How To Become Popular On A Forum

How To Become Popular On A Forum – Forums have always been a great place to meet people and get traffic, if you’re looking for a way to get a few friends and get a popular blog, website or social network profile, forums are a great way to go. So I’m going to teach you step by step how to become popular on a forum and get a fair amount of views and maybe make a few things go viral through the power of a forum. – If you’ve got any questions leave them in the comments and remember to share this post by hitting them share buttons.

How To Become Popular On A Forum

Make an awesome signature

Signatures, they’re perfect for getting a few clicks to your site or your profile and driving up traffic. They will also help you get popular with other people. If you’re on a low-key forum about games then possibly have a funny meme about games. If you’re on a forum like black hat world or digital point, have a signature that makes a joke about SEO or Matt Cutts hitting spammers like penguins on speed. Something which relates to people and will make them smile will get you noticed.


Write in good English.

You don’t have to be amazing at spelling, grammar, or typing, just use good English or the language being used in the forum. If you can’t speak the language of the forum then tell people before hand or perhaps find one a little easier to use. You can make typos, it doesn’t matter just don’t type like this: G2G, l8tr, Coz, etc. Spelling errors like that can really annoy forum users and they won’t respect you as much and, sadly it also leaves you open to get insulted.



The quickest way to get hated on a forum is to post before you read stuff properly. When expressing your distaste or asking a question make sure you read every message that was posted before, it really annoys forum users when the person asks the same question 20 times without even reading the forum posts. It’s also a must before you insult someone, make sure you’ve not got the wrong end of the stick, remember people come across differently over the internet. – This is the How to become popular on a forum hope you’re enjoying.



You have to get your post count up, unfortunately before people start listening to you and taking you seriously, you need to get that post number up to 100/200 hundred posts. Remember this doesn’t mean spamming or adding non value content.


Don’t spam

This is one of the most important steps in how to become popular on a forum. Don’t ever spam, as we’ve said a few times, it’s good to use forums for marketing! But makes sure you do that on the side, adding to the forum is priority number one, once you’ve done that you can link people to your blog if you’ve got info they’ve asked to know. So don’t just do 20 posts a day with no value and don’t write nonsense on people’s threads like, ‘that’s true’, or ‘good’, that just makes them see you as a spammer trying to get their post views up.


Value post

In every forum I sign up to I make a point of leaving one valued post every 2 weeks, something about 1000 words that gives people a lot of help. This keeps everyone happy and makes me go up in ‘thank you’s’ and also administrators, and moderators love to see them kinds of posts, and if you make good content for a few months they’ll likely help you promote something. – How to become popular on a forum.


Regular use.

I’m a member of about 5 forums that I use frequently. I makes sure I post at least 2 posts a day and sometimes, even have a chat with other form users.. I give back and I try to help people out and I try not to ask to many silly questions, you need to take  this advice and make sure that people know that’s the case, so try to post 2 to 5 posts a day and get the forum users liking you. Best way to get that post count up and get more friends.


Don’t troll or be trolled.

It’s important to not fight people or be horrible, hold in your anger. People used to go on a forum to meet people and have a laugh, it just seems these days, every post you put will get trolled or hated on by at least two people, then you’ll get one guy going “can’t we just be helpful?” And that’s the story of forums. Try not to be like that and if you’ve seen someone trolling just leave them and reply with a smile or just ignore them entirely. IF they keep doing it the moderator will see and ban them for bullying.  How to become popular on a forum


Little tips on How to become popular on a forum.

  • Post content around the forum 

Make sure you post in more places than one, some forums have a gaming community, movie community, music and random, it’s best to spread out between them so you interact with the different people all the time.

  • Get a catchy name

Having a witty name can help you get forward in the forum world, just make it something that people will comment about. This really will help you get some people on your side and having a laugh with you.

  • Avoid religion, politics, and offensive posts.

Avoid these types of posts like fire, you won’t get anything out of them and they’re usually set up by ignorant people who don’t wish to hear anyone else’s opinions, so just leave them be and don’t bother looking or commenting.

  • Funny

Being funny and posting some humorous posts is another great way of making people like you. Just google some funny jokes and post them and ask people what they think, maybe even ask them: What’s the best (insert niche here) You’ve heard. This will get people commenting and you’ll be answering so it will get your posts up nice and high. Great way to build profile and get popular.

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This was the How to become popular on a forum. – A forum can be a really powerful marketing tool and if you use it right and don’t get too over the top you can get massive amounts of traffic and shares through it. We personally get a few views from different forums that are high-profile. – Remember to comment below and give us some feedback on what you think. – Sharing is caring so remember to hit them share buttons and spread the word.

How to become popular on a forum.

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