How To Get Views On YouTube

How To Get Views On YouTube. – I’ve done a few articles about getting YouTube views and I thought it was time to do one all about getting views. This will work on every video you do and be a great way to get yourself out there and get more views, subscribers and comments, it’s things everyone uses and does and a few secrets that not many people know about, so make sure you read it till the end and remember to go for it and try it with your channel right away. I’ll be doing a book soon which will be free and it will tell you step by step how to get views, so join our mail list if you want to be a part of getting tons of YouTube views. – Remember to share as it makes you awesome.

How To Get Views On YouTube


. First we I’ll cover marketing as it’s the best and quickest ways to get real views and subscribers to your YouTube videos. There’s a few ways to get a lot of views through marketing which I will explain below, some being: adwords, YouTube seo, ads, shout outs, fiverr, etc. I’ll go over each one separately and try to show you what to look for and what’s great to get your view count up and get you a solid view base.



The most easiest and quickest ways to start getting some views is by using adwords or YouTubes version of adwords, I’ve used it a few times and learnt some very cool tips and tricks, now it does take time to learn adwords and I wouldn’t recommend this for people who are just starting out as it costs lot’s of money and doesn’t always work as well as you’ll plan. For basic channels, It’s better to do it once you’ve got 50 to 100 videos, you want people to have something to look at.

How adwords works is you create a goal, how many views you want, what price you want them to be, and what keywords you want to be on, then you just run the ad. Now usually you’ll get a few hundred views but in honesty they are no good unless you sell something or earn money in some way, I find only about 0.3% subscribe to channels through ads and if it’s a gaming video, vlog or something similar channel it works on an even smaller scale than if it’s a music channel where you sell your new song, or your new e-book, or something along them lines.


YouTube Seo service

This has been popular and as 101geek I can more than help you with this service as I used to do a lot of paid YouTube SEO. What this means is search engine optimisation and really what it does is make your video appear first page on google, yahoo, bing and other search engines, but more importantly it makes it appear on YouTube. This will increase the views and help you get to where you need to be. This is better for people who’ve got some money as it usually can cost up to $99 or £70, so if you’ve got that money lying around then it will be worthwhile spending it on some basic SEO. You’ve got to remember to pick an amazing keyword though.



This is one of the best bits of advice I can give you for marketing your YouTube channel and it’s made me have loads of views and stay ahead of the game and my competition. All you do is buy ads, yes just pay someone for ad space on their site. If you’re a tech video you can pay us $25 a month and we will have your YouTube channel or link to a video on the side of this site, if you did this with sites in your niche you’ll most likely get around 10 to 20 thousand views a month (if done well) even if you don’t have a good ad you’ll most likely get around 1 to 2 thousand views a months, which will usually convert into subscribers and in my opinion works a lot better than adwords. Here’s some great sites to buy ads off of:

Buysellads is my favourite, but can be a little expensive. BuySellAds is probably one of the easiest ways to buy ad space, you can use other methods like messaging people for ads on blogs or just checking out your favourite blogs online and seeing if they have ad space available, this is the perfect way to advertise a YouTube channel and get people interest in what you’ve got to say..

How To Get Views On YouTube



You can buy ShoutOuts from forums and other sites online, there’s not a massive market for them and some people are a little against doing it but if you’ve got some cash it’s an amazing way to get some subscribers and build a view base. All you’ve got to do is google “YouTube shoutouts for sale” or “YouTube ShoutOut Service” And something should come up, you usually have to ask people on forums as there’s not a marketplace set up yet, as it goes it’s an amazing way to get a big fan base and personally I’ve got over 4 thousand subs from one hundred-dollar shoutout.  Worth a go and you can pick them up for 10 to 15 bucks as well.



There’s a few sites that will allow you to pay for twitter ShoutOuts, if you go and check our How To Get Followers On Twitter. You’ll see just what sites to use, this is a great way to get subscribers and costs near to no money to do.



Just use a site called and you’ll be on the right track, just look for facebook shoutouts and see if you can get a few shoutouts over the space of a week. It only costs $5 each and can sometimes lead to a massive jump in traffic.

YouTube Channel.

Make sure you’ve got a good set up and a few videos before you do any of the above, these next tips are just for getting the most out of your YouTube channel.


1) Thumbnail.

The YouTube thumbnail has to be really well done and designed perfectly, try doing a custom one yourself, learn some Photoshop techniques as it really will higher the views on your video, if you look at every high earner on YouTube they’ve all got custom video thumbnails, that just look awesome. So just make something a little more fancy than normal and compete with the professionals.


2) Title.

It’s important to have a good title, so make sure it’s catch and add the keyword/phrase that you want to rank for. So, say you’re a gamer and doing a call of duty video/lets play you’d call it: Let’s play – Call Of Duty – Kill All The Zombies – Ep #1 Something like that will get you more clicks than this: COD lets play! – So think about it and make it really clickable.


3) Description:

Make the description long and give loads of details about the video, if you’re new to YouTube just make sure you explain everything, from what you’re doing to what happens (don’t give anything big away) and even ask people to subscribe. You want to have at least 400 words of text in your description, add your tittle in there at least 5 times.


4) Ask.

Ask people to subscribe, rate and share every time you do a video. Just have a bit at the end/start of your video saying “please subscribe”. It wouldn’t hurt if you had an annotation just so when people click it, they automatically subscribe to your channel. They look clean and get a lot more conversion than just pointing down below.

Social media. 

1) Facebook.

Start working on getting a Facebook following, try setting up a page first, just get some likes and try to post there regularly, this isn’t a must but once you start getting some YouTube subscribers you’ll start getting likes and it’s a great place to show people your latest videos that have just been released. Use your Facebook friends at the start to get things moving.

2) Twitter.

Make sure you’ve got a twitter account up and running and use it every day, talk, be funny, and post all your videos, make sure to use hashtags and to keep as active as possible. Look at this guide for advice on setting up a famous Twitter account.


3) Tumblr.

Follow my guides on how to get followers on tumblr and you’ll end up getting loads of views, just make an account talk to loads of people and get yourself out there. Post all your videos there and keep working on upscaling your Tumblr account.

There are loads of ways to get views through these social sites, but I’ve already told it a few too many times, just look at our How to get Tumblr followers – 1000 followers in your first week and How to become a famous gaming YouTuber.


Make sure you get involved in other people’s videos who are similar yours. Don’t hate, spam or troll because you’ll lose your YouTube account in no time, just focus on talking and solving problems. This will boost up your rep and if you do this for a few weeks maybe months you’ll see a massive grow in traffic on your videos.



Join loads of forums in your niche, I’ve talked about this in the gaming article, just make sure you join a few forums post loads of questions and answers and build respect then ask them what they think of your channel and even what they think needs changing.



Set up a blog. If you set up blog and have all your videos shared on it, it will grow your profile and make your videos get more views, it also can earn you more money and create two fan bases, that will mean better videos and more stuff to do. So opening a blog is a must and just post some stuff about your channel and try to get some followers. I’ve done a full article that will teach you how to make a video gaming blog, it will take around 20 minutes to get your .com up and running.

How To Get Views On YouTube

How To Get Views On YouTube

How To Get Views On YouTube. – Just try some of these out and in no time you should see a massive grow in your YouTube channel, I’ve personally used this loads of times and had it work amazingly. Remember to join my mail list so you receive a copy of the step by step YouTube book. – Remember to share as it amazing of you. – 101Geek

How To Get Views On YouTube.

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