Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online – Are you hungry to make money online? Do you have the motivational drive and the need to do something you love that will pay you? If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. I’ve recently started a series where for 30 days I’m going to go from zero to as much money as possible. these money-making methods are some of the easiest and quickest ways to make big money online. I guarantee you’ll earn money by reading this article, you’ve just got to be ready to put your head in the game and not give up. Let’s get started.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online

#1. Social Media

#1 had to be social media, this method is one of the easiest and quickest on the list and will allow you to earn a full income from just a few hours work per day.

How do you earn money on social media you might ask?

There are loads of methods that I use, but there’s only 2 or 3 that I highly recommend. The first is:



As you probably know I’m a big fan of money-making with Tumblr and if you use the right methods you can earn hundreds of dollars a day without spending a penny. I use a few easy but effective methods to ensure money with Tumblr. The main methods are: Mylikes strategy or Affiliate strategy.


First You Need To Follow This:

That guide will teach you how to build thousands of followers within the next month. You need to do that method on about 20 to 30 accounts immediately. You do this method for 1 month and then it’s time to earn good cash from 1 – 2 of work per day.


Jobs You’ll Need To Do

1. 30x Create accounts

2. Pick niches for Tumblr accounts. Food, Hot Girls, Cars, Personal, Tattoos, Funny, Etc.

3. Use Tumblr queue/reblog bot to upload pictures.

4. Put relevant mylikes links under every picture. (Easy method)

5. Put affiliate links using ShareASale under relevant pictures. (Harder method, but better money.)

6. Set your Tumblr queue to post around 20 – 50 posts each day.

7. Make sure you leave your Tumblr accounts for about 24 hours after setting them up and queue them. Also you can get bulk Tumblr accounts off Fiverr

8. Do this for a month, see how much you’re earning and if you’re not earning enough then just repeat until you’ve got 100 + accounts. At that point you might want to look into a private proxy or 10.

That’s how you earn $300 + per week from about 2 hours work a day.


Another way to earn money is to use Pinterest. All you need to do is set up a 2.0 blog using WordPress or Blogger, their free to create and take around 5 minutes to make.

Then you need to pick the niche you want to write for. I recommend food, how to’s, beauty, weird and wonderful, etc. Just look at Pinterest and see what posts are getting the most publicity.

Now it’s time to create around 10 to 30 articles, they all need to be around 500 to 1500 words and full with great information. You can use 99centarticles if you can’t write the content yourself.

Now you need to learn how to make a high converting Pinterest picture, go and look around the internet and learn how to use photo editing software. If you don’t have time for that then just use Fiverr and find a logo designer who’ll help you design Pinterest pictures.


Next Follow This Guide

Now you know the easy way to get loads of pinterest followers. Use this method on 5x Pinterest accounts every day from now. Then you need to just do these 4 steps.

1. Create adsense ads on your blog.

2. Sign up to ShareASale and insert loads of affiliate links into your posts.

3. Create a StumbleUpon and Integrate the Tumblr method talked about above.

4. Release content and promote all the pictures over Pinterest. Pin the pictures 3x a day on each Pinterest account. This will drive tons of traffic and that will then convert into ad revenue and affiliate sales.

This method is a little more permanent than the Tumblr method, but it will take a little longer to grow and become profitable.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online

#2. Selling An Info Product

If you read blogs like John Chow, Shoe Money and Smart Passive Income then you may wonder how these guys earn so much cash and still spend time with their families and friends? It’s all about info products and selling them on ClickBank and other affiliate sales networks.


What is an info product? 

A good example of an info product is something like this guide: Become a millionaire in just 60 days of training.

People create guides like that with 8 videos, 8 articles and lifetime support and manage to earn around 47.95 to 69.95 dollars and per membership. People have sold info products for up to 6-figures before, but you only need to worry about the $47.95 for now.


How Do I Do This Myself?

Is there anything that you’re really good at? Maybe you’re amazing at building a WordPress website or doing SEO? Try and find something that you’re good at that looks profitable and then just create a guide that you charge money for.

The guide will have to be a series of videos and articles with exclusive, valuable content that people can’t find online without paying money for. It needs to be high quality and will probably cost you a few hundred bucks to create. But if done correctly you’ll end up with a great info product that you can sell using ClickBank.

I’ll do a full guide explaining exactly how to earn money using this method soon, just leave a comment below if you want to see it.

#3. Affiliate Marketing

I talked about ShareASale just a minute ago and all ShareASale does is link you with affiliates, people like GoDaddy who then pay you money to promote their products.

For example, if you use GoDaddy you’ll get xx% every time you send someone through your custom link that buys something. All you need to do is create a website or use the methods above to start earning money with affiliate marketing.

I’ll not bore you with a full guide on affiliate marketing because there are loads of great articles that will teach you how to market your affiliate links and I could explain an amazing way to earn $1000 per week, but it would take around 2000 words. 😉

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online

#4. Reselling Fiverr

Most money makers will talk about the money you can make creating gigs on Fiverr and I agree with them there’s definitely some money in that, but would you rather make $4 per sale from doing work or make $15 from nothing? That’s the question that I asked myself while doing Fiverr.

I decided that it’s easier to create a website that just resells Fiverr gigs. An Example: Logo Creator – $20 per logo. I then use a gig on Fiverr that creates logos for $5 (test 5 logo creators and always make sure that you have 2 logo creators that you can use at all times). That means I’m earning $15 for each logo that I sell. The best thing about this method is that nobodies losing money, $20 is still a great price for a logo and by using the “$5 is too good to be true” method you can really make some cash reselling gigs.

I recommend selling a gig that you can do yourself if needs be. On more than one occasion the fiverr gig creator that I use has taken days over the delivery time on my gig, so, it’s great to be able to take control when problems like that pop up.

To promote the gig website just use Facebook ads, Adsense, Tumblr and Pinterest methods and forums. You’ll be selling loads of gigs within weeks.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online


#5.Selling Your Own EBook

EBooks are one of the hardest to predict products that you can sell and earn money with. I’ve seen amazing eBooks that never get more than 10 sales and I’ve seen crap that would’ve never been published before that has millions of sales. The truth is that people don’t buy the book for the content inside, they buy it for the content outside. Things like:

  • Reviews.
  • Books cover
  • Title
  • People talking about it on forums, blogs and YouTube

All best-selling books usually sell because of the content outside and not inside. So, by using this method you can control your eBook sales. So let me show you my action plan.

1. Look at what’s needed in the eBook market.

2. Create an amazing eBook that people want to read.

3. Either create a website to sell your eBook or sell it on Amazon.

4. Get an amazing book cover created at LogoNerds. (that’s who I use)

5. Start creating content outside the book.

Send your eBook to 300 + YouTubers, book reviewers and bloggers. Pay people to review it. Get friends and family to review it and spread the word.

Use social media, forums and ads to promote your book as much as possible. Don’t give up for at least 2 month. You don’t want to stop promoting your eBook until you’re on the news, that’s always my goal.

This will get you noticed and with the right attitude and right eBook you can and will sell thousands of copies. You’ve just got to have something that people are happy to pay for, it doesn’t matter how many words the eBook is as long as it gets to the point and teaches people something.


Extra Tip

I now have a blog creation service available whereby I make your blog, help you make money and become an awesome blogger. So if you have an idea you want to get out there, you want to earn money with a blog or you have always wanted a blog and could never do it. Now’s your chance! Make sure to check it out, there will be deals, discounts and who knows what else so if you’re interested to make sure to get in touch on Blogo.Co.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online

I hope you enjoyed this top 5 ways to make money online, I’ll be doing loads more money-making reviews in the next week, so be sure to sign up to my mail list so you get to see the article before everyone else. I hope you have a lovely day and be sure to comment if you need any help at all. – 101 Geek.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online

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