How To Get Motivated

How To Get Motivated – For the last few years I’ve studied motivation everyday, purely by accident and for my own personal gain. I believe that you need motivation along with drive in order to succeed, without both of these things you’ll just keep procrastinating, but by following this advice you’ll be able to build both at the same time and grow as a person.

How To Get Motivated

Watch Motivational Videos

Every morning I watch a few motivational videos to get my day started. It gets me in the right mood to feel awesome and get the job done.

I find that when I hear people talking about being successful and how they did it and why you won’t, it just gets your drive built up and ready to achieve awesome things.

I watch a lot of Tyler/Owen from RSD and I highly recommend he’s content, as it’ll help you pick up girls, while teaching you about business, lifestyle and fun.

Then I watch Eric Thomas for strong hard hitting motivation and then Les Brown for business and life motivation.

Invest 10 minutes in motivation per day for the next 30 days and see how you feel by the end of it.

How To Get Motivated

Set Clear Goals

Where do you want to be? What do you want to do? What do you love in life?

You need to set clear goals about what you want to achieve. A lot of people live life just waiting for a mirical. It’s like they’re looking for something they’re instantly talented at and can own.

Well I’ve got news for you… Talent is overrated, Skill is the real goal and the only way you can get skill is from hours of grinding everyday for years.

So, set goals about where you want to be in your life, what you want to achieve, where you want to live, even how much money you want to learn. Just write down exactly what you want and then start spending 30 minutes per day working on getting to your goals.

Then find ways to get passed your goals, then once you start getting in this mind set, you really quickly become unstoppable.


Set Challenges

Everyday/Week/Month I set challenges. This month it was have cold showers everyday, meditate for 10 minutes everyday, accomplish ‘xx’ amount of articles within 7 days, etc.

These challenges keep myself developing and keep me actively growing. Start challenging yourself and pushing for greatness, you’ll be amazed with what you can achieve and how great it’ll feel when you do achieve it.


Get Addicted To Self Improvement

You need to get addicted to becoming the best version of yourself. A lot of people think that motivation is all about working and earning money, no… It’s about the person you become and the things you learn on the way, that’s what really matters.

If you improve yourself everyday and continue to improve yourself then within months you’ll see a growth in the money you make, the quality of people around you, your confidence and your happiness.

How To Get Motivated

Listen To Music Daily

If you start only having 6 – 7 hours sleep a night you’ll need to have music on throughout the day, it’ll help you keep your eyes open and keep your brain active.

It can also help you get motivated, especially if you’re listening to music that relates to the places you’re in right now.


Monitor The Media You Consume

Stop watching shows that normalize people doing nothing. For example, if you watch a show that has people who just walk around, go out for coffee, never work and just basically sit around doing things they enjoy, your body will start getting satisfied with that.

Instead start watching businessmen like donald trump, bill gates, richard branson, steve jobs and warren buffett everyday. Look at what mistakes they made and what their work effic was like.

Read their books, watch their interviews, almost all billions will write a book before they pass away about exactly what you need to do to become a million/billionair.

You are what you think, watch, eat and do. Control that and you can control yourself.

How To Get Motivated

Build Your Routine

You can always say to everyone tomorrow I’m starting a diet, but unless you actually start a diet them words mean nothing. They actually mean less and have a negative effect on how people take you.

The first start to becoming motivated is to build your own routine, I don’t mean do the same thing everyday, no. I mean have a plan and always do it.

For example: If you say you’re going to the gym go! Don’t make any excuses, once you’ve decided to go to the gym it’s time to make that commitment and get going.

That’s how you build a routine, you get a few tasks, you do them everyday, you don’t make excuses and you just get the job done.


Comfort Zone Challenge

Your life begins outside your comfort zone.

I found out the hard way that the comfort zone will leave you broke, out of money, sick, tired and lonely.

Where as if you go outside your comfort zone and face the nervous, you’ll start growing and before you know it your comfort zones moved, that’s when you go and get outside it again, keep repeating, before you know it you’ll be a high flyer not scared of anything, you’ll turn your anxiety into adrenaline and excitement and you’ll start using your talents.

If you take famous singers and think that if they stayed in their comfort zone they’ed never had made it on stage, never got anywhere and we wouldn’t have loads of great music to listen too.

Don’t let your little voice hold back your big voice.

How To Get Motivated

Compete Against Yourself

You are your own worse enemy. Who hits the snooze button? You! Who gives up? You! Who gets annoyed when people get ahead in life? You!

You need to start getting angry at yourself and understand that you are the only one to blame for not being where you want to be.


Remember Easy Is Boring

If success was easy then it wouldn’t be success.

When people tell me this generation has it hard I really stop and laugh, like literally I laugh to the point of tears. This generation can’t lose. If you go back 100 years ago, even 70 years ago and you decided not go to work… Or that you couldn’t get a job. What do you think would of happened? You would’ve starved to death.

Now when was the last time you heard someone in the western civilization starving because they didn’t have enough money to buy food?  It doesn’t happen.

So, next time you think that this world is rigged to stop the winners from winning, actually remember it’s rigged to stop the losers from losing.


Don’t Make Stuff Too Simple

You can make stuff simple, but never make it simpler than it actually is. People often try to find a secret easy way to get successful and there’s defonitly some easier ways out there, but once you find one of them ways, never try to make it simpler than it actually is.

The Axe Story: You’ve got two trees that are identical, you have two people that are identical in strength and size. They both get asked to chop down a tree and the person who finishes first wins the job.

One gets up at 2 in the morning, sharpens his axe and gets chopping, he’s still chopping at around 7 o’clock in the morning, the tree’s are big and he has to take occasional rest, but in he’s head he’s laughing because he knows he’s got hours ahead of the other guy. At 8:30 the other guy shows up in a suit, well sleeped, happy and with a chainsaw. He chops the tree down almost instantly and wins the challenge.

The moral of the story is that you should never make life harder than it actually needs to be. You can sometimes achieve the same results, by actually working less and you shouldn’t feel bad when this is the case. Just get the job done as efficiently and quickly as you can

How To Get Motivated – You need to remember that there’s no one just like you. You’re the only one in this world just like you and if you think that and believe it then you’ll do incredible things. Don’t let people make you feel insecure and never let someone get inside your head, the worse thing that people do is become their own prisoner inside their own head, don’t let this happen to you.

How To Get Motivated

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