Top 5 hardest games of all time

Top 5 hardest games of all time. – I love a good challenge so I wanted to make a list that was full of the hardest games of all time. Number one is my personal hardest and in honesty they’re all very hard and most are uncompletable but a lot of fun while losing constantly. – If you found this fun then please hit some share buttons and check out my other articles other articles.

Ninja Gaiden Black

Top 5 hardest games of all time

This is a game for people who really want to try their patience, I remember a lot of time spent playing this game over the consoles and literally if you want a fighting game that literally will kill your ability to think and just keeps getting harder and more annoying then this is the game you want!

It’s really crazy but an awesome game and a must play for those who like really hard and fun games that will have you screaming.  – This is the top 5 hardest games of all time, comment your favorite hard game below.


Top 5 hardest games of all time

Prepare for extreme rage quits with this game. I haven’t screamed at a game in a while, when I played this I literally screamed, I played it on hard and it was the most annoying but fun game ever.

I think I killed myself about 200 times on the first level.

It’s awesome once you get the muscle memory and I kept just trying different things. I used Google a lot with this game and some people would say that’s cheating… I said it was the only way to play without chucking my control out a window.

It’s free to play and if you’ve got the time then you’ve got to give it a go.

It will test everything you stand for and all in all it’s one of my favourite games on the list.

Demon’s Souls

Top 5 hardest games of all time

I rage quit this game too, at least 10 times, involving in me turning off my ps3 and walking round the room in circles.

It isn’t the hardest game on the list and once you get to a certain point it’s easier, but you’ll lose your shit before you get to that point.

Some people are just naturally good at games like this, I’m not one of them people, not even close.

If you’re wondering about what this games target is, it’s a knight and sword kind of game and you get put against AI that has the ability to kill you instantly.

It has got some cool effects where you can see how previous people died by their ghosts and that becomes more useful as you go on.

Worlds hardest game

Top 5 hardest games of all time

This had to be in the top 5 hardest games of all time. It’s really about the hard games, not the good games but the hard!

This is one of them really hard games that will just blow your mind, it’s incredibly fun for the first 5 minutes and then I started losing my mind.

You’re a little circle and you’ve got to complete these little maps, it’s pretty easy at first but holy crap once you get to higher levels it completely changes everything GRRRR.

I was going to put flappy bird, and the impossible game in here, but I thought this game puts both of them together in a mix of really hard puzzles that made me feel sick with annoyance.

If you’re looking for a challenge and want a free to play game this is well worth your time.

All you’ve got to do is click the name above and you’ll get it for free and be able to see just how annoying this game really is.

Mega Man 9

Top 5 hardest games of all time

 In the true age of gamepro’s there were people who played this.

I remember when I was younger and seeing pro’s on this game and I’d just be sat with my mouth like :O If you check it out on YouTube there are people who can do a 26 minute playthrough.

This game took me about 2 hours to do and that was when I was really good and trained every night.

It’s one of them games that takes time to learn and the first few levels you’ll be left nearly pulling out your hair.

It was one of the first really annoying games I played and ever since then I was hooked to the challenge of trying to complete these games.

Thats why I have a love hate relationship with these types of games. I like this one so much because it’s completable but takes so much time and so much skill. It’s one of them games where your memory has to be awesome and you’ve got to go the trail and error way.

I think all the games on the list share that quality and most of them should amaze you and get you excited to play some rubbish game play and worn out graphics.



I loved making this. It was awesome to take a look back at my old childhood games and see how much they’ve changed, I also loved the new ones and really enjoyed having the challenge back. This is just my opinion of course and this comes down to the games I’ve played, there may be harder games that I’m yet to find.

If you know any harder games and have got a minute put them in the comments,  I love trying new games, if they’re good I’ll add them to the list.

Top 5 hardest games of all time. – These games had me screaming at my computer! I love when games get you doing that! Not.. Haha, well if you’ve got any hard games that you want us to add to the list comment below and I will give them a try to see if they’ll make it to this list of the top 5 hardest games of all time. I personally had a lot of fun making this list, I know some people would have gave up after about 10 minutes, due to annoyingness being at an all time high. – Share buttons are right there, hit them! Remember to like and follow me on different networks.

Top 5 hardest games of all time.

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