Traffic Planet Hosting Review

 Traffic Planet Hosting Review – This blog has been hosted on Traffic Planet Hosting since the start, so I thought it was time to do a review of my experience and tell you if It’s worth investing in one of their hosting packages.

Traffic Planet Hosting Review

When I joined

I joined over a year ago when this blog was first created. I wanted to use Traffic Planet because the speed their server offered. I also liked the security features and found they pay more attention to the little details.

Before this I used to host on TMD Hosting, HostGator, GoDaddy and Blue Host, so I’ve tried a lot of hosting platforms and still to this day have a few blogs on each of them services.

I’d say so far Traffic Planet Hosting and Blue Host have been my favorite hosting experiences, but both for different reasons (I’ll talk more on this below).

How Easy Was It To Get Started

It took around 10 minutes to set my account up and then installing WordPress with their one click install was a piece of cake.

I was part of traffic planet before everything was so easy, but even back then it only took me 30 minutes to setup my account and get WordPress up and running.

Bellow is a setup guide for WordPress.

Step 1. Login to your account.

Traffic Planet Hosting Review

Step 2. Go My Services – Then Hosting – Then Manage All Sites (In Blue) 

Traffic Planet Hosting Review

Step 3. Go To Manage Websites – Type in Your Domain And Click Add

Traffic Planet Hosting Review

Step 4. Click WordPress Install. 

Traffic Planet Hosting Review

As you can see it’s extremely easy to install WordPress and it doesn’t take much time at all to have a site up and running. Using a pre-made theme, I managed to get a whole website up and running in 5 minutes from start to finish, including logo upload.


My Experience So Far

Personally the experience has been exceptional, so far I’ve had no complaints. They constantly update their service making it better and the support always helps out.

If you ask them for advice they’ll give it to you and they’re always helping me out with security issues. For instance if there’s ever a plugin bug that creates a weakness on sites security, they’ll send you an email with the information they know and a fix.

That’s better than any of the other hosting companies I’ve worked with.

This site gets a lot of traffic and I’ve found that traffic planet hosting handle all that traffic really well and keep the site much quicker than anybody else. I’m actually looking to upgrade my account, so I’ll have even more to add in a few months.

Compared To Others

As I mention above, the only hosting company this compares to is Blue Host and if I’m completely honest I prefer Traffic Planet Hosting. It’s a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for, so if you’ve got a bit of extra cash and want to open a big site, I really recommend Traffic Plant.



Here’s just some of the pro’s to using Traffic Planet Hosting.

Quick: I’ve got 2 websites on this hosting package, one just recently setup, using this hosting and a few plugins I’ve managed to get loading time down to 0.89 seconds, the best I’ve ever had.

Safe: Very Secure in-comparison to other hosting I’ve brought in the past.

Price: Very affordable and payable in monthly payments

Support: Their support team is pretty quick to act and can usually help out.

Down Time: Just as good as my Blue Host Pro account.



Personally I don’t have any cons as of yet. Trust me I’ve been sat here for the past 10 minutes trying to find a con and there’s just none coming to mind.

Breakdown Of The Traffic Planet Hosting Review:

If you want strong, reliable hosting at a really great price, traffic planet hosting is for you. It’s the quickest hosting that I’ve worked with and doesn’t seem to slow down for anything.

I’m looking to get another hosting account with them to add more sites and increase bandwidth and I can honestly say I’m excited to go through that process.

I’d say that without a doubt if you we’re thinking of trying Traffic Plant Hosting you should go for it, I’m also more than happy to help you out and help making the process of setting things up easier.

Traffic Planet Hosting Review – This was my quick Traffic Planet Hosting Review. If you need any advice or help, please just use the comments below. I really hope this helped you out. Have an awesome day.

Cheers, Oli.

Traffic Planet Hosting Review

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