How To Become Twitter Famous

How To Become Twitter Famous – The more social media becomes important the more people want to have their 60 seconds of fame, so to teach you how to become twitter famous without having to become a massive sell out I’m going to show you the key points of twitter. This tutorial is just going to teach you how to gain profile and you can then decide how you wish to use it and how you wish to build your twitter following from there. There’s some things in this tutorial that are a little naughty and that’s why it works, I’m going to teach you some little secret methods for getting followers quickly.

How To Become Twitter Famous


1# Fake Followers

Shh, don’t tell anyone but this is the quickest and easiest way to get famous on Twitter and it’s really naughty and annoys people who do it the real way.

Step 1. 

You head over to …….. and get yourself around 5 thousand followers. You then do this every week for about 5 weeks, you’ll now have 25 thousand followers.

Step 2.

You start following people by using the method below.

Step 3.

You then get some Re-tweet and favorites for your content.

Step 4. 

You enjoy the people asking loads of questions and following you.

So within 4 steps you’ll be able to start gaining some great twitter fame, now I believe that you need around 100 thousand followers to become really twitter famous so I always recommend trying to do this for a little longer than 5 weeks and maybe just make it a regular thing. That way you’ll be able to build up profile and start getting a loads of real followers.


Reasons why this works

People on twitter are a little vain, if they see that you have 100 thousand followers and a nice amount of tweets then they’ll follow you just because they feel like you must be special or famous, so when it comes to buying 100 thousand follows you’ll speed up the process of you becoming a famous profile instantly and this will help you rank in the best possible ways.

This method is naughty but I guarantee it will work for you and this will make getting famous on Twitter and is one of the best tips in how to become twitter famous.


2# Follow People

In the how to get 20,000 followers on Twitter post I talked about following people in the follow for follow tag. This still remains one of the quickest and easiest ways to gain followers that I know.

All you’ve got to do is go and type on of these into Twitter:

  • Followback
  • Folloback
  • Follow me
  • Follow for follow
  • F4F

Then you just have to go and follow everyone who followers the biggest follow back networks, I think you can do about 200 per day without getting into trouble.

I usually follow around 200 per day and un-follow 100, this keeps a balance and I usually manage to hit about 2 thousand real followers in the first month if you mix this method with the “Fake followers” then you’ll not even have to un-follow people and the conversion rate will be 150% higher.

So really think about that Fake Followers step.


3# Vines

Do it for the Vine as they say.. You really need to start doing Vines (Funny vines) as they’re a great way to gain profile and get people looking at you on twitter, most of the recent Twitter fame has been down to things like vines and people making funny videos.

You just have to get your phone and start recording funny vines at least 3 times per day and just post them all on your twitter, keep doing this and you’ll eventually get one that goes viral.

This will also help build a YouTube account and even help you gain fame on other social networks, it’s really worth trying and you can’t go to wrong with it.


4# Trending

Check what’s trending and copy it, I hate to be a person that follows the crowed but if you want to learn how to become famous on twitter then you really have to follow the crowed and just do what other people do, just in a better way.

So go and see what’s trending and then go and see whats got the most re-tweets and then just copy what they’ve said on your Twitter, now you can’t do this all the time but as long as you change it into your own words there’s really not much people will do.

I used to do this twice a day and after a while it became one of my biggest twitter campaign tools and it really works for people who just don’t have the time to create real tweets or are not that creative to come up with them. Trust me writing viral tweets can be seriously hard. – How To Become Twitter Famous.


5# Tags

Don’t forget the #Hashtag this is something that you’ll really have to learn how to use, it’s just what gets you followers and makes your post go viral.

You don’t want to put tags on everything you do because people get annoyed but I do try to tag one every 2 posts.I only tag  the things that people look at, I try to look at trends and only tag when I’m posting about a trending topics.

This way people don’t get annoyed and you get a much higher conversion rate with followers.


6# Profile – Avatar + Bio

It’s important to look cool when learning how to become twitter famous and one of the key rules to looking cool is having an awesome bio and a cool avatar. Now I use Logo nerds for mine as they really work well, but if you just want to use a profile picture of yourself then go ahead.

A nice background you can get off Google and a cover photo should just be a nice pictures you’ve taken, just make it look as cool as possible, with a cool blog you’ll gain cool followers and find it easier to get ahead of the competition.


7# Celebrity Followers

It really will help you become famous yourself and that’s why it’s in how to become twitter famous. If you’ve got some celebrity followers in the field you want to be famous in.

This is still one of the quickest ways to become famous in how to become twitter famous and it’s just because people really do think you’re friends with them.

If you’re followed by 10 famous people who are high-profile then people will just assume that you’re famous, so just mention the followers you have and just try to get as many celebrity followers as possible.

This may take a few weeks but once you’ve got one, it becomes easier to get others, I find the best way to get celebrity followers is to just message them loads, there’s usually a higher chance of the accidentally following you or seeing your tweet and giving you a follow if you do it this way.

So work on celebrity followers and you’ll start looking like a celeb yourself.


8# Interacting with people. 

Interact with people every single day. Go on discover and find new people to start talking too, this will help you gain followers just because you’ll seem like a cool person, if you’re talking loads then you’ll start meeting loads of people who’ll really follow you.

I always find there’s a difference between followers and people who think they know you, followers will only look when you tweet, as friends/twitter friends will look at your profile all the time.

So make sure you chat with some people and say hi as much as you can, this way you’ll stay ahead of the game. Also go onto trending topics and talk to people there, it’s a great way to get more followers and appear in the tending feed. – Comment below for more advice on how to become famous on Twitter.


9# Tweet All Day

There’s certain times that you can tweet for maximum exposure and so far I find the best time to tweet is all day, every day, just get a twitter queue bot and then just get it to post a tweet every hour, this way you’ll stay in the public eye all day and night and be building followers all the time.

This is one of the main jobs that I do when building a twitter following and it’s something that you’ll really want to look into if you really want Twitter fame.

The benefit is that once you get twitter fame you can earn loads of cash without having to do any work so it’s really worth spending some time on writing tweets and promoting.


10# Use Other Social Media

If you want to learn how to become famous on twitter you’ll also want to look at how to become famous on Tumblr just because you can then mix the followers together and become more high-profile.

I usually set up a Facebook page and a Tumblr for ever twitter I make, that way you have 3 places to build your follow base and sometimes people find it easier to build a follow base on other social media accounts, so if that’s the way then you can just build them where you do the best and then send them to your twitter.

That way you get 2 followers every time you get followed/liked.


11# Rant

Rants are always a great way to get noticed, a good rant works really well especially if people share the same problem as you. So if you get annoyed by something then make sure you speak about it, people might share the same opinions and if they do then they’ll favorite and follow you so it’s really worth doing.

I usually have one good rant every week on my twitter and it usually involves a Vine and some angry caption text.


12# Content Creation

Content is what you need to get famous on any of these platforms and with twitter it’s easy to create content so make sure you do.

You’ve got to create unique things like pictures, vines and posts and make sure that you do this at least 10 times a week. I try to make memes that are related to twitter and I always try to get people involved with the things that I’m doing.

Once you’ve got an audience that listens to you then that’s when you’re becoming Twitter famous and can start enjoying the fun that it offers.

So make loads of content every day and try to get people involved in what you’re doing.


How To Become Twitter Famous – It definitely is getting harder to gain twitter followers as twitter gets larger and that’s why you’ve got to be a little different with other accounts to really be able to do well, I always try to add content that’s my own and that’s one of the bit of advice I’d give you people. So make sure you follow that if you want to become twitter famous. – Sharing is caring so please hit the share buttons. – Comment below if you want more advice or want to add anything.

How To Become Twitter Famous


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