Top 5 Free Pc Games That You Need To Try

We all love something for nothing and with the list of games we’ve got here that’s exactly what you can get. We spent a lot of our time playing  these free games to find the top 5 that we fell in love with and still play religiously. These are Mr Tech Blogs personal favourite so feel free to add your favourites below and we can make the list even bigger. – Sharing is caring and comment for a nice chat with us.

 Heroes & Generals.

 About the game:

This game is some what new to the free game board. It has a made a massive impact and with people like  Yogscast promoting it and doing various videos playinh it, the game just keeps getting better. They’ve gone from big to bigger and it is for a good reason, this free to play game is very impressive and is better than a lot of paid games, it’s like old school battlefield and reminds me of arma mixed with battlefield. You can get planes, tanks, bikes, cars and other vehicles, the maps are massive and when you’re playing in a plane it feels awesome. This is the best free to play army game I’ve played to date and it is highly recommended. – Top 5 Free Pc Games That You Need To Try.

Where to download:  Heroes & Generals.


 World of Tanks.

 About the game:

This has a different feel to the one above as it’s all tanks, this is a very cool game and does have some amazing reasons to play it, it has a great feel and offers a lot of fun content within the game, this game is free but does have a lot of tank add ons you can buy to give you more chance of winning each battle, it’s a very exciting game and in honesty, it doesn’t get much better than this as far as tank warfare goes. This is a great game for people who love tanks and, involves a lot of skill. It can be a massive amount of fun. I find it awesome and I think it’s worth a download. – This is the Top 5 Free Pc Games That You Need To Try.

Where to download: World of Tanks.



 About the game:

This is a game that is like Call of Duty but for pro’s, it does take a lot of skill when playing but, luckily it involves a lot of fun as well. I have been playing the zombie mode and the infected mode and it really is a great game, I did have some trouble playing some of the games as a lot of the people are high level and don’t want to play ‘zombies’ with someone who is not as pro as them, but once you’ve built up friendships with other players, it’s awesome. I had a lot of fun using the different game modes and I found it easy enough to enjoy and use with ease. I do recommend this game to hard-core call of duty fans who want something with more guns, maps, and game modes, all for free and you can customise your character and arma with real money or money you earn while playing the game. – Top 5 Free Pc Games That You Need To Try. – Are you liking the Top 5 Free Pc Games That You Need To Try?

Where to download: A.V.A.


 Team Fortress 2.

 About the game:

Now most of you guys will know about team fortress and if you’ve still not played it then please, go and give it a go. You won’t regret it and it’s a lot of fun for anyone who likes cartoon style FPS with lots of guns and some great characters to play. it did take me a little while to master but, I found it very fun and the game modes are consistently changing, the game does have a big update every once in a while and still uploads loads of cool features to it. It is definitely a must have free game and if it’s cartoon style FPS you’re looking for then you’ll have a whale of a time with it. – Tell us what you think about the Top 5 Free Pc Games That You Need To Try in the comments below.

Where to download:  Team Fortress 2.


 League of Legends.

 About the game:

It’s definitely one of the funnest games I’ve played in a while, this will be the must have that everyone tells you to try, it’s the best free game in a sense of what you get, loads of famous YouTubers have played this game and you can go and check them out, including the rooster teeth/lets play team. This really is a game to watch out for and as more and more people sign up it keeps getting more fun and interesting. I’m over the moon about this game and I reckon you guys will love it, even if you’re not a fan of the game play you should still have a go as it will surprise you just how fun a game like this can really be. So grab your weapons and gaming gear and head over and download it, remember that all these games will take a while to download but they are free!! No money needed, that’s the beauty of them – Top 5 Free Pc Games That You Need To Try.

Where to download:  League of Legends.


Top 5 Free Pc Games That You Need To Try. – Gaming is something that I (obviously) love, and would do it most days if I could get paid for it. – It’s one of the best things to be apart of and with these free games you’ll really see just how good free stuff has got over that past few years. These games are better than games that cost 30 bucks and they have more playability and get updated quickly to keep people playing. Totally worth trying out. – Comment what your favourite free game is. – Share if you enjoyed the post as it helps us keep going. – Mr Tech Blog.

Top 5 Free Pc Games That You Should Try.

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