How To Create An EBook – Moms Money Making Guide #1

How To Create An EBook – Today I’m going to teach you the exact process in creating your first eBook and having it released on Kindle or other eBook platforms. This is also the first part of a new series that I call Moms Money Making Guide. This is where I teach stay at home moms how to make money online using just their PC. Whether you’re a mom or not the information in this series is going to be extremely valuable, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you get all the latest money-making guides.

How To Create An EBook

#1. All great eBooks start with a great idea

The best eBooks all start with an amazing idea. If you’re reading this then there’s a good chance that you’ve already decided what your main eBook idea is going to be about.

After you’ve got the exact idea of what your eBook is about, it’s now time to start creating little stories that can branch off of your main idea. This makes the book easier to write and prevents the chances of writers block a considerable amount. A lot of eBook creators fail because they only use this method when creating a story book. The truth of the matter is that you’re meant to find sub stories even in a tutorial book.

For example: I’m going to teach you how to create an eBook (eBook). I’ll take the first idea about creating the eBook and I’ll find little stories that branch off adding more content. My branch off:

  • How To Create An Ebook.
  • #2. Are you going to write the book?
  • #3. Best writing programme
  • #4. Start by creating chapters & book structure
  • #5. Research is the key to a great book – Finding facts – Using the internet to make your book better
  • #6. Start writing – Writing tips
  • #7. Add some pictures to your eBook – Finding pictures
  • #8. Proofread, edit and add anything that’s missing – How To ProofRead
  • #9. Book Cover – Basic Design Tutorial
  • #10. Cheap professional proofreader’s
  • #11. Cheap professional editors
  • #12. Last Read
  • #13. Format to Kindle
  • #14. Distribution
  • #15. Resources

I didn’t have time to branch out loads with this article, but if I was writing a book then I’d try to branch out on each category, just like I did with #5,#6,#7,#8,#9.


Quick Breakdown
  • Get general idea for book
  • Find 15 + categories
  • Then add 1 to 2 more branch out stories to your categories

Now you’ve got enough content to start writing your eBook without getting writers block. I also highly recommend an idea time of 30 minutes per day. Just lock yourself away with a cup of coffee or tea and have 30 minutes to yourself to come up with new ideas and rest your brain a little.

#2. Are you going to write the book? 

Did you know you can pay someone a few hundred bucks to create the eBook for you? If you’re not an amazing writer, but still want to write an eBook you just need to create the categories and structure of the eBook, send it to someone and they’ll write it for you. I personally use Freelancer for this, but other people us 99centarticles and a few various services that are over the internet.

This is the perfect way for beginners to start, it gives you an idea of what a complete eBook looks like and it allows you to focus on selling the product. This in some cases helps get more sales. But for the sake of this tutorial I highly recommend you create the eBook yourself.


#3. Best writing programme

There’s two programmes that I personally use to write my eBooks, Microsoft Word and Ulysses IIIThese programmes make writing easy, quick and effective. Ulysses is for macs and word’s for PC.


#4. Start by creating chapters & book structure 

Now assuming you’ve got an idea of what you want you eBook to be about, it’s now time to make it possible. You’ve got to load up your writing programme and start creating the structure of your eBook.

This is similar to step #1 but instead of writing it in a pad you’ll be writing it on a pc and adding as much detail between every chapter as possible. This process is my way of seeing how the book will read before it’s created. It’s also creating some direction, this speeds up the book creation and makes it easier to complete.


Start with chapters.

Write down your chapters with taglines that explain the stories inside. I always believe that it’s better to think of more chapters and stories than less. Keep this in mind  while in your thinking process.

everyone’s got a different process that they use while creating an eBook, personally I find that the better I structure the chapters and branch out stories the easier it is for me to write the book. For example:

  • My first book was started without structured chapters: Took 4 months to complete.
  • My latest book with structured chapters: Took 2 days to write and is still going through the editing process. (In total will be around two weeks)

That’s a massive difference and with novels I guarantee the writing time would be much higher.

#5. Research is the key to a great book

While creating the structure of your eBook it’s a great idea to get online and start research. This is easily one of the most important processes of creating an eBook, if you’re creating a novel then go and get some ideas for new stories by reading forums, books and watching YouTube videos, do this with your pad and pen and write down any information you think may come in useful.

With tutorials, how to’s and other genres the research will be even more important. If you’re teaching someone about “Making Money” for example, then you’ll want to learn as much as possible on that subject. If I’m creating a long book then this process usually starts on day 1 and continues till day 7, then I collect my thoughts, write the chapters out and start writing.

Once the research period is over I try to avoid researching things that have already been written, there’s nothing worse than rewriting part of your book and then having it not flow correctly.

How To Create An EBook

#6. Start writing

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for… Finally you can start writing!

Most people who I speak to about writing eBooks, always think that the first process is writing and then after you’ve written you let the structure take care of itself. Course you can do this but as Malcolm X once said “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” So by rushing the preparation you’re just going to make things harder on your future self.


Tips for writing: 

Just a few tips for when you start writing.


Get up early or go to bed late.

These are the two options you’ve got. Either you get up before anyone in your house and start writing or you go to be later than everyone else and start writing.

You need alone time and once you start getting in the zone you’ll not want any distractions. All you’ll want is a cup of coffee and the keyboard.


Try not to have a day off for at least two weeks

All it takes is one day off for you to lose where you are, where you want to be and the writing style you’ve got. I always believe that the book is written within the first 2 weeks of constant writing. By that time you’ve created a writing voice, characters and the majority of the plot. If you have a day off you’ll risk forgetting where you are and changing the voice, which usually ruins the book/eBook.

So, I recommend never having a day off, that doesn’t mean working all day without stopping, it just means make sure you work at least 30 minutes on your book every day till it’s complete.


Never leave the book while it’s in a mess

Everyone writer has done this at some point in time. You start editing previous chapters before bed and then get tired and decide to go to sleep. You then get up the next day to find that your editing skills at 1am sucked and you’ve somehow managed to change the format or edit something in a way that makes no sense whatsoever.

There are loads of ways that this will happen, that’s why I never leave a book in mess before I go to bed, out or away.


Keep all your writing and information in one place

If you write notes and have more than one files for your book on your PC it’s a good idea to keep everything together, in a nice order.


Make constant back ups

I try to make around 1 back up everyday, I save that back up on a memory stick. You need to get into a habit of doing this every night. It just lowers the chances of you losing your work.


Proofread as you write

Some writers enjoy to complete the writing process before starting the proofreading, I always recommend that you do both at the same time.

Every Time you start writing save 5 to 10 minutes at the end to read over all the content just created, then check, correct, add and change the information that doesn’t work.

This makes proofreading at the end a lot easier and leaves you with more of a complete book.


The writing process usually takes anywhere from 3 hours all the way to 6 months. Most capable writers who’re writing information they know about will finish the book within 2 to 4 weeks. But with story books you’ll usually turn weeks into months. Just try to get the first draft done as quick and efficiently as possible.

#7. Add some pictures to your eBook

After the majority of writing is complete you can start getting images for your eBook. Some books don’t have any images and others do, personally I use images and I get them off smugmug. I never go to over the top with images, because they’re not too important, unless you’re doing a tutorial.

If I need cartoons I just go onto and get a cheap cartoonist to do them for me, that’s the most efficient way I’ve found so far.


#8. Proofread, edit and add anything that’s missing

This is easily one of the hardest steps in the process of creating an eBook. This is the part where all your writing comes together and you end up with a sellable product. It’s exciting but usually tends to be a pain in the arse.


Chapter Proofreading 

Open up another word document and copy and past your first chapter into it. Now read over that chapter, with some paper and a pen nearby.  Write down anything that needs to be added in order to make it better and try your best to make it more readable. Once complete you then copy the proofreader text and paste it back into the book. Then just repeat with the next chapter and so on until you’ve proofread the whole book.

This will help you stay focused on one chapter at a time making it better quality. It also keeps your original so that you can compare them both to see which one reads better.

You don’t have to do this, this is just the process that works best for me.



After the proofreading process is complete it’s now time to start editing the eBook, start making the headers look good, rename any chapters that don’t sound good and make the text easier to read.

I don’t usually spend to long on this process, as we’ll get it sent to a cheap professional that’ll handle the proofreading side of things.

How To Create An EBook

#9. Book Cover

Now it’s time to get a cover made for your eBook , the cover is extremely important and it’s the reason why 50% of people will buy your product. It’s the thing that draws them to it and it’s the difference between a Ferrari spider and Ford Escort.

Now I use Logonerds, they handle a majority of my book covers for me and do so better than anyone else for that price. I’ve used Fiverr sometimes, but for the sake of the $24 price difference it’s always worth going with the professionals at LogoNerds.

If you’ve got a little bit of cash saved up and want to do things professionally then I highly recommend getting your book distributed/designed by professionals. Using someone like book baby who’ll handle design, promotion and selling is always going to allow your book to get noticed. It costs around $199, but you’ll be amazed the amount of effect this can have with a good book.


#10. Cheap professional proofreader 

Okay so once your eBook has been structured, written, proofread, edited and got a book cover. It’s now time to do the last 2 steps of proofreading.

The reason why we proofread the eBook so much is because we want it to be perfect and enjoyable for the end-user. I find when you’ve spent months creating an eBook you’re never going to be able proofread it correctly because you’ll be a little blind sighted by what you’ve written. That’s why you need these two methods below.

First I use Grammarly to proofread my spelling. I believe it costs $30 per month and is the best of its kind. You also get a free 7 day trial which is perfect for people on a budget.

After that’s complete I the go onto Fiverr and find a proofreader. Now you’ll probably look to spend around $60 for a decent proofreader who’ll read your 60,000 + word book. If you’ve got less words then it will be less expensive. This is great because you’ll end up with another persons opinion and it’s also another way to make sure your eBook is perfect.

If you use the 3 proofreading methods on this list, you’ll end up with a completely airtight eBook that’s grammatically amazing and ready for the end user.

#11. Cheap professional editors

Next it’s time to get a professional editor to edit your eBook to its final format. Usually you’ll mention where you want to publish your eBook to the person editing it. I usually say, Kindle and on Apple’s eBook store. This is just so they can edit it with that in mind.

These editors will handle formatting, spacing, professional header text and if you’re good you can even find some that make the content flow 10x better. Just use Fiverr again and look for editors with 1000 + stars. Again this might cost $60, but it’ll be worth it in the end and if you believe in your eBook then it’s definitely worth the extra cash.


#12. Last Read

At this point you’ll be at the end of a few months worth of hard work, you’ll finally be ready to give it to friends and family members for their opinion. This is the final and this is where you personally read your book for the last time before release.

This is where I usually try to get my feedback and ask people what they think. 9 times out of 10 I will have already been doing that throughout the process, but this is when I finally let them read the whole thing and tell me exactly what they think.

Take notes, make small changes and then finally it’s time for the last few steps.

How To Create An EBook

#13. Format to Kindle

If the editor didn’t handle the formation to kindle then you’ll need to go on Fiverr for the last time and by a kindle format gig for $5. You just send your book to the person, they put it into a converter, a few days later you’ll get your new eBook file that you can upload straight to kindle.

Just go to Kindle Direct Publishing here. You can create an account and that’s where you upload your book, pick the royalties and price and start selling.



#14. Distribution

Once all the above is done your eBook is complete and it’s time to start distributing and selling your it. There’s thousands of ways to get more sales on your eBook and in 10 Guaranteed Ways To Sell Your EBook I’ll let you in on all the best secrets to getting sales. I’ll also give you some quick ideas now just so you know what’s involved.

  •  Promote using Fiverr eBook review/promotion gigs
  • Send to friends and ask them to review it on amazon
  • Send it to online book reviewers
  • Use Facebook ads
  • Use Adsense ads
  • Press release your book using PRWeb
  • Contact YouTubers and let them have a free copy with some cash in exchange for a shoutout
  • Use banner advertising on related blogs
  • Promote on social media, things like Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook.
  • Create your own blog before hand and promote it with a few articles.
  •  Get a promotion company like BookBaby to handle the advertising.

They’re just some of the easy methods that I use to distribute my eBook to people. I highly recommend checking out my full article on ebook promoting, as it’s much more in detail and there’s a lot more ideas that anyone can use.

How To Create An EBook

Last Words.

Writing a book can sometimes seem like a pretty scary process and the only real advice I can give you is to keep going and be sure you finish it.

It’s not going to be easy and there will be times where the book is all out-of-place and you feel like giving up, but as long as you keep writing it’ll sort itself out.

everyone’s got to start somewhere and as long as you start writing today, there’s no telling where you’ll be in the future.

How To Create An EBook

How To Create An EBook

If you need any help just use the comments below. I’m always around to chat so be sure to ask questions and take advantage of this site. If you found this useful then please share using the share buttons below, it makes this even more worthwhile.

This was my first moms money-making guide and I really hope you enjoyed it :). – Thanks, Oli.

 How To Create An EBook – Moms Money Making Guide #1


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