How To Dominate The Fitness Industry

How To Dominate The Fitness Industry – The fitness industry is one of the most profitable and hardest industries to crack. It’s got a lot of competition, but there’s still plenty of room for new people to make their mark. Why is the fitness niche so important? The main reasons why the fitness industry is so important is because it’s so simple to talk people into buying products, services, tutorials and memberships. This makes it extremely easy to make money and build a new company. In this article I’ll teach you exactly how to create, learn and master the fitness industry, so let’s get started.


Rule # 1. Create An Easy To Use Website/Blog

No matter what you’re planning to do in the fitness industry you’ll want to have a nice website/blog. This is the place where you’ll host all your great content. The reason why you must have a blog/website is because it’s the main place you’ll be promoting offers, deals, memberships and most importantly your mail list.

People love having one place to go to see all your content, so whether you’re a YouTuber, pump and dump landing page kinda person or even direct link marketer, I’d highly recommend you invest in a main website.  I’ve created a guide that will teach you how to create a website for around $6, just be sure to use promo code: oliisawesome . You get your first month for $00.1.

I also recommend building a mail list using Aweber, it’s by far the easiest way to build and maintain a list of people.

Rule # 2. Create A Fitness YouTube Channel

I’ve got to get the boring stuff out the way first. So if you’ve already got a full website/YouTube channel then feel free to skip this part of the article.

YouTube channels are one of the most important keys in the fitness industry. People love being able to lose weight in the comfort of their own homes. So by giving them the ability to get a personal trainer to train them each day with videos in the comfort of their own house is highly appealing to the average person.

Another reason why you need to have a YouTube channel is advertising. YouTube ads are extremely cheap per view, it’s one of the cheapest rates online and if you’ve got a nice video it’ll up the chances of you going viral.

Go and look at some of the biggest names in YouTube fitness and learn how to create videos, bigger and better than them. Put more time and effort into this step and you’ll have a much greater chance of succeeding in your overall goals.


Rule # 3. The Importance Of Using YouTube Ads

YouTube just got even better. If you want to speed up the process of dominating the fitness industry then you’ll need to put sometime into YouTube marketing. As I said above, YouTube ads are cheap and convert extremely well when targeted to the right people.

Create a nice looking sales video promoting your YouTube channel, Website or Product and give YouTube marketing a go. Once you start earning money you’ll always want to have at least one of these YouTube ad campaigns going at all times.



Rule # 4. Pinterest Is A Gold Mine 

If you’ve ever used Pinterest then you’ll know it’s a gold mine for fitness. I’ve been marketing products using Pinterest for the last year and the conversion is always out of this world. A lot of people ask me how to do free Pinterest marketing that really works. So I created a video that will teach you the exact method of getting 10,000 followers on your Pinterest account. Be sure to watch it:

After you’ve started building a Pinterest following you’ll want to learn how to create really good fitness pictures, you can either use Google to see a good tutorial or you might need to hire someone on Fiverr. The picture is everything when it comes to conversion.


Rule # 5. The Best Type Of YouTube Marketing

Have you got a little cash lying around? If the answers yes then it’s time to get some YouTube partners. While creating a Fitness channel or fitness website you can find people to promote it using YouTube. One of the best ways to do this is to get on YouTube find 50 to 500 fitness YouTubers with 1,000 – 80,000 subscribers, send them all messages asking if you can sponsor them and how much it will cost.

Pay $5 to $100 depending on their YouTube views and subscribers. Get as many as you can afford and ask them to promote you in at least 3 videos, either talking about how good you are at training or how your product works awesomely. This is one of the most expensive, but quickest ways to get yourself known in the fitness industry and earning tons of money.

How To Dominate The Fitness Industry

Rule # 6. Do You Know Your Way Around Advertising Using Facebook

If you understand how to use Facebook ads then you’re onto a winner. It’s quite simple and usually more about what page/website you’re promoting. The first thing I recommend doing is setting up a Facebook page, don’t make it your business page and never use your website name.

You want it to be called something like: Hot fitness girls or Fitness motivation. These pages get lots of likes and create a lot of attention. queue it up with loads of images, fitness quotes and links to your YouTube and Website. Then use Facebook ads to promote the page, spend around 2 to 5 dollars everyday and run this for around 1 to 3 months. Constantly change the ads and be sure to learn how to split test your Facebook ads. Split testing will give you maximum conversion.


Rule # 7. Create An Infographic 

With all the software out there right now you don’t even need to be skilled to make an Infographic, you’ve just got to have some cool facts and information about fitness. Go here to create your Infographic. Make it about fitness and muscles. Maybe make an infographic about getting six-pack abs or a summer body.

After you’ve created the infographic host it on your website and promote it using StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Let people add it to their sites in exchange that they keep a link to your website on the graphic. This generates a lot of link juice that will rank you higher on search engines and will give a lot of people a reason to check you out.

How To Dominate The Fitness Industry

Rule # 8. Promote Using Forums

A lot of people over look this method and for that reason it’s powerful. Create accounts on all the best training forums that allow signatures, post 3 to 8 times per day on each one. Never spam and just try to make a good name for yourself.

Give it a try to see what happens. One of the main things that people miss is advertising on forums. Good forums get thousands of daily views, the people interact on high levels and usually keep coming back, that makes it an amazing place to buy advertising space. If I wanted to promote a blog, product or YouTube I’d usually aim to advertise on around 3 forums every month. The ads are expensive but conversions are high, so it evens out nicely.

I highly recommend this for people selling info products or a service on their fitness website.


Rule # 9.Tumblr Can Be A Useful Tool At Times

Tumblr and Fitness can sometimes be a great mix, especially when you’re dedicated and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I’ve used Tumblr for marketing over 2 years and I’ve always found it easy to get thousands of followers. My highest follower count was just over 1 million and I’ll teach you exactly how to achieve the same in this YouTube video.

You need to build more than one Tumblr and always remember to change the niche. I’d recommend fitness, motivation, quotes, hot girls. You can advertise fitness with ease to any of the, groups.


Rule # 10. The Last Killer Rule… Aim To Promote When The Time Is Right

Before Christmas, After Christmas, Before Summer, After Summer, To fit in a nice dress, etc. You need to find the perfect time to advertise. After christmas everyone wants to lose the weight they gained from eating loads and doing nothing. Girls always buy amazing outfits that are just a little too small. Use this to get traffic. While it’s coming up to summer create an ad campaign that makes people want to get a summer body to meet hot women.

Just learn the perfect times to advertise and the perfect people to advertise too. You’ll be amazed with how well that strategy works.

How To Dominate The Fitness Industry

How To Dominate The Fitness Industry

I’ve got loads more knowledge on this industry so if you want me to make another guide just ask in the comments below. Be sure to check out my other tutorials, there are loads of interesting stuff that will help you make cash doing the things you love. – Sharing is caring. – 101 Geek.

 How To Dominate The Fitness Industry

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