getting Followers

If you use Twitter for your business then you’ll understand just how hard it is to keep Twitter updated everyday. I’ve got a special tool that’ll help you tweet every 30 minutes, hour, two hours, whenever you want. This same bot also handles all your follow backs, unfollowers, retweets, favourites, twitter queue, twitter private message, twitter thank for following message and even more.


Go and buy Twitter Bot. 

You can have unlimited accounts all managed with this bot. Easily one of the best value tools on the market.


What your tweets should look like:

You’ll want to tweet around 5 – 10 times per day on each account. Every other tweet should contain tags and try to only promote your site in 4 out of 10 tweets. That way there’s more than just content from your site.

When using software like this you need to sit and write out around 1000 tweets, just so your twitter accounts stay updated. This is the longest part, but it’s highly worth it.


Getting followers

I used to have to sign into each account manually and perform the list of tasks below. Now I’m starting to use the Twitter bot which automates it all on multiple accounts. Getting followers action plan:

  • Follow 90 -160 people everyday in a similar niche to your own.
  • Everyday unfollow 30 – 80 people who’re not following you back.
  • Favourite 10 – 70 tweets per day.
  • Retweet 5 tweets everyday.
  • Stay active and tag half of your tweets.

You can now automate all of them tasks on a much bigger scale with the twitter bot. That means you can manage 20 + accounts without even breaking a sweat. Don’t you just love social marketing?



After doing this for around a month you’ll start getting loads of views from Twitter, you’ll need to keep it up for at least another 3 months to start achieving the best results. You can have way more than 15 Twitter accounts if you can handle it. Just be sure to get some private proxies.

20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog

#4. Pinterest Traffic Generation

If you’re targeting women, Pinterest is the place to be. Pinterest is filled with women looking to buy products and read tutorials. It’s also extremely easy to become popular on Pinterest, you’ve just got to know what you’re doing and do it everyday.

I created a video to explain how simple it is to build accounts on Pinterest and get them followers. Be sure to watch the video as it’ll teach you loads of Pinterest tips and tricks.


What’s involved in getting Pinterest Followers for people who don’t want to watch the video:

  • High quality pictures.
  • Follow people in the same niche as you.
  • Create good quality boards in similar niches.
  • Invite people to your boards.
  • Comment on over people’s pictures.
  • Ask to join popular boards.
  • Do this on 5 accounts and don’t stop till you’ve followed 13000 thousand people.

You just repeat the tasks above for a few weeks on 5 Pinterest accounts and before you know it you’ll have a little Pinterest network that can drive traffic anywhere you want it. You can also get bots that handle all of the tasks above on each Pinterest account. Personally I’ve never tried any Pinterest bots, so I can only recommend a bot that my friend uses. If you’re planning to do this on the large-scale then I highly recommend getting that bot. I’m going to start testing Pinterest bots in the near future, so I’ll update once I have more information.


#5. Bookmark Sites

Now we’ve completed the micro networks that deliver continues traffic at your control, it’s time to try something that involves more luck than skill.

Now the main bookmark site that I use is StumbleUpon and it can be pretty awesome at times. I always submit my articles there and personally over the last year I’ve had well over 30 articles go viral and get thousands of views.

In that time I’ve learnt how to control StumbleUpon a little better and I’ve also learnt what content converts the best on bookmark sites.


What articles work on bookmark sites like StumbleUpon

Lists are always going to work a lot better than any other article on Bookmark sites. Articles like “20 things I wish I knew when I was younger” can bring in hundreds of thousands of views every day.

StumbleUpon favours list articles over anything else. This article you’re reading is considered a list article. But would it do well on StumbleUpon??? No, only funny, sad, touching and annoying lists get views on StumbleUpon.

Out of at least 20 of my articles that went viral on StumbleUpon were lists like: 20 Things Only People In A Close Relationship Understand. – 20 Ways To Make A Great First Impression. – 10 Ways To Making Getting Up Early A Breeze. Not exactly amazing content.

It’s all about getting them curious. If you’ve got a blog where you can teach someone something like how to get the job they want or how to make someone love them in just 20 steps then you’re going to have an easier time using bookmark sites like StumbleUpon to generate loads of traffic.


Reddit is even more powerful than StumbleUpon and with the right article you’ll end up getting so much traffic that you’ll temporarily break your website. I personally have never got enough traffic from Reddit to stop a site, but I’ve heard of a lot of people who have.


Is there a secret method to getting traffic with Reddit? 

There’s a few secret methods to getting traffic on Reddit and I’ll list them below:

  • Fake upvotes on your Reddit post.
  • Create content with Reddit in mind.
  • Add a Reddit share button to your site.
  • Look at what other people are posting in Reddit.
  • Get involved with the community.
  • Use niche relevant viral videos and embed them to an article on your site.

If you follow them 6 methods you’ll be able to juice loads of views out of Reddit in no time. You’ve got to avoid spam while using Reddit, there are tons of moderators that’ll automatically ban your post for spam. I do highly recommend reading the terms of use and rules of using Reddit before you start promoting your website.


#6. YouTube High Quality Content

If you’re a blogger who really wants to get their name out there then I highly recommend using YouTube to promote your personal appearance and name.

I’ve used YouTube for the last few years and been involved in loads of various channels. Recently I start posting regular content to the 101Geek YouTube channel and I find it’s the ultimate way to connect with new people and promote my blog.

You don’t have to be perfect to do YouTube videos, you’ve just got to have a camera (Most smart phones) and a bit of information you can teach someone.

Getting views on YouTube doesn’t have to be hard. If you follow the video I’ve listed below you’ll be able to bring loads of views to your YouTube video.

For people who don’t want to watch the video here’s some of the tips I use to get views on YouTube.

  • Create good quality content
  • Work with other YouTubers.
  • Use forums inside your niche
  • Use YouTube ads
  • Use social media like the Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter network
  • Have nice thumbnails
  • Long descriptions with keywords
  • Keyword at beginning of title
  • Read my free eBook for more ways to get views on YouTube.

Just do all of the things above and you’ll start seeing a massive change in the way your YouTube channel grows.

20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog

YouTube Advertising

I mentioned YouTube advertising above.This used to be something that I felt was pointless, but after a lot of reviewing it seems to be the key to getting noticed on YouTube.

People never want to watch a video with 100 views, they just don’t trust it. So, if you use YouTube advertising to get the first 5,000 views on at least 5 of your videos you’ll see a massive increase in people who come to your channel without advertising.

I’ve tried this on a few high-profile videos and it seems to do the trick. The conversions aren’t amazing on products, but if you’re just promoting yourself and your channel it’s a great way to get exposure to new audiences. You don’t have to do this all the time, I just recommend at least $100 advertising budget to get yourself started.

This is just about getting the first 100 subscribers on your YouTube channel.


#7. Social Marketing Plan

Marketing with social media is a great way to get tons of exposure, but you need to have a plan of action for your blog. I’m starting a test that’s called zero to rich in 30 day challenge, I’ve never tried it and the aim of the game is to try as many money-making methods as I can in 30 days and see how much money I can generate. If it goes well then I’ll upscale and spend the money earned on trying more expensive money-making methods.

For this experiment I’ve created a full social marketing plan, something that I highly recommend you do to. This is a small part of  what my plan of action looks like:

  • Facebook Posts Scheduled For Two Weeks
  • 20 x Tweets For The Next 2 Days
  • 3 Day Facebook Advertising Campaign.
  • 5 Forums To Upload Regularly
  • Tumblr Blogs Queued And Ready To Start Promoting

That’s just a very basic marketing plan to get your blog high-profile quickly. I recommend running something like this once every fortnight (2 weeks). I usually add a lot more methods to my plan of action, right now that’s just 5% of my social marketing plan. I will be releasing a small eBook with the full version so you can follow my social marketing step by step.

20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog

#8. Facebook 

If you don’t have a well build Facebook page then you’re missing out on a huge amount of traffic. I know I explained how to get likes using Facebook advertising, but now it’s time to learn how to get likes, fans and conversions without spending any money.


Facebook page design:

You need to make sure your Facebook page looks nice, so before you add content make sure these tasks are complete:

  • Have a cover picture and a profile picture. Your profile can be a clever cartoon of yourself and your cover can be your business logo.
  • Add your blog URL to the Facebook page.
  • Create a small and big description telling people about your page and blog. I usually add keywords into both descriptions.
  • Incorporate humor whenever possible.

After you’ve completed these steps above its time to start creating your Facebook action plan.


How To Get Likes

I’ve written down some of the ways I get likes on my Facebook page.

  • Comment on similar Facebook page.
  • Interact with groups.
  • Share funny content. Pictures, videos and statuses.
  • Publish at least 5 posts per day.
  • Like Facebook pages that in the same niche as you and then interact with their pages as much as possible
  • Use a Facebook like button on your website.
  • Fake likes. If you get 5 thousand fake likes, you’ll usually see a much higher like rate with new users.
  • Focus on good quality content and learn how to make your images more Facebook friendly.
  • Create giveaways with products and gift cards to the people who share, like and comment on a post.

Just a few of the methods I use to promote my Facebook page. There are loads more ways, but personally these are my favourite.


#9. Email Marketing Guide

Email marketing is easily one of the best forms of marketing online. If you’ve meet people in the online money-making business then you’ll know they all swear by their mailing list.

It’s easily one of the best ways to promote articles and drive traffic to your blog instantly. I understand that a lot of bloggers and websites have problems with either maintaining or building an email list. So I’m going to show you exactly how I build my mail list and maintain it every day without any work.


Email Marketing Service

First off I use Aweber to send my weekly newsletter. It’s the easiest, best and most effective way to send a newsletter that I know. You can start your email marketing campaign for just $1 if you go there now.

Aweber will handle all your opt-in forms and you can even have more than one mail list per account. Below is what you can create in aweber in the space of around 1 minute using their opt-in form feature. Aweber is easily the best of its kind.

101 Geek Mail List 

How To Get Sign Ups

Once you’ve bought a membership to Aweber it’s now time to learn how to get loads of email sign ups. Sadly Most people give up when they get to this process. it seems that people think they’ll get sign-ups by doing nothing. I find if you do nothing you’ll probably gain nothing. So I created a list of things to do to help you gain subscribers the easy way.

  • Create an eBook and give it away for free in-exchange for a persons email. – Example: My eBook.
  • Use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your eBooks landing page.
  • Give your email sign-ups exclusive content.
  • Get pop up opt-in boxes (I’ll explain below).
  • Use After-Offers to advertise your eBook.
  • Promote your eBook using your social network marketing (Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest networks that we talked about above).
  • Add opt-in boxes to all your articles.
  • Check these two articles out. Top 10 Email Marketing Tips and How To Build A $1 Email Marketing Campaign. 

You’ll easily be able to build you mail list using the advice given above.



I use two great plugins that allow me to higher my conversion rates with little to no work.


Ninja Popups

Ninja popups allow me to have a pop up opt-in that converts extremely well. It takes around 5 minutes to set up a pop-up like the one below and you can split test different designs to see which one has the highest conversion. It also comes with loads of different templates that you’re able to see if you go to Ninja Popups plugin page.

20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog

That’s the type of email opt-in you can create using this plugin. It takes a matter of minutes and there’s loads of different styles available to play around with.


Magic Action Box

Another plugin I use to get sign ups is Magic Action Box. This works well with eBooks and it adds a nice design to the bottom/top of your articles/pages. I use the free version and it comes with loads of great features that make setting it up a breeze.

20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog

That opt-in box took me less than 5 minutes to create. This plugin is extremely newbie friendly.


#10. Answer Sites 

Now it’s time for a method I’ve used for the last few years. It involves answering a lot of questions using answer sites, it’s simple and effective.

Go and sign up to some answer sites like Yahoo answer and answer.com. Then start helping people out. I usually help people who are in a similar niche to me. After you’ve answered 5 to 10 random questions on your new account you can then start promoting yourself.

  • Step 1. Find 5 asks that you can link your article to. For example: I’d look for people asking: “How to make money”, “Money advice” “Advertising”, etc.
  • Step 2. Answer the questions they ask. Never just put a link to your site. You don’t want to make it seem like you’re promoting yourself. You always want to help them out first and then give them the option to go to your site and find out more information.
  • Step 3. Answer 1 random question without a link to your blog after every time you answer with a link a link to your blog.
  • Step 4. Do this 10 to 20 times per day on different accounts with different Ip’s.
  • Step 5. Sit back and wait for the views to come piling in.

Tip: You can get even more views by creating other answer accounts and up voting your own answers.

20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog

#11. Become Active On Forums

Every niche that’s worth being in has a forum that’s worth signing up to. If you want to meet people, get traffic and learn more about your industry you can’t miss this method.

Every high-profile blog I create I always sign up to at least 2 – 3 forums. I then become an active user, this is easy as long as you follow these simple rules:

  • Release 3 threads per week that teach people how to do something.
  • Answer 5 questions every single day on each forum.
  • Don’t trash talk.
  • Be kind and kiss the moderators asses.
  • Repeat this for the next 3 to 6 weeks.

After I’ve done that for 3 weeks I then go and promote one of my articles. Try to make it seem as casual as possible and be sure to read the forums guidelines on linking and self promoting before you sign up. You can also promote yourself using signatures with links to your blog.

I personally use these forums to market this blog:

  • Warrior Forum (Best in my opinion)
  • Digital Point
  • BlackHatWorld (Extremely striked with self promoting.)

If you’re an internet marketer then you’ve got to sign up to all of them forums as they’re a massive source of traffic and information.


#12. Killer Marketing Campaign Strategy

To be honest this step is so important it should have really been #1 on the list.

If you create a great strategy for marketing your blog, then everything usually falls into place around it. A lot of people’s blogs fail because they never put any direction into their blog. How can your blog get where it needs to be when you don’t ever give it directions?

I work on a blog everyday for 4 months and wonder why it never succeeded. I had a blog that I would write 5 articles on every day and after about 4 months of doing that I went from 0 to around 400 views per day. That’s obviously not good enough for someone putting in over 6 hours work everyday creating content. So, I decided to see what would happen if I put a plan together and followed it for 30 days. The plan would consist of marketing, advertising and content creation. I did all of the above for around 5 months in the end and the results were incredible.

I change the traffic from 400 to around 1300 views per day within 60 days of the challenge. The blog had highs of 6000 views in one day and it ended up with 220 thousand views within 9 months from start to finish. That shows that having a plan of action will seriously help you blog grow your blog. Give it a try. Create a plan and follow it for 30 days and see where it takes you.

20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog

#13. Guest Posts On High Profile Sites

When most people hear guest posts they think about the SEO factors instead of the traffic. If you’ve ever written a guest post on a high-profile blog then you’ll understand that the SEO effect is nothing compared to the views you may receive every single day from that guest post.

I don’t write any of my guest posts for SEO reasons, in fact I don’t care if the link is nofollow. Instead of spending time creating 20 blog posts for 20 blogs that give a dofollow link I’d rather just focus on the quality of one article and where that’s going to be published.

The reason why I don’t do guest posts for the sack of SEO is a simple. Why would I spend 10 hours writing a money making guide to just put on a site that probably has no traffic, bad content and spammy backlinks for the sake of a dofollow link. Instead I’m better off-putting it on a site that gets thousands of views per day and has a true following with a nofollow link. Which one sounds better to you? Getting a dofollow link from a low quality site or getting thousands of people reading your content with a no-follow link? (I know not all of you will agree with this, it’s just my outlook on guest posting)

I appreciate that sometimes you’ll get a blog that has loads of top quality content, views and offers a do follow link. If you see an opportunity like this, grab it with both hands and get it before anyone else. These don’t come around often, at least not for free.


#14. Fake It Till You Make It

Sometimes the best thing you can do to succeed is fake it. The industry that I’m in is filled with people who fake it everyday, some of which have managed to fake it all the way to the top.


How To Fake It

  • Buy 20 thousand fake Twitter followers.
  • Buy 15 thousand fake facebook likes.
  • Buy shares, likes, favourites and retweets on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Pay for Twitter and Facebook Advertising
  • Pretend you’re powerful in your niche
  • Do the same with YouTube using this black hat YouTube tutorial.

You’ll be amazed at what you’ll achieve faking your way to the top. I don’t do this on 101geek, but I’ve split tested a few websites with this method and I find it helps generate more fans, more sales, authority, power and trust.


Why faking works?

It’s simple who would you buy a product from:

  1. Someone with 1000 followers on Twitter, 400 likes on Facebook and no YouTube account.
  2. Someone with 20,000 followers on Twitter, 15,000 likes on Facebook, constant likes and shares on both of them social accounts and a YouTube channel with videos that have over 100,000 views with 700 + thumbs up.

Naturally you’re going to trust number 2 more and buy what they’re selling you. This is the exact reason why faking it works and continues to work time and time again.

#15. Try Offline Marketing – T-shirts, Cards, Newspapers, Radio, Etc

Offline marketing is underrated when it comes to blogs. As a blogger your number 1 goal should be getting people to know your name and what you stand for. Using offline marketing techniques like radio and newspaper ads will help you get publicity. The best thing about most offline marketing is that it costs peanuts. Getting your ad in the newspapers costs near to nothing and appearing on radio is usually free for people who’ve got something interesting to say.

I usually don’t work on offline marketing until I’ve created my online marketing structure. On the whole, online marketing is direct and usually instant, so it’s best to focus on it first. But once you’ve created a good structure for your online marketing it’s time to start promoting your name offline.

Start with this little challenge of getting people to know you inside your own town. Promote in newspapers, with business cards, flyers, radio and try giving free t-shirts with your logo away. You want to promote your name so much that people start getting annoyed. That’s how you know you’re doing your job correctly.


#16. Promote With YouTubers

Something that I’m in the process of trying is partnering up with people YouTube. I’m finding fellow YouTubers who I can either pay to promote my blog or I can collaborate with.

If you can do this with a few YouTubers then you can gain tons of exposure on both your YouTube channel and your blog.


How I find YouTubers

  • Forums. I use warrior forum and I also use various YouTube forums. Just ask around and see if there’s anyone willing to give you a shoutout.
  • Message people on YouTube. Send messages to a few hundred YouTube channels. You will get answers, but it doesn’t happen quickly
  • Advertise your services using the blog networks we talked about at the start.

I find it easier to just message YouTubers and ask them for collaborations or paid advertising. Most YouTube channels with 5000 + subscribers will be happy to except low money in exchange for shoutout your blog or Youtube channel.

20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog

#17. Comment On Other Blogs Inside Your Niche

Commenting on blogs in the same industry as you is another way of getting traffic to your blog. I usually try to comment at least 10 times everyday on 10 different blogs. I use the same 10  blogs every day and just comment on different articles, that way I build a friendship with the owner of the site.


How this method gets traffic

  • If you write a comment that teaches people something more about the original post it’ll create curiosity and get people clicking your website link.
  • If you become a fan of a blog and comment on it daily you’ll usually become friends with the webmaster and other site users, that then helps you get guest posts, collaborations, views and friends.
  • Random click throughs from nosy people. 🙂


#18. Work With Other People Inside Your Industry

Create your own group project with people inside your industry. I do a lot of content creation on my own and it’s not something that I recommend. It’s much better to do YouTube videos with fellow vloggers and blog articles with fellow bloggers.

Writing an article with two people is pointless, but creating a challenge or series with a fellow blogger is a great way to mix things up. For instance: If I was to do this method I’d find another money maker and we’d put some of our advice together and make two ultimate guides to money making and host one on each of our blogs. Something like this would split our audience and give us both new fans. Plus it’s a lot of fun creating content with another person who’s aware of the work you do.

Admittedly this works a lot better on YouTube. You just have to follow method #16 and message YouTubers in your industry. Find people to interview and talk with, maybe even try a webinar with a few YouTubers. Doing little things like this really help the growth of your YouTube channel. It also helps get your name known.

#19.Creating An EBook

Most people create eBooks for money, I decided to create eBooks for traffic. This method will take a little time to perfect, but with the right writing and the right distribution you’ll be able to generate lots of traffic from tons of different sources.

Step 1. Create a free eBook with useful information. Add loads of links to articles you’ve created on your blog.

Step 2. Give the book away for free and allow people to sell and giveaway your free eBook to their fans. (Only rule is they’re not allowed to edit the eBook in any way)

Step 3. You distribute the book on forums, your blog, using advertising and with some of the methods I’ve previously talked about in this list.

Step 4. You now let people promote your eBook for you and just enjoy the traffic that you get from your book being sold and given away for free.

A lot of people look at this method and don’t understand the part about letting others make money from your writing. It’s purely so you get your name and blog out there and generate the traffic that comes with it. Once you do this with 5 different eBooks you’ll then be known well enough to sell an eBook for high amounts of cash. If your previous eBooks were good then people will be more than happy to buy your content for money without asking any questions.


#20. Press Release Your Interesting News

Final trick on this long list of killer ways to bring traffic to your blog.

Press Releasing is apparently no long worth doing. Just because some of the old SEO benefits have gone, doesn’t mean it’s useless. Press releases on the right content can be extremely powerful. I use PRWeb for my press releases and I aim to do about 1 per month. On 101geek I rarely have press release worthy news, but on my other blogs I constantly create press releases.

It seems that since everyone has stopped press releasing content there’s now a less saturated market. This makes your press release more valuable than before.

I recommend doing 1 press release per month just to get you some links and traffic from some serious people. I appreciate that this won’t work in every niche, but as long as you’re doing tutorials and guides you should be grand.

Logo design contest at 48hourslogo.com

 That was the 20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog and I believe if you read it then you’ll now know some killer techniques for blog marketing. I use most of the methods on the list every single day to gain loads of views to various blogs and websites that I own. So I’m more than happy to tell you exactly how to do any of these methods in more detail. Just comment below. – I hope you have an awesome day and remember to hit the share buttons.

20 Killer Ways To Bring Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog


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