How to Optimize A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure

UPDATE: The advice in this article may not work as effectively as it once did, I really urge you to check out my latest guide on how to dominate YouTube, get views, subscribers and make your videos extremely popular.

How to Optimize A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure – If you’re uploading regular videos to YouTube and not optimizing them you’re missing out on a massive amount of traffic. By optimizing each video you do, you’ll up the chances of getting views, more subscribers and definitely more shares/likes. It’s not hard to optimize a video, you’ve just got to prepare and have a good idea what you want from your YouTube channel. So, let’s get this started :).


We’re Going To Start With A Title

Before you even start creating your video, you need to think of a title. Thinking of a title will become a lot easier/quicker once you start learning how to use Google Keyword Planner.

To find a great keyword you just need to follow the rules below: 

  • Step #2. Next hit “Search for new keywords and ad group ideas”.

How to Optimise A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure

  • Step #3. Type in some words that relate to your video. For example, if I was doing a video about “money-making” I’d search: money-making, making money tips, money-making online, etc.

How to Optimise A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure

  • Step #4. See what comes back. You’re looking for something with high views and low competition. At the beginning you’ll usually want to aim for around 1.500 impressions per month and low competition.
  • Step #5. Create a name using the keyword/phrase that’s been given.

This is how I get the names for all my videos, I also look at other YouTube videos that are similar and copy.

After doing that for myself I got the name: “Can You Make Money On YouTube” – It gets 1.600 impressions per month and is low competition. I changed it to: Can You Make Money On YouTube? – The Guide To Earning A Living With YouTube.


Mention Keywords Inside Your Video

Okay now you’ve got a title/keyword. it’s time to create your video, take a second to mention your Title right at the start and then try to mention it at least 5 to 10 more times throughout the video. YouTube’s clever enough to listen to your video and learn what it’s about, but that system sometimes isn’t perfect, so by you mentioning your Keyword a few times you’ll help point YouTube in the right direction of what to rank your video for.

How to Optimise A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure

Name Your Video File The Same As Your Title

As you can see by looking at the image above, I’ve named my video file the same as my Keyword. This helps you rank better for your keyword and is something that you always want to do.

You want to start getting in a habit of naming every one of your complete video files the same name as your YouTube video.

How to Optimise A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure

Your Description Needs To Be Big

One of the most important things that all YouTubers who have under 10,000 subscribers should be doing is having a detailed description on every video.

I try to make all my videos have at least 400 + words of description, I use this to mention my keyword a few times and discuss what’s in the video. I add all my important information at the top of the description, then I add the breakdown and a mini article about the video at the bottom.


Tags Are Definitely Important

I never have more than 7 tags and I always try to have about 5. Tags are important, they aren’t extremely powerful, but that can help you gain more authority to your keyword/phrase.


My tags usually look like this:

  • Keyword of my video
  • Category of my video
  • Sub category of my video
  • My channel name
  • Someone elses channel name who posts similar videos

I add the name of my channel because i helps all my videos show up at the side of YouTube and I add another YouTubers name, just so I show up on their videos.

How to Optimise A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure

Thumbnails Are Important

One of the most important things on your YouTube video is going to be a nice thumbnail. A Thumbnail is the thing that makes people want to click your video to find out more. Above is one of the thumbnails for my new Fiverr video (Something that I do recommend you check out ;)). It’s pretty plain and anyone could create it, but it does look exceptionally good on YouTube and explains what the videos about (In a way).

Take a few hours everyday for the next week to learn how to create quick thumbnails. I usually try to get my thumbnails done in advanced, so all my videos release with one.

You also want to name your Thumbnail the same name as the video, I’m yet to see if this has any effect, but either way it takes 10 seconds to do.

Example: (Ignore the actual thumbnail ;).)

How to Optimise A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure

Subtitles Can Be Important

I hate this step because it involves loads of listening and writing, but it does work. This isn’t something I do on all my videos, I save this for the more important ones.

All you’ve got to do is use YouTube’s built-in subtitle creator. It’s really easy to use and it will give you the option to add more keywords and make your video seem higher quality. I usually just skim through and make the YouTube subtitles a little readable, the main thing I’m trying to achieve is to make my keywords all make sense and be readable.

The truth is, not many people use the subtitle ability on YouTube, this step is completely for YouTube’s eye’s only ;).

How to Optimise A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure

Playlists Are A Great Way To Go For New Keywords

Playlists also rank in YouTube’s search engine, so you need to add all your relevant videos in a playlist and go for other keywords. For example, instead of going for: “Can You Make Money On YouTube”, I’d create a playlist called “How To Make Money With YouTube” and add that video too it, that way I can rank for multiple keywords.

Playlists also become more powerful every time you add a video and get views to videos in it.


Like & Comment on Your Own Video

By liking your own video you’ll appear in your subscribers activity feed. That will show them you’ve got a new video that’s just came out. Then you need to comment on as many comments as possible for the first few hours of release, this keeps people coming back to the video.

These are both small, but effective ranking factors.

How to Optimise A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure

Social Media Plays A Huge Part

After your video has been released, you now have to start off-site optimization, and one of the best ways to do that on YouTube is with social media. You need to post your video on Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

This will help you get traffic, it will also help you build social signals that are an important factor in ranking your video. I’ve done a full guide on the 20 killer ways to drive traffic to a blogbut it can also be used for YouTube videos. I highly recommend you check it out.

How to Optimise A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure

How to Optimise A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure

 How to Optimise A YouTube Video – I hope you enjoyed this guide on optimization. I’ve got loads more YouTube advice on this blog, so be sure to check it out. If you need any help then please use the comments below. If you’ve got any other advice I’d love to hear it. – Have a lovely day. – Thanks Oli.

How to Optimize A YouTube Video For Maximum Exposure.

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