20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website – I´ve done a few articles about this but nothing that was out of this world, I thought it was time to change that and do something high in details. I´m going to teach you 20 ways that you can earn money from your website, these are all different and you should be able to use every single one of these methods on your website right now. I used to find it hard to maximise income and now it´s as easy as pie, so this should teach you everything you need to know about creating a proper money site. There´s things on this list that will earn loads of profit and as the list is in no order it may be best to read this properly. – If you find this information useful then please remember to comment and hit the share buttons.

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

1) Affiliates

Start with affiliate marketing, open an affiliate account on ShareASale, ClickBank and Amazon.

Find products/shops that will appeal to your view base, once you find about 10 products you need to promote them, do articles about them, test them and make it so your view base takes an interest.

This works no matter what niche you´re in, as long as you´ve got a blog and do writing you´ll be grand.

There´s loads of tutorials on great affiliate marketing and I´ve made a few so make sure you check them out.


2) Ad networks

Ad networks can be a great source of income, you need to get a view base before this really starts earning you any money.
Most people usually start with an ad network like Adsense, Bidvertise, MadAssAds, These are the starting ad networks.
Once you get a good view base that´s targeted you´ll have to start looking at ad networks that are more dedicated to your niche.
Once you get to that point you´ll start earning a lot more money per click.



I´ve said this before but here it is again.

  • 1 Million non-targeted views is worth around $500 more or less.
  • 1 Million targeted views is worth $10,000 to $30,000. It´s not all about the view count, it´s more to do with what niche you´re in and how interested the people are with what you sell.


3) Ads

We just talked about ad networks that handle the ad placements for you and now it´s time to talk about custom ads, this is where you sell your own ad space and you don´t have to pay anyone a commission for ads shown on your site.

You have to start by getting a plugin called OIO Publisher this is just a self-serve ad plugin. It allows the users on your site to buy advertising without having to go through anyone part from you.

The money will pay straight into your paypal and their ad will go live instantly, or whenever they time it to go live.

This is one of the ways to make money with ads and depending on your daily traffic you can charge different amounts for this.

Another way to get more money from ads is to use a site called buysellads, they do great deals on ads and the only downside is that you have to give buysell ads a commission, regardless it´s still great.

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

4) T-shirts

The next thing on my list is T-shirts, I´ve seen first-hand the amount of cash that can be made through T-shirts. It´s incredible and in my opinion hot!

A lot of the top YouTubers, Facebookers, Twitters, will make their own T-shirt for their fans, these T-shirts sell for around $18 that´s without P&P, take a second and think of that money.

It costs around $5 to make a custom T-shirt so that´s $12 profit on each sale, if you´ve got a site with a good following or even just a good T-shirt design you could make big bucks.
Just thing 5 sales a day and you´ll earn $420 per week in profit.


5) Merch

Why stop at T-shirts? There´s no need, you can go for phone cases, bumper stickers, stickers, pens, anything.

I recommend sticking to just phone cases and funny bumper stickers, but if you´ve got a good imagination then the sky really is the limit.

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

6) Building an email list

Building an email list is easily one of the easiest ways to start earning money. It´s a group of people who you can contant directly and instantly at the click of a button.

I use Aweber for sending and creating my emails, sign up to my newsletter and see what you think, if you like it then go to Aweber and start your email marketing campaign for $1.

Once you start building an email list you´ll never look back, it´s one of the best tools ever made.


7) Making money with a sign up

Okay once you’ve got an email you can use After Offers to make money off each sign up. All that happens is once someone signs up to your email list they get the choose of some free books, these books are usually how to make money online, business tips, how to boost internet speed.

Really catchy books that people love to read, if they click to get the free books then it will also sign them up to the other people’s mail lists, this will then earn you around 0.50 cent per book.
You can earn about $100 a month using this method.


8) Social media

Building social media platforms is a very good way to earn some extra cash, you just need to set up a Facebook page, Twitter page and Tumblr.

After that you just have to post regularly and send traffic there, once you build a nice following you can use sites like mylikes to earn 50 bucks a week, I will talk more about mylikes below.
You can also earn money from various methods that I will explain below.

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

9) YouTube

Do a video for each of your big articles, This is a fabulous way to get double bubble, if they view the video through your website then you´ll get money from them being on your site and viewing your ads and then you´ll earn more money from the ads inside the video.

You´ll also bring traffic through YouTube, that´s also a great way to get more money.


10) EBook sales

Create an eBook, if you think you´re ready to be an author then it´s time to create your first eBook that you can sell.

I´m a selling author and I´ve made a few eBooks now, I´m on my fourth eBook for this site and all of them are free, speaking of that, if you want to learn how to make a 6-figure salary every year through playing video games on YouTube then go read this eBook.

Now with eBook sales I´m not saying you´re going to make thousands but you can easily make 50 to 100 dollars a month if you had 2 20 thousand word eBooks on kindle.

You will need to promote and I´d recommend looking at what the bestsellers are in Amazon before making an eBook yourself.

11) Service

The best way that I know to earn cash through a website is by setting up a service. Offer your expertise to someone and charge them money.
If you´re good at SEO then do an SEO service, optimise pages for people and even guide them on making a site.
Whatever you´re good at sell. This can work with almost any website. If you´re a gaming site then sell your gaming advice or minecraft servers. Just create a service and sell it for a profit.


12) Fiverr

You can always jump on Fiverr and make a gig then just like the gig through to your site. I´ve done this a few times, you can try writing for people or even graphic design, something that people will relate to on your website.


13) Mylikes

Back to mylikes, you need to head over there and create an account, look at how to optimise your account for best profits and then start sharing the links on your website and social media platforms.

I usually post around 6 mylikes links a day on each of my pages, as long as they´re relevant then the people who liked your page really won´t mind at all.

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

14) Reviews

Get a product that´s talked about a lot in the niche you´re in and write a full review, customise it and make it as in detail as you can, even teach people how to use it in a video series.

Reviews are brilliant because people will then use your link to buy the software and that will then give you commission.

So make sure you review products you can affiliate with and try to review products that really work, that way you can give them a nice review and earn extra cash.


15) Targeted advertising

Like I said above about target views, if you´ve got viewers that are really dedicated then there´s going to be people who want to buy them views.
Go looking online and contact people yourself, write them an email and show them your advertising page, make them come to you, this will help you boost your advertising up and once you get some regulars you´ll find it extremely easy to earn constant cash.


16) Private information

Have information on your site that you need to pay to view. Create tutorial or give some expert advice, show the people a little bit of the advice just to make them interested and then just make them pay $1.95 to view the rest.
The content has to be out of this world, so make sure you take your time and write/video something worthwhile.

17) Web series

Start a web series, help people with something for 10 episodes and then start charging. Don´t charge a lot, just do a one-off payment of about 5 dollars.
The tutorials will have to be good and detailed, you´ll be able to tell if they are by how many people buy them.


18) Donations

Have a little donation bar like Reddit, that does extremely well for them. Just make it so people can donate to you and have little challenges that you´ll do if you get your target donations.


19) RSS Feed monetizing

Get a RSS monetization plugin and you´ll be able to start putting ads on your RSS feed, you’d be surprised how much money this makes, I usually add a little affiliate banner to my feed just so I can earn a little more off people who´re just interested in my content.

That plugin is out of this world, it just adds ad space to your RSS with ease, it makes life a lot easier and will make you loads of money that you didn´t even know was possible.


20) Selling tweets, newsletter promotion and more

With sites like Paid tweets you’re able to sell tweets for 10 dollars up. It´s a great way to make your twitter more valuable and some twitter users earn 500 dollars per tweet, if you have a good following then the sky´s the limit.
If you´ve already got an email list then you could always sell ad space or a shout out on it, if you go on BuySellAds.com they allow you to sell newsletter ad space and it´s really expensive and loads of people buy it.

If you´ve got a mail list with 20,000 people on it, you´ll get around 100 to 200 dollars per newsletter, that´s one of the best ad spaces in terms of profit you’ll ever have.

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website – I really love the email sign up thing that I´ve been testing, it works like a dream and can easily translate into 100 dollars a month, little things like that are always nice to have. If you need any more help then feel free to use the comments. – Tap them share buttons. – 101 Geek.

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

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