How To Start A Food Blog

How To Start A Food Blog – I take it you love food and want to start posting all your fab recipes. So to help you create the best food blog at the cheapest costs I’m going to show you all my secrets. Food is always going to be a rich niche and with bloggers earning over 30 grand every month from recipes it´s definitely worth taking some time out of your day to create something that might even change your life. I´m going to teach you how to make the most amazing blog in just a few steps, make sure you have a pen and paper with you and write down these tips.

Creation – How To Start A Food Blog

First you’ll need to create the news website. This is a 4 step part of the article that will take you 20 minutes and you´ll end up with a .com news website.

How To Start A Food Blog



You have two options when buying a domain name:

First: Use and buy domain for about $6.99 per year.

Second: Get a domain name when you sign up for hosting. About $9.99 per year, benefit is that it´s easy to set-up your site, that link will give you 35% off.



Host Gator this hosting companies will do amazing.

I usually use Host Gator because it’s quick and effective, give them a try.

HostGator is great for cheap, reliable and speedy hosting. Save loads of money when you use coupon code: oliisawesome at the checkout of HostGator.




Premium themes are highly recommended when making a high quality food blog.

I have three themes that I highly recommend for a food blog. These themes are quick to set up, speedy to use and great at making content easy to read.

If you buy one of them themes then it will stop you having to do any code. So this is even safe for people who aren’t great at computers.


WordPress installation

You’ll need to install WordPress on HostGator and the easiest way to do this is by watching this video.

Content – How To Start A Food Blog.

You need great content no questions asked. If you want to be the best and get serious money for your food recipes, then you need to create unique, easy to read content day-in day-out.
I´ve got some advice below for creating great content. If you need content get it created here. 

How To Start A Food Blog

Do something new

There´s loads of food blogs around right now and for you to be different you’ve got to create something new.

Either do different types of food or show people something new that they won´t forget.
There´s some tips below on recipe ideas.


Budget meals

Work really hard and find budget meals that you can eat in every country. Do a great meal list and make it interesting and easy to browse through.
Do it for family´s and make sure you show people how to make the recipes go further.


Collage meals

Students are constantly living on a budget and a diet that usually involves beans on toast, mcds, pizza and energy drinks.
Help show them what meals they can make in under 10 minutes for less than $5. Useful recipes like this will do better.


Shopping lists

Do full shopping lists for people. Do a collage shopping list for cheap meals, a family shopping list for the best value, a single man’s/women’s shipping list, etc.
Just different ideas that will make cooking easier for people.


Use other food blogs to get more food ideas

Take a look at the best food blogs online and see why they´re so successful, copy how their site works and take a look at their popular recipes and then try them yourself and make changes.
This is how most of the cooking world gets recipes created.


Buy some cooking books

Go and invest in some cooking books, get about 5 and make sure you go through and adapt loads of the recipes, come up with your own recipes and then slowly spend the next few months doing a lunch recipe and a dinner recipe every single day.


Bit off more than you can chew

This saying has never been so true, the cooking world changing continuously, you need to make sure that you update your site every day and get better with every article you do.

Bit off more than you can chew when it comes to making food and creating content just set goals that´re high, but breakable.
You´ll see results in no time at all.



How To Start A Food Blog and Getting views

Once you’ve built your site and got it up to a certain level it´ll be time to get views. Food blogs don’t usually have too much trouble getting views, it´s quite simple in honesty and you really just need to focus on social media.
Here´s some tips that will help you bring loads of traffic to your food blog.

How To Start A Food Blog

2 recipes a day

Always do at least 2 recipes per day. If you can do more then make sure you do, try doing one recipe for breakfast then lunch and then dinner.
If you can´t cook that much then you can always do shopping list articles and write articles that tell people the best places to get their shopping online.
Try new services and make sure you do as many posts as you can every single day.



Yes you really have to do every single recipe while writing it out. You need pictures that show people what they´ve got to do.
The only way to get pictures is to use a camera and take them yourself, so make sure you cook cheap meals first and then maybe start making it more expensive as you go on.



Make the titles clickable, make the recipes sound extremely nice, example: Buttermilk Dough Cookie Recipe.

That sounds nice, and there´s loads of ways you can make everything sound better than it is, just write the titles when you´re hungry.


Pinterest, Tumblr and StumbleUpon

Pin it!!! You´ll need to learn how to use pinterest right now, it´s where most of your traffic will come from.

After you´ve watch this video about getting loads of traffic using Pinterest then move onto the Tumblr account.

Tumblr, another easy way to get thousands of views to your blog within a matter of weeks.

You need to watch this video that will teach you how to get hundreds of thousands of followers to Tumblr.

Tumblr users love food so don´t forget this part.



Not the easiest traffic source but you´ll see that every now and then posts will go viral, it´s not as good as pinterest and Tumblr but it does generate free traffic to your site.


Unique content

All of your content needs to be unique, no questions asked.
You’ve got to write it and source the pictures, you can have guest writes on your blog you just can´t copy other peoples recipes without adding your own knowledge to them.

My tip for writing would be to start right now, the quicker you start, the quicker you’ll learn. Try writing some recipes and seeing how you get on.

I advice you take a look at how other food bloggers write and then just copy what they do with a lot of your own style.


Easy to read recipes

You need to make the recipes easy to read, don´t over complicate them, make them simple, explain everything, maybe do a quick version and a long version.
This will make your content more valuable and hopefully make people come to you.
You want a site where people want to come back because they found it so useful.


Get the gripped within 20 seconds

Don’t waste any time getting them into the recipe/article, you need them to be gripped and ready to read more.
Talk about your recipe and what it tastes like in glorious detail, make them hungry and intrigued and then show them how to do it.


Look for new food blogs

Try to find some new food blogs that are just starting out, ask them if they want to do some recipes for your site and you do some for there´s. It´s a good way to get some of their audience and get a link back to your site.
You can also pay for advertising but I´d probably leave this for when you’ve earned a little more cash.

How To Start A Food Blog – You´re now ready to start blogging about food, take the advice I´ve giving you here and if you come and visit 101 geek again next week when I will show you how to promote your food blog and make it popular, be ready to start a cooking course and get your recipes famous. – If you need any advice then just use the comments. – Share this article using the buttons below, it makes me happy. – 101 Geek

How To Start A Food Blog

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