Ultimate Make Money Writing Articles Guide

Ultimate Make Money Writing Articles Guide – A few years ago I created a guide that taught people how to make money writing articles. It was good, but since then I’ve learnt some more killer tips for make money writing articles. So, I’ve decided to do an in-detailed version of that article, making it better and much more effective. I’ll also cater to good writers and speed writers.

How To Get Paid More.

I’m going to start this off with a few tips that’ll help you increase the value of your words. These tips will also help you sell more services.


Build A Portfolio/CV

You need to create a document with all your best work in it. I usually create one document with every good article I’ve created, example:

– 101 Geek Money Making Book

– High Value 8000 Word Article On Money Making

– Write On Forbes

Then I create a portfolio with samples of my work.This usually has 5 to 10 samples of the different things you can write.

Advice: Don’t worry if you’ve not got any content created yet, you can spend a week creating different articles, maybe a small eBook. All of which you can add to your portfolio of work.

Make Money Writing Articles

Create A Blog

Next you’ll want to create a blog (If you haven’t already). You can use my guide on creating a blog in 30 minutes without code or I’ll create you a website for free, just comment below and I’ll get you started.

Once you’ve got a blog, you’ll want to write 2 to 5 articles per week, for a few months. If you’re in a good niche, this will have a positive effect and will hopefully get you some readers.

Reasons Why Having A Blog Is Good: 

  • You can showcase your work
  • People will hire you because they’re a fan
  • It shows how popular your writing is
  • It helps you bump up the cost per word
  • It also gives you a taste of blogging and more experience


Collaborate/Guest blogging

After you’ve created a blog and got your work out there, you’ll also want to start guest blogging. If you start this now, within a year you’ll have written in loads of notable places. For instance, if you get one article on Forbes or The Wall Street Journal, you can use that to raise the price of your work dramatically.

Tip: Start with smaller blogs, get some experience, then make your way to the bigger blogs. If you’re a decent writer, who has a passion for a good industry, then you’ll have no problem completing this step.

Make Money Writing Articles

Social Media Accounts

Create the social accounts listed below:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn 

You then need to start building them up. You can use the guides below to build the following on each social media account. LinkedIn is there because you can use it to showcase your work and gain more attention.

Reasons Why You Need Social Media Accounts: 

If you’re able to create content that does well on social media, you’ll notice that people take more of an interest in your work and will trust you more.

Once you build a platform on social media, you also have more people to advertise too. It’s definitely a win, win.


Search Engine Optimization

Learn how to create content that’s optimized for search engines, this isn’t difficult and really just involves watching a few YouTube videos.

After you’ve leaned how to optimize an articles for SEO benefits, it’s then time to get The Best Spinner and master it. People pay a lot of money for, unique, spun articles.

It takes a few days to master, but once you’ve done it you’ll be able to offer something else on your service page and something as valuable as that is always grand.

How To Make Money Article Writing

The moment you’ve been waiting for, the actual guide on how to make money article writing. I’m going to break this up and try to go into as much detail as possible. Remember the comments are below if you need any extra help.

Create Your Own Service

Instead of working for someone else, you can just create a cervices website using “How to make a website in 30 minutes“, that sells articles for $8 to $50 per 1000 words, depending on your writing ability.

After you’e created a service website, just add the things you offer:

  • Article writing
  • Proofreading
  • Article spinning
  • Press Release writing

Take some time and think of around 5 solid services you can offer on your website. All you’ve got to do after that is sell.

Advertising: You need to bring views to your website and the quickest most effective way of doing that is advertising. You can use the methods below to advertise your service site effectively:

  • Facebook ads (Best method)
  • Adwords
  • Forums (Black hat world, digital point, warrior forum) 
  • Banner ads (BuySellAds) 

Putting $100 on each of these methods would help you kick start your business and your money making abilities. Once you’ve got 10/20 customers you’ll see a lot of them just keep coming back. I found that once I find a good writer I’ll use them time and time again.

Why Setting Up A Service Is Better: 

  • You earn a lot more money
  • You’re building a company and not just working for someone
  • You can hire others in the future and earn more cash
  • You don’t need loads of experience (Just trial and error) 
  • You are your own boss

I’d highly recommend this method for all entrepreneurs who want a business and not a job.

Make Money Writing Articles


The name say’s it all. Freelancer is a site that allows you to Freelance. It’s ideal for article writers and you don’t have to be amazing at writing to do it.

All you’ve got to do is follow these instructions:

Step 1. Create an account, upload a profile picture, do a description and have a portfolio of your work.

Step 2. Take the English and writing exam up to level 2 (Higher if possible)

Step 3. Start with a cheap price per article, go and bid on articles that’re in your niche and industry of choice.

Step 4. Charge $5 – $10 per article for the first few months, get good reviews and a client base, then bump up your price to the going rate and enjoy constant sales.

You can earn around $50 – $100 per day using Freelancer and even more if you’re able to upgrade to a better plan that allows you to bid on more jobs.

Tips: If you have a blog you can link it to your Freelancer account to help get more profile and views. Also remember that the customer is always right.

Work For A Service Company

There’s more than a few article writing services that allow people to sign up and write for them. You do have to have average writing skills and a good grasp on the English language, but once you’ve achieved that you’ll be grand.

Sites like 99centarticles hire people to create articles everyday and there’s more than a few sites who do the same. Just Google “Article writing jobs/services” and browse through the results to see what you find.

Reason: You’d do something like this if you wanted to get more experience and didn’t want to work for yourself.

Make Money Writing Articles

Fiverr (One Of The Best)

A lot of workers have a lot of hate for service sites like Fiverr that drive down the cost of a service. But, if you’re clever you can make money article writing with Fiverr on a much bigger scale than other sites.

On Fiverr you get a starting price of $5 for 600 – 850 word articles. But, people also have the ability to pay you more if they want a more words in the article.

Fiverr is good because people use it everyday, articles get brought in bulk and once someone finds an article writer they like, you’ll be getting paid to almost run their blog for them. Now I appricaite $5 an article is rubish, but the quality doesn’t have to be great and it’s more about speed writing.

I can write 30, 1000 word articles in one day. So I could earn $150 per day if I worked a little over time, which over the space of 5 days is $750, not a bad income, right?

How To Make It On Fiverr: 

Step 1. Create an account with a nice profile picture and a good description, look at other writers descriptions and decide what suits you.

Step 2. Create a gig (Fiverr service) and get a few nice pictures, maybe a video of you, just make it look as nice as possible. You need to add keywords in the description of the gig and then use the tags to insert more keywords

Step 3. Make it so you can deliver within a day at the start.

Step 4. Read my article on making money with Fiverr

Step 5. Promote on forums, to friends and family, and on banner ads, just try to get 10 + reviews on your product, after that you’ll start earning cash naturally.

Don’t let Fiverr fool you with it’s cheap price, there’s a lot to Fiverr that people don’t know and that’s what makes it great for making money article writing.

Tip: You can do Fiverr and Freelancer together, you’ll get the best results doing it that way.

Make Money Writing Articles

Ultimate Make Money Writing Articles Guide – You’ll be surprised how much you can earn just following these methods above. This is ideal for people who enjoy writing and would like to do it as a living. You just can’t go wrong and I really do recommend trying these methods out. Remember you can use the comments below to contact me and ask questions. Have a lovely day.

Cheers, Oli

Ultimate Make Money Writing Articles Guide

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