8 Money Making Online Tips For Teenagers (Method)

8 Money Making Online Tips For Teenagers – I’ve been making money online since I was fourteen years old. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learnt a lot of lessons. Today I’m going to give you 8 bits of advice, that’ll help you earn big money in your future. The only thing you need to do is act, just act and start using the advice I give straight away. This is more of a money making guide than just a list, so be sure to pay attention.

Money Making Online

1. Start A Blog Today

First you’re going to need to start a blog. You may say “But I don’t know how to code?”, not to fear, you can use my guide: How to build a website in 30 minutes with no code. Or I’ll create you a website free of charge, just buy the hosting/domain through my link (You’ll end up with a fully working blog for the price of $6). Comment below if you’re interested.

Maintaining Your Blog: You need to write two articles every single week. Make them 800 words plus and do your best to make them as interesting as possible.

Remember to pick a subject that you love, it could be gaming, toys, makeup, gym training, just about anything. Make sure you really love it, because you’ll be writing about it for the next few years (more on this below).


2. Start A YouTube For Your Blog

Next you need to start a YouTube channel with the same name as your blog. You can get the channel art created on Fiverr and if you use this Fiverr link you’ll get one free service on Fiverr.

After your YouTube channel is created, you then need to create videos for it. You’ll need to create 2 videos every week. I’d try to do one video for every article you do. For example: Your article is “How to make $1 million in GTA” Your video would then show them exactly how to do it.

After just three months of doing this you’ll start seeing views, subscribers and hopefully money.

Tips for better videos:

Time: At the beginning don’t make videos longer than 4 minutes (if possible).

Ideas: Get video/article ideas off over bloggers and YouTubers. You should spend a few minutes everyday thinking of your next few articles/videos.

Link: Put a link to the main article under all your YouTube videos.

Watch this video that’ll teach you how to get YouTube views:

3. Allocate One Hour Per Day To Your Work 

School/Collage/Uni can be a little bit of a nightmare and working one/two hour/s per day sounds like hell. But trust me it’ll fly by and within a few months you’ll start earning your own cash, then within a few years you’ll hopefully have a really successful blog/YouTube channel.

One hour per day gives you enough time to write one good article, edit it and publish. It also gives you enough time to shoot a quick video and start editing.

All it takes is one hour per day, 7 days per week, to be able to create something awesome.


4. Come Up With 5 New Ideas For Your Blog/YouTube Everyday

Have 5 minutes out of the hour everyday to write new ideas you’ve had for your blog/YouTube channel. Keep them all in an idea pad, so you don’t lose them.

This will help you so much in the future.


5. Queue Articles/Videos

You want to try and release 2 articles and 2 videos per week (for maximum results), but if you’re not always having time to create articles and videos, try publishing one video/article per week and then queuing the others, so if there’s ever a day where you can’t do it, you know you’re queued up and can have a rest.


6. Learn How To Make Money Blogging And With YouTube

Once your blog is done you need to read my guide on how to make money blogging. It’ll teach you the things you need to do in order to make tons of cash through writing articles.

After you’ve read that article and applied it to your blog, then it’s time to read my guide on making money with YouTube, once you’ve put both into practice you’ll be ready to start earning great money.


7. Blog About Your Passion

You always want to blog about things you love. You may end up running this blog/YouTube channel for a long time, so you’ll always want to blog about what makes you happy, excited and motivated.

Have a look at the things you love in life, it could be sport, gaming, design, training, beauty, fashion, cars, anything. Once you know what it is, start studying it, learn how to write articles and do videos in that industry. Just remember to start today and not tomorrow.


8. Never Give Up

My last tip will be to never give up. When I started blogging at 14 I created a gaming blog and after a few months it was getting thousands of views per week, I then gave up and started working on something else.

Now if I’d have been clever I would of stuck with it and if I had of, I may have had another awesome gaming blog under my belt.

So, don’t even look at the views for 3 to 6 months, just keep going and don’t stop till you make it.

8 Money Making Online Tips For Teenagers – This is the end of teen money making, if you enjoyed this article then please share and if you want me to give more advice just comment and I’ll do another article for teens.

Cheers, Oli.

8 Money Making Online Tips For Teenagers


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