How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest – Looking for ways to make the most out of your Pinterest followers? I’ve found unbelievable amounts of success using Pinterest to drive traffic to my blogs/websites and I thought it was time to show you the methods I’ve been using in order to get thousands of views per day, really making the most of every follower on Pinterest.

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest

Get Followers

The first thing you’ll need to do is learn how to get followers on your Pinterest account/s. I used to spend 20 minutes per day following people in similar industries to mine and posting 20 + pins on each account.

This got me around 20,000 + followers, which isn’t bad, but could be better. Recently I changed my approach and found a much more officiant way to get thousands of followers every week.

It’s called Mass Planner and it’s a bot that’ll handle the follow, follow back and unfollow, it also repins, hearts and messages people. All within a few clicks of a button, but even better than that, it does all them tasks on Facebook ,LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, so you can really own social media in no time using Mass Planner

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest

Learn How To Create Pinterest Pictures

To be successful on Pinterest you’ve got to be able to take/edit a nice picture. And to learn how to drive traffic from Pinterest you’ve got to know how to make a picture convert. Below are three bits of software I use in order to get traffic with Pinterest.

This Guide On Food Pictures: First I recommend getting this guide. It’s a guide on how to take high converting pictures of food, trust me this guides worth reading even for those not in the food industry.

Canva/Background: After you’ve done your picture you can go onto Canva and add text, this site allows you to create high converting text on all your images in seconds.

Infographic Style: We all know that Pinterest (and the world) love Infographics. With piktochart you can create an Infographic in a matter of minutes, saving you loads of money and time. Try to create at least one of these per week.

Reason for creating pictures: There’s a lot of rubbish on Pinterest and since I’ve started creating my own pictures I’ve found that it’s not hard to get a good quality picture to go viral, a viral picture will drive anywhere from 400 to 10,000 views over the space of a month. So good quality pictures are definitely well worth your time.

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest SEO 

When learning how to drive traffic using Pinterest you’ll need to focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) both on Pinterest and on Google.

This helps you achieve followers, get re pins and favorites and most importantly get loads of views to your content.

Profile Bio: Make sure you have a good profile Bio

Boards: Every board needs to have a nice big description and a great title.

Pins: Try to give your pins a little text about what the picture is.

Pin regularly: You’ll want to pin around 10 + pictures per day in order to see results.

Tip: You need to put text anywhere you can put relevant text, the more text the better.

If you use google you’ll notice that when you search for images, the google results will usually have a Pinterest account page one. This really helps you achieve views, so remember to practice the advice above.

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest

Know What People On Pinterest Want

People on Pinterest love fashion, make up, cars, weddings, incredible sights, food (recipes), how to’s and list articles. Take a few hours to browse through the successful areas of pinterest and give yourself an idea of what the pictures look like and what people are looking for.

Once you find out what people on Pinterest wantt, you can replicate it on your own profile. This helps gain followers and will instantly boost the traffic you get from Pinterest.

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest

Be Consistent, Keep Updating

With most social media accounts the key to success is to post great quality content, time and time again. On my important Pinterest accounts I try to post 5 – 10 images each day. This has made the views to my website increase by 300% +, with numbers keep rising.

If you get a popular Pinterest account, you can easily make it your number one source of viewers beating Google and Facebook.

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest

Become An Active Community Member

Pinterest is really just a large community of people sharing advice in Picture format. To get anywhere using Pinterest you need to become an active member, someone who comments, talks to people, asks questions and stays active. If you do this you’ll be amazed at the results.

A lot of the guest posts, advertisers and work opportunities I’ve found have been through Pinterest or Twitter, so being an active member does pay off.

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest

Join Different Boards

The last tip I’ll give you on how to drive traffic from Pinterest is about joining boards. The more boards you join, the more power you have. Go and look for boards to join/invite people to your boards and start building bigger databases of people to promote too.

I try to join as many boards as I can, because the more boards you have, the more you can post. You also get to tap into someone else’s followers, which allows me to get more traffic.

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest – That’s just a quick breakdown of the ways I drive traffic to my blogs/websites through Pinterest, I really recommened using this advice as it really will help you build a much higher view base. If you need any help just use the comments. I hope you have an awesome day.

Cheers, Oli.

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest

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