The best hosting companies for wordpress

Want to host a WordPress blog? – Well we’ve got a list of the best and quickest places to run your site. This will speed you up and make your site run like a dream, Everyone of these hosts will do a great job and if you’re looking for the best deals this really is it. They all have deals and you’ll be able to get more off the price if you click them links. – Remember to share on Facebook and if you need anything then just comment below and I will sort you out.


Do you need a dedicated server? Well these guys will give you a dual-core dedicated server for 40 pounds or 60 dollars a month. That’s pretty awesome right?

They also have loads of other options for blogging, they even do VPS for 5 pounds/10 dollars a month. That’s very cheap and a really good deal.

You can even get rack space which is great if you’re a reseller and want to sell on the hosting to your clients. In honesty this may be a bit much for a WordPress blog, but if you’ve got big ideas then you should go for it.

The best hosting companies for wordpress

Traffic planet hosting

I’m hopefully going to start working with these guys soon, I’ll hopefully be using them by the time you’re reading this.

These guys are really reasonable and have some amazing deals. Now they’ve not got as high space as some of the other hosts, I mean 25 dollars gets you 10GB of Disk space and 50 GB of Bandwidth, this isn’t bad, but is a little less than you get with some of the other companies.

But they respond, will help you and have a very easy to use system with loads of tutorials. I’ve head great things about them and look forward to seeing just how good they are. I will comment back after I know. –
The best hosting companies for wordpress


I have used them to host blogs before and they have a pretty solid service, they offer some good deals and you can go and check them out.

They’re really good with up time and have pretty good support. I used shared hosting when I was with them and it went pretty well, I found it easy to use and setting it up couldn’t have been a better experience.

I would say that you can give them a go for yourself and they’re definitely worthy of being here. I couldn’t tell you how many famous bloggers use hostgator to host their blogs. Perfect for start-ups and dedicated servers.

The best hosting companies for wordpress


IPage is a good service I’ve not personally used them but have seen people talk about how happy they were with the service. They’ve got some good price and you can start a blog for just under 4 dollars a months and if you want the WordPress essentials, themes, plugins and experience, then it costs just under 7 dollars a month.

I will give it a go myself with a micro blog and see if it does the job in an upcoming review. So keep an eye out for it. They also have some awesome deals on VPS Services. – This is The best hosting companies for WordPress.

The best hosting companies for wordpress

Blue Host

If you want a solid host then go for Bluehost they’ve been around for ages and offer some great WordPress deals like $12.49 for the first month and $25 after that for 100 million visits/month, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB storage 30 GB Back Up Storage, Up to 5 WordPress sites and more.

It keeps going up and if you pay $169 a month then you’ll get unlimited visits/month and 8GB  of ram 240 GB and 30 WordPress site manage. Pretty amazing in my opinion. It’s worth the money if you’ve for it and you can really customize it to your likings, This is one of the best for what you get.

I still like Traffic Planet just for the speed they offer users, it’s really easy to configure on their site.

The best hosting companies for wordpress

The best hosting companies for WordPress – I have hosted with a few companies in my time and it does make life easier if you’re on a good server and have good support. There’s nothing worse than getting loads of down time due to bad hosting companies so make sure that you pick and be careful which one you choose. – Remember to comment below if you need any help with hosting and if you’re awesome then remember to share this post!

The best hosting companies for WordPress

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