How To get Rid Of Writers Block

How To get Rid Of Writer’s Block – Grrrrr, You know that feeling when you’ve got so much you need to write, but nothing’s coming to mind and you have awesome ideas, but you can’t get the perfect way to explain them? Most people who write semi regularly will go through this, and it’s hair pullingly annoying. I’m going to teach you what helped me write 30,000 words two times per week, every week last year and what kept writer’s block at bay.

How To get Rid Of Writers Block

Keep Writing

The worse thing you can do when you’ve got writers block, is stop writing. A few years ago when I started writing for blogs, I did exactly that, I stopped writing and started thinking that one day I’d just wake up and be ready to write pages of content.

You can probably guess that day never arrived. I find that if you’re a writer writing blog posts, books, paid articles, short stories, even songs, you’re going to have some degree of writers block, but as long as you keep writing you’ll breeze through it.


Go Out And Get More Experiences

When was the last time you did something crazy? Stupid? Fun? Or scary? If it was shorted than three weeks ago you’re fine, any longer and you need to get out there doing something.

When good writers have to write a difficult character, lets say an emotional character, they need to get themselves in that mood. This could mean listening to sad music, having a think about older, happier times. Anything that’ll make you emotional.

Because once you mirror some of the characters emotions you’re able to write much more freely and show your expressions to the people reading, this is usually where the best content is created.

So, mirror your characters emotions, do something out going and start challenging your own life to make things more interesting.

How To get Rid Of Writers Block


If you listen to music there’s a very good chance you’ll know who Adel is? If you listen to any of her songs you’ll feel the power behind her emotions.

Her Story: She had massive writer’s block in the studio, she had a hard time writing any music, the words wasn’t flowing and she just couldn’t create anything worthwhile.

Her long time partner then left her and then within 6 months was engaged and happily in a relationship. After this point she got into the studio, she didn’t take any time and managed to release one of the best breakup albums of all time.

Because she felt the emotions and went through them, it made all her words relatable to someone going through a bad break up.

Her emotions may have seemed bad at the time, but look where it got her. Use your emotions to create stories people relate to, whether it’s within a blog post, song, script or book you’ll be amazed how much better your writing becomes.


Try Structure Writing

When I created this article I started with the structure. I start with a name and general idea, then I research what I’m writing, create the headers and then I finally fill in the blanks and write the article.


  • How To Get Rid Of Writer’s Block
  • Keep Writing
  • Go Out And Get More Experiences
  • Adel

I write all the headers (Main points of conversation) down and then when I start writing all I’ve got to do is fill in the blanks.

Change Your Scenery

Have you been in the same place too long? Sometimes this can have a negative effect on creativity. Sometimes just changing your writing room can make all the difference.

My most productive place for writing is in England away from family and friends. For 1 year I just lived with my partner in a city I’d never been too, I worked from 1 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon everyday, writing up to 35 thousand words, two times per week.

It’s easy to stay motivated and routine is the key, now I’m in Spain, I find it harder to create content due to the distractions of family, friends and gym.

If you’re not working as hard as normal, just try changing your surroundings, even if it’s just moving your writing room.


Go Do Something Crazy (Sky Diving)

Remember I said go out and do something? Well lets make that thing a little more crazy! I.E you can do what I did and go skydiving? When jumping out of a plane you really get a feel for life and the upcoming weeks after it your creativity will be at an all time high.

Try something really crazy and out of your comfort zone once a month for the next year and see how much your creativity grows.

How To get Rid Of Writers Block

Read A Few Books

If you enjoy writing there’s a very good chance you’ll enjoy reading books? If you do, then try reading a few books this month. You can either read motivation or something related to the content you create, it’s really up to you which way you go, but just try to read a few books over the next week.


Don’t Get Caught Up With Distractions

Distractions are everywhere, I seriously mean everywhere. We live in a world where people don’t want to progress and at the same time don’t want other people progressing, if you listen to all the distractions around the world, you’ll soon stop working and start getting writer’s block more often.

When I’m in lock down I tell friends and family to not invite me anywhere for a week or two. I find that I get ten times more work done in a lockdown week, so by me working 2 weeks on and one week off I usually achieve more than working a solid three weeks.

Limit distractions and try lock-down work, where you work 16 hour days for two weeks and have a week off at the end of it.

Finish Your To Do List

There’s nothing worse than having an out standing to do list. Always do your most important things first, get them ticked off and then start writing.

Content creation sometimes takes 10 minutes, sometimes an hour and even years. Don’t put a time on how long you have to write, you need to start writing when you know when you can get the job done correctly and not half assed.


Start Breaking Up The Writing You Do

If you’re a blogger with writer’s block then just create other jobs in between your writing jobs. I personally do a few hours of writing, then social media and video creation and then I go back to writing for a few hours. This helps me achieve more and makes work easier.

How To get Rid Of Writers Block

Don’t Watch The Word Count

The first time I looked at the word count while writing this article was now. The last thing you want to do is get caught up with looking at the word count and either bulk write trying to higher your word count, or be so fixated on getting more words that you actually make the article harder to read.

Ignore the word count, make the writing easy to read and try to shorten your writing down as much as possible.

How To get Rid Of Writer’s Block – It’s difficult, but sometimes you’ve got to go outside and start living before you can write something people actually want to read. I’ve experienced a few things in life, but still not enough to make a writer out of me. Have an amazing day and if you need any more advice or have any questions use the comments below. Cheers, Oli.

How To get Rid Of Writer’s Block

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