How To Increase Social Media Sharing On Your Website

Want to increase social media sharing on your site? There’s a few things that you can do to quickly increase the amount of people that share your content over social networks. This helps improve visitors, increases rank on search engines and even gets you more leads. By the end of this article you will know more than a few ways to increase social media sharing instantly and over time.

Social Media Sharing

Start A Company Blog

As boring as it may seem your website/company/business has to have a few social profiles. You need to set up Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and a Pinterest account that all link back to your website. This drives engagements up and it also helps you build a few lists of people who enjoy your content/service.

You can get your social profile logo design done at Logo Nerds, you’ll get more conversions and have better looking social profiles.

Tip: Make sure you link back to your website, you want people to easily be able to go to your blog through social media and then connect to your social profile through your blog.

social media sharing

Incorporate Share Buttons

If you haven’t added share buttons already then this needs to be a high priority. Share buttons increase social media sharing massively.

When it comes to what share buttons you use, there’s a few choices. You can either go for the free share plugins, which work amazing, but everyone’s got them, so people pay less attention to them, as they fade into the design.

Or you can go for the paid plugin that’ll make your social share buttons come to life. Getting a share plugin like that will drive your social media sharing through the roof.

Tip: After running some split tests, I’ve found that paid plugins that are less popular, increased engagements by 70% on similar content.

Optimize Images

If your content has a nice optimized image the click-through rate will improve dramatically. You need to take note and make sure your images aren’t too plain. For a while I used none optimized images and now I use this free thumbnail creator, which definitely increased social engagements and made it easier than ever to create optimized images.


Social Locker (The Greatest Invention)

Something that I’ll be installing to this blog within the next month is Social Locker. It’s one of the greatest social sharing plugins I’ve ever used. It basically locks content, either part of the article or some extra advice you’ve created along side, until they share or like one of your social profiles. Example:

[sociallocker id=”2372″] You’re awesome for liking 😉 Have an awesome day! [/sociallocker]

There’s loads of different settings and you can also add free items like: Get the pdf version of this article by sharing, or even a little free eBook. You can add any free content in exchange for a like/share, so get creating.

As you can imagine this increases social media sharing dramatically and helps build your following at the same time, an amazing all round plugin. You can get Social Locker here.


Social Media Pop-Ups

To enhance the chances of getting followers and likes, you can also invest some money into a social media popup plugin. This creates a little popup for the people who view your site, it displays your Facebook fan page and helps get Facebook engagements up.

But, you can also use it to time lock content. When someone views your website it’ll ask them to like your Facebook page or wait ‘xx’ amount of time to view the page. This can be a little annoying for users, but it’ll definitely help build a following.

Go and check the plugin out for yourself, there’s so many features that you’ll be able to enjoy. You can also get ones for Twitter, but Facebook is more important (for most).

Social Sliders 

You may have used a Dig Dig plugin that allows you to have little social share/like buttons on the side of your website? Well things just got a lot more intense, now there’s Social Sliders, that allow people to glimpse at the content you post on your social networks.

These social sliders look incredible and help social media sharing a massive amount. They add a very nice touch to your website and are not to messy.

Go and check out the social sliders here.


Tumblr Network

I’ve spend a lot of time over the years studying Tumblr and creating Tumblr networks. I’ve found ways to get houndreds of thousands of followers, which seriously increases social media sharing on any website.

I’ve created a full guide that’ll teach you exactly how to create your own Tumblr network in just a few hours. This will improve unique visitors, help search engine ranks and blast your social media sharing through the roof.

Watch this full guide or check out the more in-detail article here. 

Twitter Network

Believe it or not, you can also build a Twitter network. This takes around the same amount of time and can help boost any Twitter profile to ten’s of thousands of fans within weeks.

You’ll have to use this bot to help manage the Twitter network and once it’s setup you’ll not have to lift a finger. Watch the guide below to learn how to create a Twitter network and if you want more details read the full article here.

Create Hilarious Emotional, Anger Creating Or Just Helpful Articles. 

Whether you’re annoying, funny, thought provoking or just plain helpful, you’ll create a lot of media. People share the content that either annoys them, puts life in perspective, makes them smile or helps them out.

If you create content that does any of the above then you’ll have no problem getting social media shares. Just take your time, plan content and give it room to be funny.



If you do all of the above, but still really want to boost engagement, advertising is the perfect way to do so. Use Facebook or Twitter advertising to reach out to people who’re in similar industries to you.

Look at this Facebook ad guide, then take the advice and use it. You’ll have no problem getting likes and having people join your social following if your content is good and you advertise/market it correctly.


Give It Time

I can’t really give you any better advice than to do everything above and give it time. You’re not going to see instant results (maybe some), but if you wait a few months and give it time to reach people, you’ll see a massive change in the amount of social media sharing your website gets.

A lot of the time you spend while trying to make a website get traffic will be optimizing, testing and trying out new things, so be open-minded and remember to never give up.

How To Increase Social Media Sharing On Your Website – Have a wonderful day and remember to message me if you need any more advice or help. Thanks for reading. Oli.

How To Increase Social Media Sharing On Your Website


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