I’m Back After Over A Year Of Not Posting (What Happened?)


I just got back from a few weeks in Thailand and I’m sat here with some black coffee ready to talk about my almost 2 year break from 101geek :O.

Did I get a real job?

Hell no!

Did I get bored?


Here’s what happened… And then I’ll tell you why you should care.

Over the past year I’ve been testing, failing and repeating again and again looking for the little golden nuggets.

It started because I ran out of stuff to talk about, you see once a few of your blogs go well it’s almost like there’s a spell and this spell makes you lazy and makes you rinse and repeat, which in turn gave me nothing to talk about.


But truely the reason why I went looking for golden nuggets was for myself… It wasn’t for this blog.

But now a years past I feel like I’ve actually got stuff that will help you fellow entrepurners, peps and bloggers and I’m excited to share this instantly actable advice, case studies, products and courses I’ve been using.

Now! I’m going to need your help… You see it can sometimes get messy and I just don’t want to waste time creating content no one enjoys… So over the next month I’ll be updating the site and creating content, but the help I need is with the content you want…

So here’s what I’ve learned and just comment below what you’d like to know…

  • How to rank any YouTube video page one (method costs $80 but can earn big with reviews, products, etc).
  • How to get a site to page one with payed links (great for people who want safty, but don’t want to guest post and build links the time consuming way).
  • How to make your own course in a few hours (you have to buy a plugin and a shopping cart, but it’s a great way to earn money if you already have a list).
  • Growth hacking tumblr, pinterest and twitter for massive automated views.
  • On-site SEO (how to do it quickly and perfectly)
  • Site Speed (I’ve taken many sites from 7 seconds to 1 second using a 30 minute checklist I created).

I don’t want to over do it but here’s what I’ve learned and what I’m using right now to make money. If you’d like any of these guides leave a comment below and I’ll leave you with a quick story of the past 3 months.

Treveling Is The Key


Over the past 3 months I’ve spent 1 month traveling China and the other in Thailand.

Within these months I learned so much about life, work and love that it actually made me feel a little empty when I came home.

But, I got one amazing nugget…

…Working hard is an illusion, if you can work 2 hours a day and earn the money that keeps you satisfied DO IT!

Don’t feel you have to sell your soul and wake up every morning buring from both ends just because a motivational speaker say’s so.

Instead build your life so you can take a few months off and still earn money… That’s the real dream and once you do it you’ll never be able to go back.

Travel hard

Play hard

Train hard

Love hard

And have as much fun as possible. 🙂

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