The Best Action Cameras Money Can Buy

The Best Action Cameras Money Can Buy – Do you need to film intense shoots on a camera? Looking for the best camera’s money can buy? This is a list of the best action cameras available online and we took a lot of time to go through a long list of them. Only the best get picked and these are what I thought was the best. – If you enjoy reading this post and it helped in any way then please share it or comment, I love feedback and I love speaking to people and helping you all out, so please share and hope you enjoy this post.

Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Video Camera

The Best Action Cameras Money Can Buy

This is a pretty amazing camera and it will do everything you need it too, it records in 60 FPS, that means you can get a smoother, cleaner, and more high quality video and as it’s easy to take with you and very light weight it’s the ideal camera for people on long trips. It comes in four colours including black, blue, red, light green and is waterproof without the need of a case, pretty good for mountain bikers and walkers.

Price: $178.99 FREE Shipping.

JVC Adixxion 2

The Best Action Cameras Money Can Buy

This is a really awesome camera in my opinion, it’s made in USA (Woo) and is ready to shoot great footage, it’s full HD 1920 x 1080P and it can record in really high FPS even on max resolution. It has a little side screen so you can see if you’re catching the footage that you want and it has the ability to take still pictures and can shoot them extremely well for an action camera, it’s a little pricey but works great on motor bikes, cars, mountain bikes, and just about anything you can connect it too. As you can see this had to be in the best action cameras money can buy.

Price: $269.00 FREE Shipping.

Garmin 010-01088-15 Virb Elite Camera

The Best Action Cameras Money Can Buy

Personally my favourite on the list, this really is one heck of a  beast and can record stuff like you’ve never seen before. It comes with loads of accessories and is probably the best quality camera on the list!  This camera can record at 1080p @30fps it’s solid and can take stills from 16MP 12Mp 8MP it can also record at 848×480 @120FPS that means you’ll get a really nice looking video that’ll be quick and flawless. Did you think that was good enough? Well it as has up to 3.5hr charge and is durable, rugged and waterproof so you can use it where you see fit! Great right? All that and it comes with GPS and Accelerometer!

Price: $399.99 FREE Shipping.

GoPro HERO3+: Black Edition

The Best Action Cameras Money Can Buy

I’ve used Go Pro’s a few time and they really do keep getting better, their high quality and this one is probably the best on the list for filming action shoots. The black edition is out of this world and if you’ve not seen any footage from it then go and check it out on YouTube and see just how amazing this camera really is. It can film up to 4K with 15FPS and 1080p at 60FPS, and if you’re willing to go to 720P You can film all the way up to 120FPS, that’s really powerful and makes it great for videos with a lot of stuff going on. It can take still pictures at 12MP and has 30 FPS Burst so you can take loads in a row, you know what that means? Backflip for style!

It comes with a waterproof case so you can use it in and out of water and has up too a 2 hour battery life, pretty awesome in my opinion and a great difference from the previous Go Pro’s. I personally love this action camera and would highly recommend it to all of the people looking to film high quality action shots. Loads of YouTubers use these cameras to film intense footage so there’s no reason you can’t too.

Price: $399.99 FREE Shipping.

Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10 Muvi 

The Best Action Cameras Money Can Buy

We will finish off this post with this cool little camera, it’s a lot cheaper than the others and great for you starters who want to try your hand at action recording without paying big bucks.

This camera can shoot up to 1920x1080P @ 30FPS; 170 degree wide-angle to capture everything. This camera is extremely good considering the price and the quality of the video. I’ve seen this used a few time and I always have thought the footage looked great. I find it extremely useful while biking or skating or doing something that needs a little action camera. It’s great for loads of things and it gets even better because it comes with remote recording so you don’t even have to hold the device to take a picture or record video.

The audio is clear and all in all this is an awesome camera for the price. If you’re looking to try your hand at recording and want to get something that’s a bargain price and will help you try your hand at action cam recording, this is what you’re looking for. In honesty this it’s just over 3 x cheaper than the go pro so that’s a massive saving that doesn’t add up, so you really do get a lot for your money, if you’re just having fun then this is the camera that you should be getting yourself.

Price: $119.99 FREE Shipping.


Best action cameras. – These are the best action cameras that I’ve seen and after looking at reviews I think people all agree. I think everyone knew the Go Pro would make it in here. It is just the best action camera for that price. I really think it’s hard to find better than this type of camera, If you go to YouTube you can check out some of the footage and see what you think. I personally don’t do many action shots any more believe it or not 😉 I try filming with my webcam most of the time as it’s the easiest way to edit and film at the same time (noob) But when I used to make small movies and play around with after effect I learnt a lot about action cameras and the different quality so hopefully you think the same as me.. – Share this post if you enjoyed it and remember to comment.

The Best Action Cameras Money Can Buy.

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