How to earn money playing video games

How to earn money playing video games

How to earn money playing video games. – If you’re here you must like video games and must want to see if you can earn a living that will support you? Well you’re in luck we’ve got more than a few ways to earn a good living that will easily support you, from just playing video games. It’s not hard and if you mix all of these together you’ll be earning big cash in no time. So pay attention and make sure you read it all as it’s a small price to pay for a life playing fun games. – Remember to comment and share everywhere.

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Quick Money Makers:



The number one earner and you really can go from 0 to profit in a matter of weeks with good content and a good advertising plan, we will teach you a quick guide to making it with YouTube and show you the easiest way to build a fan base and make videos.



Tech, you need to decide what you’re going to game on and what system you’re going to use. My advice is to start with a pc if you’ve got a nice rig as it’s the easiest to set up as you just need FRAPS and a Mic nothing to special and then you can start recording. On consoles it’s a little harder as you need mic’s, video capturing devices that capture in hd and then you need to have a system to put it all together and edit it, on pc you can just do a quick edit and put it in sony’s movie maker as it’s the best for youtube.

So once you’ve picked a console and got the gear to record you’ll be ready to start your YouTube Channel.



Go on and get someone to create a good youtube background and an intro for you videos cost = 10$ for both. This is a must have as you’re videos will look much better. On your channel make it clear what you do and add as much info as possible, tell people to subscribe to you for the latest gaming videos or whatever you do, put that under each video too.


Fan Base.

This is how to get them views to your video and start people watching you.


– Twitter.

Make a twitter, tweet loads and talk to as many people as you can, get followers and hashtag loads to get people following you. This will give you a little base of people, it will be slow but will really help you in the long run.


– Facebook.

Your friends, family, and facebook page need to know about you. Advertise on facebook. This way not only your friends see you but there friends do too.


– Forums.

Big amounts of views comes in here. Go to forums and post loads, not about your channel just meet friends go to the gaming forums, minecraft forums, comic forums, whatever games you do. Start posting 10 messages a day asking questions and answering queries, remember to do this with 5 to 15 accounts and build a rep up to at least 30 but better 100 posts then just do a thread about your channel and get people talking about it. Maybe ask a question and pretend it’s not you and say: “does anyone know this guy on youtube? Why hasn’t he got more views!” This will bring loads of views in if you do it well.


– Featuring.

Meet other youtubes and start chats and see if you can feature with them on a video. This is how Bloggers usually get so famous.


Content is king!

Now comes the hard part; making videos. You need to be amazing and work so hard and create the best quality video you can, this will usually mean cutting 2 hours into 10 minutes to get the utmost fun to people.

Find a friend or two to help you and hopefully for free or for a shoutout.

All of this can add together and give you big bucks, some youtubers earn millions per year. Look in to product placement and use adsense to start bringing in the cash.


Competing/Pro Gaming.

This is something that people don’t usually know, you can get paid to play games, yes to play and compete against people, you don’t need to be skilled and you don’t need to have any experience in it. If you think you’ve got what it takes you can earn a few hundred a day from it. Here’s how.

Go to: MLG GameBattles. This is one of the many sites that will allow you to play for money. You need to invest something like 20 dollars so you can buy into some games and start earning some money.


Things you need:


Money to buy coins. 

It will vary from 10$ a game to 20$ and say a game costs 20 credits usually you win 600 to 800 dollars so it’s a nice pay out for such a little cost and you can get money for 2nd and 3rd place too.



If you pick a game make sure you’ve played that map for hours and do it with your friends. Just get used to it so you  have a better chance of winning, if you prepare a week in advance you’ll be surprised just how good you get and how quickly you start beating everyone and earning money.



This is key to a good online game so make sure you’ve got a good internet connection.

How to earn money playing video games



If you’ve got a skill for writing and have the time to set up a blog this will help you create some fans and maybe earn a little cash, it’s every easy to do with  wordpress, tumblr, and blogger. It takes a matter of minutes to get writing and talking about games. The best way to earn money through this is below.


Choose a blogging platform.



This is the best because its free and you can have adsense ads on it right away, this means no worry with you earning money and you can start using it and earning money today for nothing.



As it is right now wordpress is the best to use and if you’ve got your own server it only gets better and gives you more ways to earn money. The problem is wordpress is free but you’ve got to pay a set fee a year to be able to put adds on it, that can be a little harder for you if you’re younger however, it is only about 20 to 30 dollars a year so it isn’t impossible. But If you want to set up for free and don’t have a server then blogger is better suited for you.

Using either of these will give you rights straight into the world of blogging so you can just start writing gaming advice and helping people out, great if you follow step one and get a YouTube and the perfect way to start earning cash. Tips:

– Connect with a YouTube as it will boost your views.

– Advertise once you’ve got at least 30 to 40 articles up. 

– Do stuff that really matters and that you know. 

– Don’t write about games you’ve never played as it might make you look silly.

– Have fun and check our other posts for how to get views to it.

Game blogging is something I could talk about all day and is really something I love, if you love it to it will take time but be worth it in the long run. 

How to earn money playing video games

Good Earners

These are the things that will take longer but earn you a lot of money in the long run.


Beta Testing Games.

We’ve done a post about this that explains exactly how to beta test games a build up a job and a portfolio so you can get working and earning money in that field instantly.


What beta testing is.

Before you release a game or any consumer product it goes few a stages pre alpha – Means unplayable – Alpha playable but will have glitches and not work the way it’s meant to (meaning things will be changed a lot) – Pre Beta – Playable but no where near perfect. – Beta (this is where you come in) Your job really would start in the alpha days as you get a feel for the game but here’s where you earn your money.

You’ll have to play levels of games hundreds to make sure there’s no bugs and to make sure that the end user will love the game and not find any glitches, errors, issues, and crashes, So it isn’t as fun as doing youtube but can earn you some money if you really are passionate about gaming.

Because we’ve done the post we will just give you some quick tips and explain it to you.

– Find smaller companies who are just starting.

Help a small company find bugs in their games for free as it will tie you in with them.


– Start a blog about the glitches you’ve found and maybe do some good quality videos. 

Go and play your favourite games or even beta games off steam and make a note of the bugs and video and publish them this will make you get a name and put some of your bug finding skills online.


– Have a go with game design.

Below we will tell you more about it and a great way to get a job in beta testing is to see how games are made and learn a little about gaming code, the most common being C++ and Java Script. There’s also loads of things to do with animations and bug finding on youtube.


– Be ready to play a lot of games.

You’ll play the same game for weeks on end and have to test it in every way physically possible. From walking up and down halls hundreds of times to shooting people who are main characters in certain ways. You will learn it after a few months and start knowing what to look for that’s why it’s good to train with beta games that are out.

Thats just a few tips if you want the real guide go here.

Game Design.

You have to really 100% love what you do to give this a go. We will give you some advice on where to start.


What you want to do:

Games have a lot of jobs whether you want to do beta testing, coding, graphics design, modeling, animations all that good stuff, you can learn with ease these days and become a master in any of these fields.



You’ll make the core of the game and create it from the ground up. All games start with a coder having fun and doing sheets of commands that tell the game how to act and basically are the engine to the car. Usually you’ll have started at a young age or at least by the time you’re 12 but, you can start when ever as long as you’ve got time and know you don’t even need to be in school to learn to code this is my favourite C++ tutorial and it will get you coding in no time: Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days. This is one of the best tutorials, it’s a little basic but if you pay attention you’ll learn so much in just 21 days.



This is a very high spec job and you’ll never be out of work with it, a good animator can do animations for games and movies and will always have some sort of work, this isn’t the most game orientated job but you’ll still work on the latest games and be in the no all the time, even part time animations can earn you loads of money from freelancing. If you want to learn go to YouTube and just look at how to animate in 3ds max or for movies cinema 4d also a free one is blender and you can animate in there with ease and make games. Now most animators also learn the art of modeling.



The best gaming job behind coder in pay and can work on loads of bits and just sell your models online, this involves a few skills as you’ll need to be creative and be able to design textures like skins and materials. There are loads of tutorials online that you can follow and that will help you again go to YouTube or Google and type in: How to model in 3ds max or how to model in blender. They will teach you everything you need to know.



This is again a job you do with others and involves a little messing about with, it’s just making uv maps, textures, bump maps and everything you can learn in photoshop or gimp and it’s a skill that can help you model and create amazing things.


After that.

There’s one thing to do after you’ve started studying your trade is put it to work use either UDK or Unity to make something and put it on your CV.



More of an FPS/3rd person game maker you can create some very good games and it realise a lot on graphics.

Link To Site: UDK



Is the best for making mobile applications and takes no time at all to make stuff come to life, it’s also much easier to use for newbies as there’s a shop where you can buy plugins and code to make games and maps easily.

Link To Site: Unity 3d

I really recommend you go and take a look, you never know it might inspire you to make your own game.


That’s right, writing gaming articles can earn you some money, we employ people to write reviews and test products all the time and just message us if you think you’ve got what it takes and want to get something to put on your CV. But really there’s a lot of ways to earn cash through writing for companies and people who own websites, here are a few ways:



There’s a few sites that allow you to mention your rate and skills and if you use them they’ll allow you to put game writer and you can tell them how much you want to be charged per hour. (



If you can write quickly and well this is the best way to get onto a few hundred dollars a week, head over to and just post a gig of you writing 500 words on gaming for $5 if you advertise it and put it on forums you’ll sell and start earning some cash in no time, you do have to write quick and if you can do 10.000 thousand words a day you can earn 100 dollars a day that’s not to bad for a 5$ site.


Asking bloggers.

If you go ask a few blogs like us and others and show them some writing they may just take you on, the money usually sucks but if you do a good job you’ll get promoted or you’ll be able to put it on your writer CV which will mean you get paid more in the future.


Well that’s it from this article, I hope this has helped you and if you’ve enjoyed it please share as it took a long time and a lot of research to make it and get it released. Put your comments below if you need any advice or help and I’ll check back and answer as soon as possible.

How to earn money playing video games

How to earn money playing video games

How to earn money playing video games. – This is really the best advice I could give and I hope it helps you make a good living from games, it should help you and will hopefully stop you being in a job you don’t like and earning bad money. So stay tune (TV talk) as we will talk about this more and make sure that you share and comment as it really helps us to keep doing these articles. –

How to earn money playing video games.

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